XOM Stock Split in 2023 [What You Should Know]

ExxonMobil Corporation, shortened to XOM, is a natural gas company. It is currently a multinational oil and gas corporation in America. XOM is the largest direct descendant of John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil and is focused on becoming a world-renowned chemical and petroleum manufacturing company.

What is XOM’s stock split history?

According to records, XOM has undergone 5 stock splits in the years. All five of XOM’s stock splits have been 2-for-1 splits where each XOM share before the split would be valued as two shares after the split. The first XOM stock split took place in 1976 while the most recent one happened in July of 2001. A XOM share bought before 1976 would now be equal to 36 XOM shares after all the stock splits have been taken into account. Below is a table of XOM’s stock split history:

DateSplitCumulative Multiple

What were the effects on the prices of XOM stocks after the last stock split?

The last time XOM split its stock was in 2001 and if a comparison is made of the price of the stock before and after the split, the results show an unfavorable situation. 7 days before the split, the price of each share was approximately 86.72. However, 7 days after the stock spit, the price of each share was marked at 42.87. The price of XOM’s shares decreased by more than half.

XOM Stock Split

Did the value of XOM stock grow after the stock split?

The impact on the value of XOM stock can be measured by comparing the price of the stock before and after the stock split took place. The price of an XOM share, one day before the split was 84.25 and one day after the split, the price had drastically fallen down to 43.36. The overall difference came up to -0.84% (taking in prices 7 days before and after as well) which means price growth dropped.


What is the stock price forecast for XOM in 2025?

It is predicted that by the end of 2023, XOM’s stock price will hit $110, and by the mid of 2025, their stock price may reach $125. By 2034, their stock price can reach the $300 mark.

How high will XOMs stock go?

XOM’s stock may hit a low estimate of 110.00 but if all goes to plan, they may hit a high estimate of 146.00 or a median estimate of 125.00.

How many shares does XOM have?

In June 2023, XOM had 4,102,000,000 outstanding shares.

How much debt does Exxon have?

In 2022, XOM’s long-term debt was $40.559B on average. Despite the huge number, this value was 6.6% less than XOM’s debt value in 2021.


Overall, XOM is a financially stable company and their stock splits have helped them achieve their target of less price and more investors. Analysts predict that XOM investors can assume the company’s long-term growth.