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Honda also known as Honda Motor Company, Ltd. is the manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles, and power equipment. Honda is a public multinational conglomerate in Japan. It also has been the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer. Honda was founded in Hamamatsu, Japan in October 1946.

Companies Owned by Honda in 2022

Here is the list of companies owned by Honda

Acura Automotive
Honda AutomobilesAutomotive

Top 2 Car Companies Owned by Honda in 2022

Some Honda owned companies are:

1) Acura

Acura is a division of Japanese automaker, Honda. This brand was launched in The United States of America and Canada in 1986. The founder of Acura is Soichiro Honda.

2) Honda Automotives

Honda Automotives are the manufacturers of light trucks, SUVs, and some other cars. Civic, City, Brio, and many others are manufactured by Honda Automobiles. 


Q1) Does Honda own Acura?


Q2) Is Lexus owned by Honda?


Q3) What cars are affiliated with Honda?

Honda Autos and Acura Autos are affiliated with Honda.

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