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Time Warner or as it is now known, Warner Media, is a media and entertainment company. The global giant was founded in 1985 and currently operates via three major segments: Turne, HBO, and Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. EntertainmentEntertainment
Pictures Group
Television Group
Global Enterprises
Home Box Office, Inc.Entertainment
CNN GlobalBroadcast Media Production and Distribution.
Warner Bros. Discovery Networks U.S.Media And Entertainment Company
Factual Network Group
Lifestyle & Entertainment Group
Kids, Young Adults & Classics Group
Warner Bros. Discovery SportsBroadcast Sports
Turner Sports
Motor Trend Group
Warner Bros. Discovery Global Streaming and Interactive EntertainmentMass Media Entertainment
Global Streaming
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Otter Media
Warner Bros. Discovery InternationalMass Media Entertainment
Europe, Middle East and Africa
DC EntertainmentEntertainment

Top 7 Companies Owned by Time Warner:

1. Warner Bros. Entertainment

Warner Bros. Entertainment

It is a film and entertainment company divided into three major categories.

2. Home Box Office, Inc.

A multi-million dollar company that produces and broadcasts concerts, movies, stand-up comedy, and more.

3. CNN Global

CNN Global

Founded by Time Turner in 1980, the Cable News Network is a 24-hour pay television channel.

4. Warner Bros. Discovery Networks U.S.

It is a global mass media and entertainment conglomerate company.

5. Warner Bros. Discovery Sports

Warner Bros. Discovery Sports

Focused on globally broadcasting sports, including many international sports channels.

6. Warner Bros. Discovery International

To cater to the international community, it focuses on regional and local variations of Warner Bros.

7. DC Entertainment

DC Entertainment

Another subsidiary, it is responsible for the DC Comics unit producing comic books, movies, and more.


Who currently owns Time Warner?


Is Time Warner owned by Comcast?

Not currently.

What is Time Warner Cable called now?


Is Harry Potter Warner Bros?

Water Bros. Pictures produced it.

Is Warner Brothers bigger than Disney?

Time Turner is bigger yet Disney makes more money.

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