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Tencent is the world’s largest gaming company to publish games based in China, with more than 300 holdings in over 600 companies. Its subsidiaries worldwide include music, artificial intelligence, and online services. Tencent has ownership in Sharkmob, Funcom, and Leyou, amongst others. 

Companies owned by Tencent:

Tencent owns and has huge holdings in the following list of companies: 

Epic GamesGaming 
Riot Games Gaming
Bluehole Gaming
Ubisoft Gaming
Activist Blizzard Gaming
Grinding Gear GamesGaming
Platinum GamesGaming
Frontier Developments Gaming
Kakao GamingGaming
Paradox Interactive GamingGaming
Sharkmob Gaming
Discord Gaming
Tencent Music EntertainmentEntertainment
Tencent VideoEntertainment
Tencent PicturesEntertainment

Top 20 Companies owned by Tencent:

1. Games

Tencent invested $330 million in Epic Games in June 2012, leading to producing Fortnite and Paragon, and investing in live-service games amongst others.

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2. Riot Games

In 2011, Tencent turned into Riot Games’ stakeholder owning 93% of its shares. The purchase of Tencent led to the development of League of Legends. 

3. Bluehole

In 2017, Tencent acquired 1.5% of Bluehole and then increased it to 10%. Bluehole is also a gaming company based in South Korea. 

4. Ubisoft

Tencent is a silent partner of Ubisoft which is a French company whose franchises include Far Cry and Just Honor. 

5. Activist Blizzard

Tencent’s 5% holdings are in Activist Blizzard – an American video gaming company founded via the merging of Activision and Vivendi Games. 

6. Grinding Gear Games

Grinding Games is a company in New Zealand, and in 2018, Tencent acquired 80% of its shares and has since then, revolutionized the company. 

7. Supercell

Said to be the biggest purchase in the gaming industry – Tencent invested $8.6 billion in this Finnish company specializing in mobile development. 

8. Platinum Games

In 2020, Tencent invested an amount in Platinum Games which remains unknown. Meanwhile, it continues to be the best Japanese game developer. 

9. Yager

Another one of Tencent’s unknown investments is in Yager – a game developer from Germany, popular for the development of The Line. 

10. Frontier Developments

Frontier Developments – the creator of Planet Zoo and Elite Dangerous – was invested in by Tencent to contribute to producing theme park video games. 

11. Kakao Gaming 

Black-Desert is a creation of Kakao Gaming, an internet, entertainment company based in South Korea. 

12. Paradox Interactive 

In 2016, Tencent bought 5% of the company’s shares for $21 million has published games since like Hearts of Iron 2. 

13. Fatshark 

36% of Fatshark’s holdings are purchased by Tencent, contributing to the success of this mega Swedish game publisher. 

14. Funcom 

Developers of The Secret World invited Tencent into their company with a distribution of 29% to them.

15. Sharkmob

In 2019, Tencent purchased the entire Sharkmob, however, their new games haven’t been announced yet. 

16. Discord

Besides the $158 million funding received, an undisclosed amount has also been given to it by Tencent to expand PC gaming. 

17. WeChat 

WeChat is a Chinese platform for instant messaging, mobile payments, and a social media application developed completely by Tencent. 

18. Tencent Music Entertainment

This is the primary source of stream music in China – created in collaboration with Spotify to develop more including QQ Music and Kuwo. 

19. Tencent Video

Complemented by WeTe, Tencent Video is a video-streaming site that supports television broadcasts and other functional services. 

20. Tencent Pictures 

This is the supporter of distribution and film production of Tencent, focusing on online content and film investment. 


What is Tencent’s net worth?

Its value is $204 billion. 

Who owns Tencent?

Naspers, Ma Huateng, and Tony Zhang are the owners.

Tencent owns how many companies? 

It has over 600 shares. 

Does Tencent own Steam? 

Tencent has its production – WeGame. 

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