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MVNOs – Mobile Virtual Network Operators cover the network access of major carriers, one of which is T-Mobile. Numerous MVNOs are operating on T-Mobile due to its strong coverage and GSM network. T-Mobile overlooks Sprint’s network, while other MVNOs are Sprint Only, Best Cellular, Boom Mobile, Boost Mobile, and Boss Wireless amongst others. 

Companies owned by T-Mobile: 

The following are companies operating on T-Mobile: 

Atlice MobileTelecommunications Mass Media
Best Cellular Telecommunications Mass Media
Boom MobileTelecommunications Mass Media
Boost Mobile Telecommunications Mass Media
Boss Wireless Telecommunications Mass Media
Chit Chat MobileTelecommunications Mass Media
Consumer CellularTelecommunications Mass Media
ECO Mobile Telecommunications Mass Media
Gen MobileTelecommunications Mass Media
Google FiTelecommunications Mass Media 
GoSmart Mobile Telecommunications Mass Media
Hello Mobile Telecommunications Mass Media 
KidsConnectTelecommunications Mass Media
Kroger WirelessTelecommunications Mass Media
LycamobileTelecommunications Mass Media
MangoTelecommunications Mass Media
Metro by T-MobileTelecommunications Mass Media
Mint Mobile Telecommunications Mass Media
Net10 Wireless Telecommunications Mass Media
Patriot MobileTelecommunications Mass Media
Red Pocket Mobile Telecommunications Mass Media
Republic WirelessTelecommunications Mass Media
Simple MobileTelecommunications Mass Media
SpeedTalk MobileTelecommunications Mass Media
Straight TalkTelecommunications Mass Media
TelloTelecommunications Mass Media
Teltik Telecommunications Mass Media 
TempoTelecommunications Mass Media
TextNowTelecommunications Mass Media
Ting MobileTelecommunications Mass Media
TracFoneTelecommunications Mass Media
TwigbyTelecommunications Mass Media
Ultra Mobile Telecommunications Mass Media
US MobileTelecommunications Mass Media
Walmart Family Mobile Telecommunications Mass Media
WingTelecommunications Mass Media

Top 10 Companies owned by T-Mobile:

1. Atlice Mobile

Atlice Mobile is America’s largest and fastest wireless internet provider for phones, specializing in the fasted 5G internet.

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2. Best Cellular

Best Cellular is known to provide the best internet coverage and packages in the entire US, even if they’re prepaid. 

3. Boom Mobile

Amongst other internet providers, Boom Mobile is popular for its best customer care services and low competitive pricing. 

4. Boost Mobile

It’s an Australian and American mobile virtual network operator, owned by a company in New Zealand. 

5. Boss Wireless

Boss Wireless offers nationwide cell phone plans, specializing in the best 4G LTE data and free calls to over 60 countries. 

6. Chit Chat Mobile

Formed for providing low-cost prepaid wireless communications and products, Chit Chat is a wholesale distributor of Sprint PCS Services. 

7. Consumer Cellular 

It is a post-paid American mobile virtual network provider offering plans, cell phones, and accessories to users. 

8. ECO Mobile

ECO is the one to be used for international calls as it provides great rates with unlimited international calling on certain plans. 

9. Gen Mobile

The emphasis of Gen Mobile is on international texting with its low-cost plans including unlimited texts locally and internationally. 

10. Google Fi

Google Fi alone uses three different carriers for its coverage to create a strong network for particular phones like the Google Pixel Lineup. 

11. GoSmart Mobile

GoSmart provides five various data plans with unlimited talk, text, alongside Facebook data on them.

12. Hello Mobile

Hello Mobile is infamous for its simplicity in certain plans beginning with just 500MB internet, along with unlimited text and call. 

13. KidsConnect

It enables their parents to track their children through smartphone technology without giving the child access to smartphones. 

14. Kroger Wireless

Kroger Wireless sells cellphone network services at a low price, high speed on unlimited plans. 

15. Lycamobile 

It allows international calling and texting even at the entry level. Because this is its primary focus, plans can be updated accordingly. 

16. Mango

It concentrates on global callings and texting with ten different numbers. 

17. Metro by T-Mobile

This is a prepaid provider functioned by T-Mobile that offers loads of data on every plan. 5G is also included given that the phone supports it. 

18. Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile believes in bulk buying, allowing buyers to pay for months upfront – saving money in the long run. 

19. Net10 Wireless

It utilizes all the towers of Big Four to develop coverage for a less amount compared to the other big MVNOs. 

20. Patriot Mobile

It emphasizes mid-range android and apple phones; therefore, it is the only “Christian Conservative Wireless Service Provider.”


Which company is linked with T-Mobile? 

Sprint is a part of T-Mobile. 

Does AT&T own T-Mobile?

AT&T has acquired T-Mobile. 

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