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Nike is a sports company producing sports and lifestyle-related goods, supplying athletic shoes, apparel, and other sports equipment. It is more commonly imagined with its ‘swoosh’ logo rather than its products. As the world’s largest sporting company, it specializes in athletic shoes and clothing, while they are most popular for its basketball shoes.

Nike has the largest revenue of $17.3 billion as it also owns Jordon, Converse, and Datalogue. Nike is known worldwide alongside its competitors, Puma, Under Armour, and Adidas. 

Companies owned by Nike:

Nike owns and has its subsidiaries in the following companies: 

Jordon Sports Fashion
Converse Lifestyle 
DatalogueData Integration 

Top 3 Companies owned by Nike:

1. Jordon 

Nike made history with a shoe created in collaboration with Michael Jordon in 1984, called the Air Jordon 1. Air Jordon 1 was classified as the best basketball shoe of its time turning people’s attention towards specialized sports shoes rather than sneakers, forming the concept into a norm.

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Since sports shoes became an icon and a much-wanted symbol, the market share of sneakers greatly expanded, and Nike took the chance to create Jordon producing new versions and ranges of the original Air Jordon. 

Besides shoes, Jordon now also creates apparel for men, women, and children, including Sky Jordon, Jordon Max, and Jordon Delta. Jordon fuels Nike’s worth, as well as Michael Jordon himself. 

2. Converse

The development of Chuck Taylor’s All-Star Canvas Basketball shoes in 1922 is the reason behind Converse’s immense popularity. However, the shoe itself began to decline in the 90s and by 2001, Converse had to declare bankruptcy which motivated Nike to acquire it in 2003 for $5 million. 

Nike has managed to reorient Converse by using its original style to convert it into a sports good company, as well as a lifestyle company for the modern era, updating the styles regularly. This caused the revenue of Converse to grow from $205 million in 2002 to up to $1.9 billion in 2019. In 2021, the revenue had risen to $2.21 billion. 

3. Datalogue 

Nike acquired an integration expert called Datalogue in the year 2021. Based in New York, Datalogue is an integration platform that allows consumers to lead digital transformation. With Datalogue’s technology, Nike can now easily integrate data from its supply chain, app ecosystem, and enterprise data, into a standardized and accessible platform. 

Datalogue aims to transform raw data into insights for companies, across the enterprise in real-time. 


Which brands are owned by Nike? 

As a parent company, Nike owns a number of brands including Nike Pro, Nike Golf, and Nike+. Other brands are Air Force 1, Air Jordan, Air Max. The list continues with Nike Blazers, Nike Dunk, Nike Skateboarding, and Nike CR7. 

Is Vans owned by Nike? 

Vans is owned by Nike Inc. 

Does Adidas own Nike? 

While both generate large sums of revenue from selling footwear and have multiple subsidiaries, Adidas does not own Nike. 

What does Nike stand for? 

Nike is the Winged Goddess of Victory according to Greek Mythology as depicted by its logo. 

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