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The Mormons are known for their holy holdings in the US. Commonly titled as the “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,” the Mormons have business investments in radio stations, insurance businesses, cattle ranches, amongst many others. In early 2021, the church’s largest investment fund in Lake City expanded by $2.4 billion. In the meanwhile, the total value was calculated to be $46.5 billion. 

Companies owned by Mormon Church:

The Mormon Church holdings are in or are owned by the Church are as follows: 

JetBlue AirwaysAirlines
SkyWest Airlines Airlines
Black and Decker Corporation Manufacturing Company
Marriott Hotels Hotel
City Creek Centre Mall
Deseret NewsNewspaper
Polynesian Cultural Centre Entertainment 
Beehive ClothingClothing 
Bonneville International Media 
The Pacific Business News Media 
Hawaii Reserves Real Estate 
Property Reserve Inc. Real Estate 
Microsoft Technology 
Apple Technology 
Alphabet Technology 
Intel Technology 
Johnson & Johnson Healthcare 
Visa Financial Services 
JPMorgan Chase Banking 
United Health Healthcare and Insurance 
Farmland Agriculture 

Top 20 Companies owned by Mormon Church:

1. JetBlue Airways 

JetBlue is America’s seventh-largest airline, particularly classified as one of the major low-budget airlines in the country.

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2. SkyWest Airlines 

SkyWest is a regional airline in North America with partners in some of the largest air networks such as Delta Airlines and Alaska Airlines.

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3. Black and Decker Corporation 

It manufactures kitchen and home appliances, accessories, and hardware. 

4. Marriott Hotels 

Marriott International is a worldwide chain of hotels and resorts based in Maryland in 665 locations. 

5. City Creek Centre 

City Creek Centre comprises an open-air mall, residential buildings, offices, and simulated creeks. It’s in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

6. Deseret News 

Deseret is the oldest publishing newspaper in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is popular for its consistent Sunday editions. 

7. Polynesian Cultural Centre

Located in Hawaii, the cultural center is a family museum and a cultural tourist attraction. 

8. Beehive Clothing 

As a part of the Mormon Church’s holdings, Beehive Clothing produces huge sums because of its clothing line. 

9. Bonneville International 

It’s owned by the church itself and is a media and broadcasting company. Earlier, it was just a TV and radio network but has grown since then. 

10. The Pacific Business News 

Also known as, ‘Honolulu,’ Pacific News broadcasts local news about Honolulu. 

11. Hawaii Reserves

Affiliated with the Church, Hawaii Reserves manages property for the church over 7000 acres in the town, Laie.

12. Property Reserve Inc. 

Its parent organization is the church, and it functions as a real estate company that overlooks leasing and management services. 

13. Microsoft 

Returns are seen through Microsoft’s production of computer software and electronics, and other related services. 

14. Apple 

As one of the largest technology companies, it manufactures computer electronics and software, with online services. 

15. Alphabet 

The alphabet was created when Google was restructured, making it the parent company of Google and its former subsidiaries. 

16. Amazon 

Amazon’s the world’s largest technology company specializing in e-commerce, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and digital streaming. 

17. Intel 

Intel manufactures semiconductor chips, microprocessors, and other computer processors. 

18. Johnson & Johnson 

It’s popular for its innovations in medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and other packaged goods for healthcare. 

19. Visa 

It’s a mediator of electronic transfer of funds visa debit, visa, and prepaid cards across the globe. 

20. Meta 

Formerly known as Facebook, it’s the parent company of Instagram, WhatsApp, amongst many others. 


Does the Mormon Church own Costco? 

The owner is Catholic and is not owned by an individual. 

Does the Mormon Church own grocery stores? 

No, it doesn’t. 

Does the Church own Walmart? 

It doesn’t own Walmart. 

Does Mormon Church own Chick-Fil-A? 

It’s owned by Christians, but not LSD.

Ethan Miller