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Under 17 different identities, Kroger runs over 2,500 grocery and multi-department stores. You probably have a Kroger-owned store near you, whether you realize it or not.

Companies owned by Kroger in 2022

Here is the list of companies owned by Kroger

Baker’sFood and Bakers
City MarketFood and Bakers
DillonsFood and Bakers
Food 4 LessFood and Bakers
Food’s Co.Food and Bakers
Fred MeyerFood and Bakers
Fry’sFood and Bakers
GerbesFood and Bakers

Top 8 Companies Owned By Kroger in 2022

Some Kroger owned companies are:

1) Baker’s

Baker’s is a grocery business based mostly in Omaha, Nebraska’s metro area. Kroger is the company that owns it.

2) City Market

In the Rocky Mountains of the United States, City Market is a Kroger supermarket brand. Grand Junction is the headquarters of City Market, Inc.

3) Dillons

Dillons, a part of Kroger, is a grocery supermarket company established in Hutchinson, Kansas.

4) Food 4 Less

Food 4 Less refers to a number of grocery store chains, the largest of which is now owned by Kroger.

5) Foods Co.

Kroger locations in northern and central California are known as Foods Co since they do not own the Food 4 Less trademark in those areas.

6) Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer is an American hypermarket superstore business founded by Fred G. Meyer in Portland, Oregon, in 1931.

7) Fry’s

Fry’s Marketplace is a multi-department shop that provides full-service food, pharmacy, and general retail.

8) Gerbes

Gerbes Super Markets, a branch of The Kroger Company, is an American grocery supermarket chain established in Hutchinson, Kansas.


Q.Is Kroger and Walmart the same?

No, they are not.

Q. Is Safeway owned by Kroger?

No. They’re different companies.

Q. Ralph is owned by whom?

It is owned by Kroger.

Q. Is Kroger the largest supermarket chain in the US?