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The Hershey’s Company is an American multinational giant founded in 1894. They are one of the biggest chocolate manufacturers in the world while also manufacturing baked goods and beverages.

Companies owned by Hershey’s in 2022

Here is the list of companies owned by Hershey’s

5th AvenueFood Processing
Almond Joy Food Processing
Icebreakers Food Processing
Jolly Rancher Food Processing
KitKat Food Processing
Reese’s Food Processing
Twizzlers Food Processing
Kisses Food Processing
Breath Savers Food Processing
Cadbury Food Processing
Mounds Food Processing
Symphony Food Processing

Top 10 Companies Owned by Hershey’s in 2022

Some Hershey’s owned companies are:

1) 5th Avenue

Produced and manufactured by Hershey’s, it was launched in 1936.

2) Almond Joy

It was originally a part of Cadbury Schweppes before Hershey’s acquired it in 1988.

3) Ice Breakers

A line of chewing mints and gum, they have been under Hershey’s since 2000. 

4) Jolly Rancher

It was originally produced by a western company called the Jolly Rancher Company.

5) KitKat

Licensed by Nestle, KitKat has been in the market since 1970.

6) Reese’s

The original Reese’s candy business was sold to Hershey’s in 1963.

7) Twizzlers

Twizzlers is the creation of the Young & Smylie Confectionery Company, introduced in 1845. 

8) Kisses

It was introduced by Hershey’s in 1907.

9) Breath Savers

It is a mint manufacturing brand by Hershey’s launched in 1973

10) Cadbury

Hershey’s gained the license of the U.S Cadbury business in 1988.


Q. Does Nestle own Hershey?

No, it does not.

Q. Does Hershey own M&M?

M&Ms used to contain Hershey’s chocolate.

Q. Is Kit Kat owned by Hershey?

Hershey’s produces KitKat in the U.S.

Q. How many companies has Hershey bought?

They have 7 acquisitions and 3 investments. 

Q. Who is the CEO of Hershey?

Michele Buck.

Ethan Miller