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George Soros is a renowned mutual funds chief broadly viewed as one of the world’s best financial backers. Soros was the director of the Quantum Fund, which had an ordinary yearly return of 30% from 1970 to 2000. Soros Fund Management LLC is at this point driven by him.

Soros, who was brought into the world in Hungary, is additionally notable for his broad philanthropic drives. Through the Open Society Foundations, he has donated billions of dollars to various causes that helped many.  He has for quite some time been an ally of liberal and reformist causes, which has prompted a huge number of paranoid notions from the right. As of 2022, Soros is estimated to be worth over $8 billion and has given more than $30 billion to charity causes. 

Much of that money went into education and health-care projects, as well as human rights and democracy advancement. He has given generously to the Democratic Party in the United States in recent years. In this article, we would further discuss what companies does George Soros owns. So fasten your seatbelts!

What companies does George Soros own?

Stock% of PortfolioValue% ChangeShares
LBRDK - Liberty Broadband - Ser C12.48%$ 690.91M-5.34%3.98M
QQQ - Invesco Qqq Trust, Series 17.08%$ 392.15M0%1.11M
DHI - D R Horton Inc6.96%$ 385.33M-3%4.26M
AMZN - Amazon Com Inc5.88%$ 325.45M37.12%94.60k
GOOGL - Alphabet Inc3.10%$ 171.55M2%70.25k
FIGS - Figs Inc Cl A2.87%$ 159.05MNEW3.17M
INFO - Ihs Markit Ltd2.75%$ 152.09MNEW1.35M
ATVI - Activision Blizzard Inc2.59%$ 143.47M4%1.50M
PTRA - Proterra Inc Com2.40%$ 132.68MNEW7.75M
MXIM - Maxim Integrated Prods Inc2.07%$ 114.60M260%1.09M
MQ - Marqeta Inc Class A Com2.03%$ 112.28MNEW4M
PPD - Ppd Inc Com1.74%$ 96.29MNEW2.09M
VER - Vereit Inc Com1.68%$ 92.75MNEW2.02M
ALXN - Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc1.66%$ 91.86MNEW500k
ARMK - Aramark1.51%$ 83.85M15%2.25M
LQD - Ishares Iboxx $ Investment Grade Corporate Bond Etf1.41%$ 78.25M-63.28%582.37k
ELAN - Elanco Animal Health Inc Com1.41%$ 78.08M40.67%2.25M
NUAN - Nuance Communications Inc1.32%$ 73.23MNEW1.35M
TMUS - T-mobile Us Inc1.18%$ 65.28M-18%450.77k
DIS - Disney Walt Co1.14%$ 63.29M44%360.10k
CSJ - Ishares 1-3 Year Credit Bond Etf1.10%$ 61M0.00%1.11M
HAIN - Hain Celestial Group Inc0.98%$ 54.29M24.14%1.35M
OTIS - Otis Worldwide Corp Com0.89%$ 49.19M0.00%601.51k
QS - Quantumscape Corp Com Cl A0.85%$ 47.08M-51.47%1.61M
CCC - Clarivate Analytics Plc Com0.72%$ 39.78M70.00%1.45M
DIDI - Didi Global Inc Sponsored Ads0.69%$ 38.43MNEW2.72M
FOCS - Focus Finl Partners Inc Com Cl A0.67%$ 37.11M9%765.07k
SYF - Synchrony Finl0.66%$ 36.35M17%749.16k
MGLN - Magellan Health Inc0.65%$ 35.98MNEW381.90k
SCPB - Spdr Bloomberg Barclays Short Term Corporate Bond Etf0.63%$ 34.84M0.00%1.11M
GM - General Motors Co0.60%$ 33.43M-13.74%565k
OPEN - Opendoor Technologies Inc Com0.58%$ 31.91M157.25%1.80M
IFF - International Flavors & Fragrances0.57%$ 31.73M23.20%212.40k
VICI - Vici Properties0.56%$ 31.02M-70%1M
ADI - Analog Devices Inc0.55%$ 30.63M-34.62%177.90k
ALLY - Ally Finl Inc Com0.53%$ 29.39M-23%589.73k
MUB - Ishares National Muni Bond Etf0.51%$ 28.29M0.00%241.40k
LPLA - Lpl Finl Hldgs Inc0.50%$ 27.66M-14.44%204.94k
OMF - Omf0.49%$ 27.13M-8.91%452.88k
- Trip Com Group Ltd Debt 1.500% 7/00.48%$ 26.77MNEW18.72M
INDI - Indie Semiconductor Inc Class A Com0.45%$ 24.70MNEW2.50M
W - Wayfair Inc0.40%$ 22.32M272.97%70.72k
UPST - Upstart Hldgs Inc Com0.34%$ 18.76M-75%150.21k
CRM - Salesforce.com0.31%$ 17.34M373%71k
LAD - Lithia Mtrs Inc Cl A0.30%$ 16.51M59.97%48.05k
BGCP - Bgc Partners Inc0.29%$ 15.98M8%2.82M
AXTA - Axalta Coating Systems Ltd0.27%$ 15.03M22.34%492.89k
EQH - Equitable Hldgs Inc Com0.27%$ 14.89M7%488.87k
APTV - Aptiv Plc Shs0.27%$ 14.77M18%93.86k
ACN - Accenture Plc Cl A0.27%$ 14.74MNEW50k
CZR - Caesars Entertainment Inc Ne Com0.26%$ 14.33M-11%138.15k
BSIG - Brightsphere Invt Group Inc Com0.26%$ 14.26M0.00%608.48k
QCOM - Qualcomm Inc0.24%$ 13.35M-17.63%93.42k

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Top ten George Soros companies?

Does everybody search for what companies does George Soros owns? So for you here below is the list of top 10 companies owned by George Soros and what these companies do:

1) NXP Semiconductors NV (NASDAQ: NXPI)

Soros Fund purchased 70,000 shares of NXP Semiconductors NV (NASDAQ: NXPI) during the third quarter, putting the chipmaker at the top of the list. 

In 2017 and 2018, NXP was one of hedge funds’ favorite companies, but among the small group of high-performing funds tracked by Insider Monkey, it has lost about 30% of its hedge fund owners since then.

In September, the semiconductor industry reported a 5.8% year-over-year gain in global revenues, while global chip sales increased by the same percentage as smartphone demand improved following pandemic-related shipment issues earlier in the year. 

Sales in the Americas were exceptionally high, increasing by little over 20% year on year. 

A huge comeback in sales to the auto industry, in addition to mobile, aided NXPI’s impressive Q3 earnings, which have driven shares up by 13% in the last two weeks.

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2) PPG Industries Inc (NYSE: PPG) 

The Soros Fund purchased 91,000 proposals in paint, coatings, and materials supplier PPG Industries Inc (NYSE: PPG) in the second from last quarter, conveying its outright stake to $11.1 million as of September 30. 

A couple of extra shared assets, including Benjamin Smith’s Laurion Capital Management and Ira Unschuld’s Brant Point Investment Management, investigated PPG in Q3.

PPG shares have acquired practically 70% since the finish of the principal quarter, bringing about a benefit of more than $50 million for First Eagle dependent on the measure of its holding toward the finish of the main quarter (it would add in excess of 300,000 extra PPG partakes in Q2).

3) National General Holdings Corp (NASDAQ: NGHC)

Soros Fund Management bought 400,000 portions of National General Holdings Corp (NASDAQ: NGHC) during the second from last quarter, esteeming the situation at $13.5 million at the finish of the period.

As of June 30, 17 of the common assets followed by Insider Monkey had NGHC, which is one of the 76 Best Insurance Dividend Stocks To Invest In. 

Given its new status as a union trade association, it’s shown to be a renowned stock among Q3 filers up until recently, as John Orrico’s Water Island Capital and Robert Emil Zoellner’s Alpine Associates both added enormous new stakes in NGHC during the quarter.

In early July, it was revealed that The Allstate Corporation (NYSE: ALL) will buy NGHC for $4 billion in cash, or $34.50 per share. 

In an unusual twist to the transaction, if the company fails to fulfill its earnings growth targets for the rest of 2020, the special dividend paid to NGHC shareholders could be lowered by $1.00. 

Since the acquisition was uncovered, the stock has been exchanging around the $34.10 mark, demonstrating that financial backers are not worried.

4) Walt Disney Company (The) (NYSE: DIS)

Walt Disney Company which was one of the 30 Most Popular Stocks Among Hedge Funds in Q2, gives off an impression of being on course to rehash the accomplishment in Q3 after Soros and a few other multifaceted investments followed by Insider Monkey bought shares in the media and amusement behemoth. 

Soros Fund, for its part, purchased 150,000 DIS shares worth $18.61 million on September 30.

Soros’ acquisition comes after Disney’s stock fell 4.34 percent in 2020 due to the epidemic, a remarkable drop for the company. 

Following the disclosure of the aftereffects of a promising Covid-19 inoculation by Pfizer Inc. (NYSE: PFE), they have risen by over 11% in recent days.

5) Maxim Integrated Products Inc. (NASDAQ: MXIM)

Maxim Integrated Products Inc. (NASDAQ: MXIM), the second chipmaker on Soros’ overview, balances the important portion of our summary of George Soros’ top new stock proposition.

During the third quarter, Soros Fund purchased 294,369 shares of MAXIM, giving it a holding worth $19.90 million as of September 30. With 35.7 percent of its sales originating from China, Maxim was listed among the top ten US companies with the highest revenue exposure to the country.  That didn’t stop Analog Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADI) from consenting to purchase the organization in July in an all-stock arrangement that will be finished the following summer. 

Saying’s profit per share has ascended during the most recent three years, and ADI is getting an organization on the ascent.

6) Varian Medical Systems, Inc. (NYSE: VAR)

Soros Fund Management purchased 145,058 portions of Varian Medical Systems, Inc. (NYSE: VAR) during Q3, esteeming the holding at $24.5 million toward the finish of September, starting off the second 50% of our rundown.  Toward the finish of Q2, David Blood and Al Gore’s Generation Investment Management had the most elevated holding in Varian among the Insider Monkey reserves, estimated at simply more than $400 million. 

After Siemens Healthineers announced in August that it would acquire Varian for $16.4 billion in cash, the stock rose over 21%, setting them up for a big payday.

7) Unity Software Inc. (NYSE: U)

Unity Software Inc. (NYSE: U) went public in mid-September, and Soros Fund was eager to add the game software business to its 13F portfolio, purchasing 300,000 shares worth $26.18 million at the end of the third quarter. Unity Software has had a fantastic start as a public business, gaining nearly 67 percent in two months and bringing its market valuation beyond $31 billion.

Unity Software is one of the two most renowned structures for making PC games, the other being Epic’s Unreal Engine. While Unreal Engine is the more well-known of the two, Unity is used in more games. The motor likewise enjoys a huge benefit in increased reality (AR), with 90% of games on Microsoft’s AR headset HoloLens being controlled by it. While augmented reality has yet to gain traction, it (together with Unity) is responsible for one of the most successful games of all time in the form of Pokemon Go. 

Unity’s software platform is slowly being utilized in an assortment of different businesses, including designing, film and liveliness, auto, and publicizing, as well as gaming.

8) Microchip Technology Incorporated (NASDAQ: MCHP)

Microchip Technology Incorporated (NASDAQ: MCHP) is the third and last chipmaker to show up on George Soros’ rundown of best stocks bought in Q3.  During the quarter, the tycoon’s family office bought 267,956 MCHP shares, estimated at $27.54 million toward the finish of September. Hedge funds flocked to MCHP in droves in the second half of 2019, only to flee the stock once the epidemic struck.

Microchip Technology was one of Amana Funds’ top-performing companies in 2019, according to its Q4 2019 investor letter.  The semiconductor business was also expected to rise strongly in the future, however it was unclear whether the rally would begin in 2020 or 2022.  MCHP stock has entirely recovered from its pandemic slump, gaining by 17% this year.

9) Immunomedics, Inc. (NASDAQ: IMMU)

Immunomedics, Inc. (NASDAQ: IMMU) is another consolidation play that Soros Fund jumped at the opportunity to put resources into during the second from last quarter, buying 384,096 offers. On September 30, that stake was worth $32.66 million, making it the family office’s 25th most valuable 13F investment. Gilead Sciences Inc (NASDAQ: GILD) declared that it would purchase Immunomedics for $21 billion in real money, dramatically increasing the securities exchange’s worth preceding the declaration. 

This is a tremendous accomplishment for IMMU financial backers like Kurt Von Emster’s VenBio Select Advisor, which had over 18% receptiveness to the stock as of June 30. According to Tao Value’s Q3 investor letter, the purchase will be highly accretive to Gilead’s bottom line by 2023.

10) Palantir Technologies (NYSE:PLTR)

Another IPO, Palantir Technologies (NYSE: PLTR), debuted exactly at the conclusion of Q3 on September 30, is at the top of George Soros’ list of new equities purchased. Since then, the stock has risen at a comparable rate to Unity Software’s, gaining 66 percent in six weeks.  That was wonderful news for Soros Fund, which on September 30 opened a massive position of 18.45 million PLTR shares worth approximately $175 million. 

Soros Fund has made a cool $115 million off the stock in only a month and a half, taking on the position hasn’t changed.

Now I hope you’ve got an idea about what businesses does George Soros own. 

Ethan Miller