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What companies does Facebook own? Many of those who are concerned with this social media powerhouse’s continued growth and expansion have been asking themselves exactly this question. A range of technology, app, and software companies have been acquired by it since 2005. Due to Facebook’s secrecy, the true number is certainly higher since many of these acquisitions are kept under wraps.

Does Facebook own Instagram? What social media does Facebook own? The following article explores Facebook’s acquisitions of companies, and provides information on the technologies they accompanied their acquisitions with.

What companies does Facebook own?

A total of 78 companies have been acquired by Facebook over the past 15 years. First major purchase made by the company was the acquisition of the Facebook.com domain name, which officially replaced their original domain, thefacebook.com, on Aug. 23, 2005 for two million dollars.

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Facebook has acquired 78 companies, but only 27 of their costs have been revealed publicly. Approximately 23 billion dollars in value was involved in just 27 Facebook acquisitions; what amount would that amount have been if all 78 acquisitions had been disclosed?

There are often complex issues involved when Facebook buys a company, such as the funding flow. Facebook usually reaches these kinds of agreements, particularly the undisclosed ones, in which the technology the companies developed is brought along with the best engineers and managers from those companies.

Facebook has primarily acquired Talent through acquisitions and often, acquired products are removed from the market. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, announced that Our Company has never purchased a company for its own benefit. Our goal when buying a company is to find exceptional employees. In order to create a truly entrepreneurial culture, recruiting top talent is a necessity. Having great founders and great companies in our portfolio is the key to becoming a great company.  

What companies are owned by Facebook?

Some of the top well known companies owned by Facebook includes Instagram that was bought for 1 billion dollar, WhatsApp is the highest paid purchased made by Facebook which worth 19 billion dollars next in list are Oculus VR and LiveRail which worth 1 billion dollar and 500 million dollar respectively, some undisclosed sum purchases are com and threadsy. 

 You might expect Facebook’s toolbox to include mobile commerce, enhanced communication, photo and video sharing, mobile gaming, and sports analytics, however you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that it has other amenities as well. There are many interesting acquisitions made by Facebook. This includes facial recognition software, an emotion detection app, and a drone maker using solar energy. Recently, the social network has expanded its focus to include companies that use virtual reality and artificial intelligence technologies. Aside from offering a variety of new services, Facebook has been working on using technology to promote their brand and to become much more than just a social networking website.

Top 10 Facebook companies 

Listed below are the 10 largest Facebook acquisitions announced so far

  • WhatsApp to be acquired for $19 billion
  • $2 billion price tag for Oculus VR
  • A $1 billion purchase of Instagram
  • About $500 million to $1 billion (or more) for CTRL-labs
  • LiveRail to be acquired for $500 million
  • Approximately $100-200 million for Onavo
  • To be determined for less than $100 million
  • Taking over Redkix for under $100 million
  • Parse for an approximate $85 million
  • Atlas Solutions for roughly between $50 million and $100 million

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When was Instagram acquired by Facebook?

It was the largest acquisition of Facebook so far when Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion on April 9, 2012. Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram was not the largest of all acquisitions in Silicon Valley history, but it has been referred to as one of the largest. As of the time of Facebook’s purchase of Instagram, its user base was just 30 million strong, and it generated no revenue. Approximately 500 million people use Instagram every day. The platform has a billion active users every month. In 2018, Facebook generated 8-9 billion dollars from Instagram.

Who Owns Facebook and Instagram?

Because of the company’s growth and large number of shareholders, Facebook and Instagram were taken public in 2012, though there were too many shareholders to remain private. In its Initial Public Offering (IPO), it valued the company at $104 billion, the highest valuation ever recorded for a U.S company at the time. Prior to going public, Mark Zuckerberg, the company’s founder and CEO, owned a majority stake.

What companies does Mark Zuckerberg own?

The social media industry has been transformed by Facebook. Founded by Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook Incorporation way back in 2004, it has grown to over billions of users today. Since then, Facebook has dominated the social networking industry. To stay at the top of the industry, Mark Zuckerberg has acquired many new companies in addition to their first company, Facebook. In addition to WhatsApp, the social network company and founder of Facebook, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has bought 91 other companies. Facebook closed its acquisition of WhatsApp for a staggering $16 billion; over $40 per user. Moreover, Mark Zuckerberg acquired intellectual property that had been held by rival Friendster or acquired the defunct company Connect U through a court settlement. Some of the companies Facebook has acquired are based in or around San Francisco. Facebook has acquired many companies that are headquartered in the United States. Lucky Cal and Wildfire Interactive have also been acquired by Mark Zuckerberg.

It isn’t uncommon for Facebook to shut down acquired products and acquire talent. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, said in 2010 It has never happened for Facebook to buy a company for its company. Our goal is to find excellent people for companies that we buy… We need to recruit the best people if we want to have an entrepreneurial culture. We must acquire exceptional companies with exceptional founders as one method of doing this. In an apparent change from this pattern, Instagram’s acquisition on April 9, 2012, was the first to be announced. The $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp and the $2 billion acquisition of Oculus VR are noteworthy product acquisitions, which continue the pattern of mainly talent acquisitions.

What social media does Facebook own?

Facebook owns four of the top four most downloaded apps of the decade. According to list, which was released on Monday, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram lead the way. Over the past decade, Facebook’s main app and Facebook Messenger were the most downloaded apps. The third most-downloaded app was WhatsApp Messenger, and the fourth was Instagram. Instagram was purchased by Facebook for $1billion in 2012, while WhatsApp was acquired for $19billion in 2014. Mark Zuckerberg’s ranking as Facebook’s CEO illustrates just how powerful he is.

Facebook Inc. subsidiaries 

What companies does Facebook own has always been in demand the answer to this is a total number of 91 Some disclosed and undisclosed Facebook Inc. subsidiaries that includes  WhatsApp, Instagram, Oculus VR, CTRL-labs, Live Rail, Parse, Atlas Solutions, Nextstop, Hot Potato, Snap tu, face.com, Little Eye Labs, Branch, Ascenta, Pebbles, Bloomsbury AI, Redkix, CTRL-labs, Play Giga, Space Technologies, Giphy, Kustomer, Drop.io, Facebook.com domain name, Chai labs, Friendsters patent and connect U for somewhere in between 1 million dollar to 2 billion dollar except for WhatsApp which was acquired for 19 billion dollars. Some undisclosed subsidiaries are Parakey, Octazen, Divvyshot, ShareGrove, Zenbe, RecRec, DayTum, Sofa, MailRank, Friend.ly, Push Pop Press, Caffeinatedmind, Strobe, Gawalla, TagTile, Glancee, LightBox.com, Karma, Spool, Acrylic Software, Threadsy, Hotstudio, Storylane, Osmeta, Spacepot, Big Box VR and so on… 

Who are the shareholders of Facebook?

Those who own the most Facebook shares are listed below:

A majority of 53.3% of the voting power belongs to Mark Zuckerberg, who owns 11.92 million shares of Class A and 392.71 million shares of Class B.

A 48.9 million Class B shares belong to Dustin Moskovitz

Eduardo Saverin obtained 6.1 million shares of Class A and 47.2 million shares of Class B. 

A total of 14.2 million shares were acquired by Jan Koum

1.5 million Class A shares and 2 million Class B shares owned by Sheryl Sandberg

In the Class A stock class, each shareholder gets one vote; in the Class B stock class, each shareholder gets ten votes.

In what direction is Facebook headed?

It is difficult to assume what Facebook’s next move will be because the company is tight-lipped about its plans. However, plenty of guesses are being made about what the company will do next. As a possible target for an acquisition by Facebook, Yelp could provide a way for the social media giant to extend its online advertising capabilities and tap into the lucrative food delivery market. Additionally, Facebook plans to launch its own cryptocurrency. This means that Facebook will make even more acquisitions to make this new venture run smoothly.


Which companies does Facebook own?

There are 91 companies owned by Facebook, some of which have been revealed to the public, however the majority are hidden from the public; these include Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Live Rail, Parse, Atlas Solutions, Nextstop, Hot Potato, Snap TU, face.com, Little Eye Labs, Ascenta, Pebbles, Bloomsbury AI, Re Script, CTRL-labs, Play Giga, Space Technologies, Giphy, Kustomer, Drop.io, Facebook.com domain name, Chai labs, Friendsters patent and Connect U for 1 million to 2 billion dollars except for WhatsApp which was acquired for 19 billion dollars.

There are many companies that are not disclosed to the public including Parakey, Octazen, Divvyshot, ShareGrove, Zenbe, RecRec, DayTum, Sofa, MailRank, Friend.ly, Push Pop Press, Caffeinated Mind, Strobe, Gawalla, TagTile, Glancee, LightBox.com, Karma, Spool, Acrylic Software, Threadsy, Hotstudio, Storylane, Osmeta, Spacepot, Big Box VR and so on… 

How many companies does Facebook own?

It is estimated that Facebook owns 91 companies, some of which have been revealed to the public, but most remain hidden from the public.

How many companies does Mark Zuckerberg own?

The number of acquisitions by Mark Zuckerberg during this growth wave has been remarkable, which has crossed an estimated 91 so far. In February 2015, Facebook paid $19 billion for WhatsApp Messenger, making it their largest acquisition to date.  

Is Google owned by Facebook?

As a major internet search provider, Google mainly focuses on internet applications The Facebook Corporation is a company. As its core product/service, Facebook mainly provides social networking services. Facebook began nearly six years after Google did. It’s true that Facebook does not own Google, however the company does own other tech companies, such as WhatsApp. In contrast, Google owns a number of other companies. The Alphabet Group (by Google’s entire name) owns more than 140 acquired companies, according to a recent report.

Who owns Instagram?

Instagram is owned by Facebook or to say Mark Zuckerberg. When Facebook paid $1 billion in 2012 for Instagram, a thirteen-person company, it was a shocking sum at the time. Facebook derives over $20 billion in revenues from Instagram annually. It has over one billion users.

Does Facebook own twitter?

Twitter isn’t owned by Facebook. Despite this, Facebook owns Instagram and several tech companies. Twitter did, however, receive an offer from Facebook previously. Despite two attempts to make contact, no offer was made. It was through an official channel that Facebook attempted its first acquisition of Twitter. This information was available to the public. Zuckerberg took part in their subsequent acquisition.

A few years ago, he attempted to convince Jack Dorsey, the CEO and co-founder of Twitter. It didn’t work out, unfortunately. Consequently, Facebook does not have control over Twitter. It is possible, however, that things might change in the future. However, we all know that even if Twitter were to sell, there would still be a substantial price to pay. 

Does Facebook own Snapchat?

Snapchat is not owned by Facebook. Despite this, Facebook has tried hard to acquire Snapchat. Snapchat was starting to see a rise in popularity in 2013 when Facebook offered $3 billion in cash to acquire it. The company declined and remained independent. Facebook openly copied Snapchat’s features since Snapchat does not want to be acquired.

Most egregious of all is the poke app (The Poke action was previously available on Facebook not to be confused with the Poke action). A Snapchat clone that was introduced in 2012. However, two years after it was introduced, it was shut down by Facebook.

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