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The Comcast Corporation is one of the world’s foremost media companies, competing with Disney DIS, Fox FOXA, and Viacom VIA, as well as tech giants such as Alphabet Inc. and GOOGL. With 22 million high-speed Internet subscribers, it remains the most popular broadband provider in the United States. What companies does Comcast own, who is Comcast own by and what all does Comcast owns and Comcast brands has always been in demand.

Comcast has almost $180 billion worth of market capitalization. Since it was created in 1963, Philadelphia-based Comcast has grown into an empire of media assets and acquisitions over the years. A few accomplishments of previous Comcast acquisition will be examined in this guide as well as how many companies under comcast, and comcast asset.

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Companies owned by Comcast:

A table has given down below that shows the detail of companies owned by Comcast or Comcast holdings

Universal StudiosEntertainment 
Telemundo Station GroupEntertainment 
SNL studioEntertainment
EMKA Ltd.Entertainment
Peacock ProductionEntertainment
Bravo Entertainment
Carnival filmsEntertainment
Matchbox Pictures Entertainment
Lark productionEntertainment
Monkey kingdom Entertainment
Lucky giant Entertainment
Movies 24 Entertainment
Style network Entertainment
AT&T BroadbandCommunication corporation
FreewheelCommunication corporation
Patriot MediaCommunication corporation
Alphedia Communication corporation
Universal parks & Resorts Parks & Resorts 

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Top 10 Companies owned by Comcast:

Some Comcast owned companies are

1) The entertainment industry

The first in list of what companies does Comcast own is the entertainment industry. Its assets are predominantly related to film and television, so Comcast has a major presence in the entertainment industry. Universal Studios is owned by Comcast. In Hollywood, it is recognized as one of the big six film studios alongside Warner Bros. Without acquiring valuable companies along the way, Comcast became the nation’s largest cable network.

2) AT&T Broadband

As part of Comcast’s plan to become the premier telecommunications, multimedia, and Media Company, AT&T Broadband became Comcast acquisition in 2002


Panasonic and Viant Technology formed XUMO as a joint venture in 2011. After being Comcast subsidiaries in 2020, the price paid for the company was undisclosed  

4) DreamWorks

David Geffen, Steven Spielberg, and Jeffrey Katzenberg founded DreamWorks SKG in 1994, hence the 3 letter names. The division was initially called DreamWorks Animation. NBCUniversal, a Comcast asset, purchased it 12 years later.

5) NBC Universal

The next in list of what does Comcast own is the theme park subsidiary Universal Parks and Resorts which is owned and operated by Comcast as part of its NBCUniversal division. The two companies formed a joint venture (JV) when Comcast acquired GE’s 51% stake in the company. GE contributed $7.25 billion of programming assets to GE’s JV in exchange for $6.2 billion in cash from Comcast. As of 2013, Comcast owned 49% of NBCUniversal.


Is Verizon owned by Comcast?

Verizon is owned by Comcast 

Does Comcast own CNN?

AT&T is CNN’s ultimate owner. Turner Broadcasting System and Warner Brothers are also owned by Warner Media LLC, the company that owns CNN.

Is NBC owned by Comcast?

The NBC Universal television network is owned by Comcast and is part of its valuable portfolio.

Is Xfinity owned by Comcast?

Consumer cable television, internet, telephone, and wireless services are marketed under this brand by Comcast Cable Communications, LLC, a subsidiary of Comcast Corporation.

How many companies does Comcast own?

Comcast own numerous number of companies including NBC universal, xfinity, AT&T Broadband etc.

Who owns Comcast?

Comcast is owned by Brain L. Roberts, who holds 1% equity and 33% voting power of Comcast Company.

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