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The BMW Group is the world’s greatest producer of automobiles and motorcycles. Amongst its manufacturing services, other services include mobility and financial. The BMW group owns numerous brands including BMW, BMW i., BMW M., MINI, BMW Motorrad, and Rolls-Royce. 

Companies owned by BMW:

The product brands owned by The BMW Group and its subsidiaries are: 

BMW. Automotive 
BMW i. Automotive
BMW M.Automotive
MINI John Cooper Works. Automotive
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.Automotive
BMW Motorrad. Automotive
BMW BankFinance Services
HERE TechnologiesAutomotive Technology
BMW IndiaAutomotive
DriveNowCar Rental
BMW Japan Corp.Automotive
BMW (Schweiz) AGAutomotive
BMW BrillianceAutomotive
BMW of North AmericaAutomotive
BMW Financeira S.A. – Crédito, Financiamento e InvestimentoAutomotive
DesignWorksDesign Studio 
Moovel GroupSoftware and Tech.
ReachNowCar Rental
ParkMobile USA, Inc.Software Development
BMW India Financial Services Private LimitedFinancial Services
BMW Financial Services Denmark A/SFinancial Services
BMW US Capital, LLCAutomotive
BMW Manufacturing (Thailand)Automotive
SoftLabSoftware and Tech.
BMW Manufacturing Co., LLCAutomotive
Spotlight Automotive LimitedAutomotive
BMW Finance N.V.Financial Services
BMW South AfricaAutomotive
BMW Vertriebs GmbHAutomotive
YOUR NOW Holding GmbHMobility Services
Park Lane LimitedAutomotive
BMW Roma SrlAutomotive
BMW Intec Beteiligungs GmbHAutomotive
BMW China Automotive TradingAutomotive
BMW Russland Trading OOOAutomotive
Swindon Pressings LtdConsumer Discretionary Products
BMW Financial Services Belgium NvAutomotive
BMW (UK) Holdings LimitedAutomotive
BMW Motoren GmbHAutomotive
BMW France S.A.Automotive
BMW Canada Inc.Automotive
BMW Finance SNCFinancial Services
BMW Lease (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.Financial Services 
BMW Asia Pacific Capital PTE. Ltd.Automotive

Top 20 Companies owned by BMW:

1. BMW.

BMW. is a range of luxury cars and motorcycles owned by The BMW Group focusing on the driver’s comfort through innovation for fascination and thrill.

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2. BMW i. 

Focusing on sustainable mobility for consumers, BMW i. as a sub-brand of BMW, producing electric cars.

3. BMW M. 

BMW M. is a subsidiary of BMW AG, specializing in the manufacturing of high-dynamic cars for motor racing. 

4. MINI. 

MINI.’s designs are targeted for the urban infrastructure, focusing on a range of similar designs with an upgrade each time. 

5. MINI John Cooper Works.

Each model of MINI John Cooper Works. has immense power and high performance, specifically for racing. 

6. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

Rolls-Royce – daughter company of BMW – is most notorious for being a luxury automobile manufacturer for cars used in the administrative and production facilities. 

7. BMW Motorrad. 

BMW Motorrad. is a producer of luxury heavy bikes and motorcycles to bring about a lifestyle change.

8. BMW Bank 

A company of The BMW Group – the BMW Bank features financing and leasing to BMW vehicles for its customers – retail and commercial both. 

9. HERE Technologies

HERE Technologies specializes in creating maps, gathering insights, and location datasets to develop scaling location solutions. 

10. BMW India

Starting in 2007, BMW India owns a manufacturing plant, warehouse, and conducts training centers in India.  

11. DriveNow 

DriveNow is designed for travelers renting cars – by enabling them to compare and book cars accordingly online. 

12. BMW Japan Corp. 

BMW Japan – a subsidiary of BMW – is a wholesale distributor importing and delivering BMW vehicles in Japan. 

13. BMW (Schweiz) AG

It is a subsidiary of BMW, as well as a distributor of BMW vehicles in Switzerland. 

14. BMW Brilliance

BMW Brilliance manufactures automobiles in China, functioning as a part of a joint venture between BMW and Brilliance Auto. 

15. BMW of North America

Luxury vehicles and trucks manufactured by The BMW Group are imported and distributed in North America by this subsidiary. 

16. BMW Financeira S.A. – Crédito, Financiamento e Investimento

It is a company that digs information regarding competitors, customers, and finances for The BMW Group.

17. DesignWorks

Owned by BMW, DesignWorks is a creative consultancy firm that creates innovation for The BMW Group. 

18. Moovel Group 

Moovel Group is a mobility company for urban areas, fueling partnerships with transport agencies worldwide. 

19. ReachNow

ReachNow is also a car-sharing company to cultivate a sustainable future without any clogged roads. 

20. ParkMobile USA, Inc.

ParkMobile is a contactless parking payment app that lets drivers find parking spaces nearby and pay for them online. 


Does BMW own Volkswagen? 

No, it doesn’t.

Who is BMW’s partner? 

Mercedes-Benz AG is BMW’s partner. 

Does BMW own Lamborghini? 

Volkswagen owns Lamborghini. 

Does BMW own Mini Cooper? 

Yes, it does.

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