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AT&T Corporation is a service provider for long-distance telephone and other telecommunications facilities. But technically? Who owns AT&T?The firm’s origin can be traced back to 1876 when Graham Bell invented the Telephone.

Several mergers and acquisitions have been made over the years making AT&T the world’s third-largest media corporation and entertainment company in terms of revenue. 

Companies Owned By AT&T:

Home Box Office, Inc

HBO Comedy

HBO Family

HBO Latino

HBO Signature

HBO Zone



HBO on Demand

Cinemax on Demand

HBO Home Entertainment


Warner Channel

HBO Films

HBO Miniseries

HBO Sports

HBO Entertainment

HBO Kids

HBO Original Productions

HBO Asia

HBO Europe

HBO Hungary

HBO India

HBO Poland

HBO Romania

Cable television company 
Turner Broadcasting System
Turner Broadcasting International

Millennium Media Group

Turner Broadcasting System Latin America





Studio T

Turner Studios

TCM Productions


Turner Sports & Entertainment Digital Network

Bleacher Report

Cartoon Network

Studio Europe

Adult Swim


Williams Street

Hulu (10%) (in partnership with Comcast and The Walt Disney Company)


Cartoon Network Nordic




Great Big Story[3]

TCM & Cartoon Network / Asia Pacific


TNT Latin America





Broadcasting System
Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
DC Entertainment

Warner Bros. Consumer Products

Warner Bros. Digital Networks

Warner Bros. Theatre Ventures

Warner Bros. Pictures International

Warner Bros. Museum

General entertainment 
Warner Bros. Pictures

Warner Animation Group

Warner Bros. Family Entertainment

DC Films

New Line Cinema

Turner Entertainment Co.

WaterTower Music

Warner Bros. Domestic Distribution

Castle Rock Entertainment

The Wolper Organization

Picture and animation group
Blue Ribbon Content

Warner Bros. Television

Warner Horizon Television

Warner Bros. Television Distribution

Warner Bros. Television Productions UK


Twenty Twenty

Wall to Wall

Renegade Pictures

Yalli Productions




Alloy Entertainment


Warner Bros. Animation

Hanna-Barbera Cartoons

Television group
WB Games

Avalanche Software

Monolith Productions

NetherRealm Studios

Portkey Games

Rocksteady Studios

TT Games

TT Games Publishing

TT Fusion

Traveller’s Tales

TT Animation



WB Games Montréal

WB Games San Francisco

WB Games New York

Home and interactive entertainment 
Verizon Wireless



Telecommunication services 
AppNexusOnline advertising company
FiberTowerBackhaul service provider

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Top 10 Companies owned by AT&T:

Here is the complete list for it:

1) Home Box Office, Inc

Searched for what companies does AT&T own? And HBO on top? It’s legit as it is one of the best AT&T acquisitions. It is also the owner of the Cinemax cable channel. 

2) Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

One of the AT&T subsidiaries is Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. which is an American mass media and entertainment corporation. 

3) Turner Broadcasting System

CNN, TNT, TBS, Cartoon Network are a few of Turner’s channels. Turner Sports also owns a few websites like NBA.com, NCAA.com, Bleacher Report, and NBA TV, etc. 

4) DC Entertainment

Another part of Warner Bros. is DC Entertainment and should be mentioned separately as it covers a lot apart from its parent company. DC Comics and DC films both are part of the DC universe. So, what does AT&T own? It is DC for sure! 

5) Verizon Wireless

One of the recent AT&T properties is this wireless network operator, which operated independently a few years ago. After an acquisition agreement was signed with Verizon, it then merged into AT&T. 

6) Unicel

The cellular mobile brand Unicel has recently joined the AT&T family. So, the next time you think of what companies does AT&T own, do mention Unicel. It promises to deliver the best global coverage to its customers. 

7) Alltel

Another USA-based telecommunications company is Alltel which has operations in almost 24 US states. Services include local telephone, wireless, long-distance, paging, and Internet services. 

8) Alientvault

On the list of companies owned by AT&T is Alienvault which is a cybersecurity company that offers exceptional threat intelligence and effective security measures for all kinds of organizations. 

9) AppNexus

AppNexus, previously known as Xandr, is also one of the AT&T-owned companies. It is a cloud-based software platform that is helpful for premium advertising. 

10) FiberTower

AT&T paid $207 million and completely acquired FibreTower which is a leader in wireless fiber technology. Other services include Backhaul and Transport solutions. 

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How many companies AT&T own?

More than 98 companies are owned by AT&t including CNN, HBO, and Warner Bros, and made a whopping purchase of $108.7bn in 2018. 

Does ATT own Verizon?

Yes, ATT owns Verizon and also acquired Alltel, Unicel, and Verizon Wireless properties, including licenses and 1.6 million subscribers in 18 different states. 

Does AT&T own Warner bros?

CNN, HBO, and Warner Bros all are part of AT&T and together they have put up famous shows like Harry Potter and Batman. 

Does att own CNN?

Yes ATT owns CNN and it acquired it from Time Warner, which was later named to WarnerMedia.

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