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Apple Inc. (AAPL), one of the world’s most valuable corporations, has a market capitalization over $2.4 trillion and net sales of $274.5 billion in fiscal year 2020. Since its commencement in 1976, Apple has advanced into a differentiated innovative organization that offers iPhones, iPads, and Mac PCs, just as programming and real time features like computer games and Apple TV. The year 2021 will be associated with legitimate issues undermining the organization’s application environment. 

Apple’s applications add to the organization’s $60 billion-every year benefits area. Epic Games, the makers of the famous computer game Fortnite, has recorded a claim against Apple for supposed enemy of cutthroat activities in the App Store. As of July 2021, no choice had been made regarding that situation.

Companies owned by Apple:

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Beats Electronic and Beats MusicOnline music streaming
Siri Inc.Virtual Assistant
ShazamMusic Software
NeXT SoftwareTechnology Company
AuthenTecSecurity Solutions
MobeewaveSoftware Company
Dialog SemiconductorSystem Solutions
AnobitFlat Memory Drive
PrimeSense 3D Sensing Company
P.A. Semi Semiconductor Company
Quattro WirelessMobile Advertising Company
C3 TechnologiesMapping Company
SwellInsulated Product Company

Top 6 Companies owned by Apple:

Here are the best companies that Apple owns

1. Beats Electronics and Beats Music

The $3 billion money and value acquisition of Beats Electronics and its web-based feature, Beats Music, by Apple is the organization’s biggest securing to date. Dr. Dre, a music maker and rapper, and Jimmy Iovine, a record leader, dispatched Beats Electronics in 2006, and the organization’s first earphones were delivered in 2008.

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2. Siri Inc.

Siri was made by the SRI International Artificial Intelligence Center in a joint effort with Nuance Communications, a voice innovation business. Siri was separated as a different firm from SRI International in 2008. 

3. Shazam

Shazam Entertainment Limited, the firm behind the Shazam music identifier application, was established in 1999 as Shazam Entertainment Limited. Shazam was bought by Apple for an expected $400 million in 2018, fully intent on inserting the innovation into iPhones and other brilliant gadgets.

4. NeXT Software

NeXT was established in 1985 by Steve Jobs, a fellow benefactor of Apple, during a period when he was tossed out of the organization. NeXT created equipment and programming stages. The enterprise was most popular for its NeXT PC, which was intended for use in advanced education and business.

5. AuthenTec

As a side project from Harris Corp., AuthenTec Inc. was made in 1998. (then, at that point, known as Harris Semiconductor). AuthenTec had around 200 licenses in an assortment of PC and innovation security applications and items when the organization was obtained by Apple in 2012. 

6. Mobeewave

When contrasted with a portion of Apple’s other enormous acquisitions, the $100 million sticker price is very low. In any case, Mobeewave’s innovation could altogether affect future Apple monetary items. 


How many companies does Apple own?

Apple owns 114 companies with an $8 billion market capitalization.

Who is the owner of Apple?

Two major institutional investors now control Apple Inc. (Vanguard Group and BlackRock, Inc).

Is Apple the sole owner of Sony?

No, Apple isn’t going to buy Sony or Sony Studios any time soon.

Is there a Shazam-Apple Music partnership?

Utilizing innovation from the Shazam sound acknowledgment application, which Apple bought for $400 million in 2018.

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