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Altria was previously known as Philip Morris Companies, Inc. Altria operated worldwide and its headquarter is present in Virginia which is present just outside the city of Richmond. The main products of Altria are tobacco and cigarettes. Altria was founded in 1985.

Companies Owned by Altria in 2022

Altria owns and has huge holdings in the following list of companies: 

Philip Morris USATobacco and Cigarettes
U.S. Smokeless Tobacco CompanyTobacco Products
John MiddletonTobacco
Helix InnovationsNicotine Products
Philip Morris Capital CorporationTobacco, Cigarettes and related products
Altria Client ServicesClient Services
Altria Group Distribution CompanySales, Distribution, and Consumer Engagement Services

Top 5 Companies owned by Altria in 2022

Some Altria owned companies are:

1) Philip Morris USA

Philip Morris USA is the largest Tobacco company in the United States. The website of this company mainly deals with important tobacco issues. 

2) U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company

This company is one of the leading companies which produces and markets moist and smokeless tobacco.

3) John Middleton

John Midleton is a company that is working to end the racism against Black. It supports Black Entrepreneurs and Businesses owned by Black people.

4) Helix Innovations

This company helps customers who are seeking alternatives to Tobacco Products.

5) Philip Morris Capital Corporation

This company was established in 1982. It focuses on portfolios that help in gaining earning assets


What company became Altria?

Philip Morris Cos. was renamed Altria.

What is the difference between Altria and Philip Morris?

Phillip Morris is a publicly traded company whereas Altria operates business in the United States only.

Who owns the Marlboro brand?.

Altria Philip Morris International owns the Marlboro brand.

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