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Adidas AG is the world’s second-largest sportswear producer, trailing only Nike. Adidas is an overall firm that plans and makes footwear, garments, and extras. It was established in Herzogenaurach, Germany, and is based there.

Companies owned by Adidas in 2022

Here is the list of companies owned by Adidas

ReebokFitness Footwear
TaylormadeSports Equipment
RuntasticHealth and Fitness
Five TenFootwear

Top 4 Companies Owned by Adidas in 2022

Some Adidas owned companies are:

1) Reebok

Under the brand names Reebok, Greg Norman, Rockport, Ralph Lauren, and Polo Sport, Reebok International, Ltd. designs, manufactures and sells sports and leisure shoes and clothes. After Nike, Reebok is the world’s second-largest athletic shoemaker.

2) Taylormade

TaylorMade has been a part of the golfing world for a long time and is now arguably the largest company in the industry, with a number of the world’s best players endorsing its products.

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3) Runtastic

Runtastic, a long-time fitness software developer, has been bought by Adidas Group, a sportswear company. The news was revealed in a blog post today. Runtastic is valued at €220 million ($240 million) in the purchase.

4) Five Ten

Five Ten is a brand of rock climbing and mountain trekking footwear. Five Ten was established in 1985 by Charles Cole, a climber from California, and turned out to be important for the Adidas Group in 2011.


1. Is Puma owned by Adidas?

No. They’re different.

2. Is Yeezy owned by Adidas?

No. It is not owned by Adidas

3. What industry is Nike?

Nike is an industry that makes footwear, kits, sports accessories.

4. Is Nike the best brand?

No. It comes second after Adidas.

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