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Also known as Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V, Fiat is an Italian-American giant dealing in the automotive industry. Founded in 2014, it now primarily deals with the manufacturing of vehicles, auto parts, and more.

Companies owned by Fiat in 2022

Here is the list of companies owned by Fiat

Alfa RomeoAutomotive
Fiat ProfessionalAutomotive
Ram TrucksAutomotive

Top 10 Companies Owned by Fiat in 2022

Some Fiat owned companies are:

1- Abarth

Abarth is part of the racing and road car maker and performance division. 

2- Alfa Romeo

Founded in Milan, Italy in 1920, Alfa Romeo is an Italian luxury car producer.

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3- Chrysler

Chrysler is an American subsidiary, part of the “Big Three” automobile producers in the U.S.

4- Dodge

Dodge is a mid-price American brand of performance cars under Stellantis.

5- Ferrari

Before 1947, Ferrari was a part of the Alfa Romeo racing division 

6- Fiat

Previously it was a part of Fiat Chrysler, an Italian automobile producer 

7- Fiat Professional

Fiat Professional is a subsidiary of Stellantis producing commercial vehicles.

8- Jeep

Originally owned by American Motors Corporation, Jeep was acquired by Chrysler in 1987.

9- Maserati

An Italian luxury vehicle brand previously owned by Ferrari. 

10- Ram Trucks

Previously known as Ram Truck Division, it is a manufacturer of lightweight trucks and other vehicles. 


Q. Who bought out Fiat?

Fiat merged with Stellantis

Q. Is Ferrari owned by Fiat?

Fiat has a 50% stake in Ferrari

Q. Is Lamborghini owned by Fiat?

No, it is not. 

Q. What company owns Bugatti?

The Volkswagen Group.

Q. Is Fiat an Italian car?

The full form of FIAT translates to Italian Automobiles Factory.

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