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Warren Buffett’s Stock Holdings for Q1 from Latest 13F Filing

Warren Buffet is one of the top investors in the world. An American national, he is a successful business tycoon, investor, and philanthropist. Buffet’s the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and has a net worth of $100.6 billion and over. As of 2021, he is the seventh wealthiest man in the world.

Portfolio Period: Q1 – 13F Filing of 2022

Warren Buffett’s Portfolio Value: $330.95 Billion.

Warren Buffett’s Stock Holdings

StockCompany NameStock% of PortfolioValue% ChangeShares
AAPLApple IncAAPL - Apple Inc47.60%$ 157.53B0%887.14M
BACBank Amer CorpBAC - Bank Amer Corp13.58%$ 44.94B0%1.01B
AXPAmerican Express CoAXP - American Express Co7.50%$ 24.80B0%151.61M
KOCoca Cola CoKO - Coca Cola Co7.16%$ 23.68B0%400M
KHCKraft Heinz CoKHC - Kraft Heinz Co3.53%$ 11.69B0%325.63M
MCOMoodys CorpMCO - Moodys Corp2.91%$ 9.64B0%24.67M
VZVerizon Communications IncVZ - Verizon Communications Inc2.49%$ 8.25B0%158.82M
USBU S BancorpUSB - U S Bancorp2.15%$ 7.10B0%126.42M
OXYOccidental Pete CorpOXY - Occidental Pete Corp1.61%$ 5.32BNEW113.67M
CVXChevron CorpCVX - Chevron Corp1.36%$ 4.49B33.24%38.25M
BKBank New York Mellon CorpBK - Bank New York Mellon Corp1.27%$ 4.20B0%72.36M
DVADavita IncDVA - Davita Inc1.22%$ 4.03B0%36.10M
GMGeneral Motors CoGM - General Motors Co1.06%$ 3.52B0%60M
VRSNVerisign IncVRSN - Verisign Inc0.98%$ 3.25B0%12.82M
KRKroger CoKR - Kroger Co0.84%$ 2.78B-0.61%61.41M
CHTRCharter Communications Inc Cl ACHTR - Charter Communications Inc Cl A0.75%$ 2.50B-8.85%3.83M
LSXMKLiberty Siriusxm Group Cl CLSXMK - Liberty Siriusxm Group Cl C0.66%$ 2.20B0%43.21M
SNOWSnowflake Inc Cl ASNOW - Snowflake Inc Cl A0.63%$ 2.07B0%6.13M
VVisa IncV - Visa Inc0.54%$ 1.80B-13.23%8.30M
AMZNAmazon Com IncAMZN - Amazon Com Inc0.54%$ 1.78B0%533.30k
MAMastercard Inc Cl AMA - Mastercard Inc Cl A0.43%$ 1.43B-7.04%3.99M
aonAon Plc Shs Cl Aaon - Aon Plc Shs Cl A0.40%$ 1.32B0%4.40M
LSXMALiberty Siriusxm Group Cl ALSXMA - Liberty Siriusxm Group Cl A0.31%$ 1.03B35.98%20.21M
NUNu Hldgs Ltd Ord Shs Cl ANU - Nu Hldgs Ltd Ord Shs Cl A0.30%$ 1BNEW107.12M
ATVIActivision Blizzard IncATVI - Activision Blizzard Inc0.29%$ 975.21MNEW14.66M
RHRh ComRH - Rh Com0.29%$ 973.56M1.37%1.82M
STORStore Cap CorpSTOR - Store Cap Corp0.25%$ 839.88M0%24.42M
TMUST-mobile Us IncTMUS - T-mobile Us Inc0.18%$ 607.97M0%5.24M
GLGlobe Life Inc ComGL - Globe Life Inc Com0.18%$ 595.47M0%6.35M
ABBVAbbvie IncABBV - Abbvie Inc0.12%$ 410.74M-78.93%3.03M
RPRXRoyalty Pharma Plc Shs Cl ARPRX - Royalty Pharma Plc Shs Cl A0.10%$ 344.63M-34.21%8.65M
BMYBristol-myers Squibb CoBMY - Bristol-myers Squibb Co0.10%$ 324.39M-76.40%5.20M
STNEStoneco Ltd Com Cl ASTNE - Stoneco Ltd Com Cl A0.05%$ 180.32M0%10.70M
FWONKLiberty Media Corp Cl CFWONK - Liberty Media Corp Cl C0.04%$ 133.99MNEW2.12M
FNDFloor & Decor Hldgs Inc Cl AFND - Floor & Decor Hldgs Inc Cl A0.03%$ 109.69M3.29%843.71k
MMCMarsh & Mclennan Cos IncMMC - Marsh & Mclennan Cos Inc0.02%$ 70.38M-85.23%404.91k
JNJJohnson & JohnsonJNJ - Johnson & Johnson0.02%$ 55.96M0%327.10k
PGProcter And Gamble CoPG - Procter And Gamble Co0.02%$ 51.59M0%315.40k
MDLZMondelez International IncMDLZ - Mondelez International Inc0.01%$ 38.33M0%578k
WFCWells Fargo & Co NewWFC - Wells Fargo & Co New0.01%$ 32.39M0%675.05k
LILALiberty Latin America Ltd Com Cl ALILA - Liberty Latin America Ltd Com Cl A<.01%$ 30.68M0%2.63M
VOOVanguard S&p 500 EtfVOO - Vanguard S&p 500 Etf<.01%$ 18.77M0%43k
SPYSpdr S&p 500SPY - Spdr S&p 500<.01%$ 18.71M0%39.40k
LILAKLiberty Latin America Ltd Com Cl CLILAK - Liberty Latin America Ltd Com Cl C<.01%$ 14.64M0%1.28M
UPSUnited Parcel Service Inc Cl BUPS - United Parcel Service Inc Cl B<.01%$ 12.73M0%59.40k
TEVATeva Pharmaceutical Inds LtdTEVA - Teva Pharmaceutical Inds Ltd0.00%$ 0-100%0
SIRISirius Xm Holdings IncSIRI - Sirius Xm Holdings Inc0.00%$ 0-100%0

Warren Buffett’s Top 10 Holdings:

According to the 13F filing, Warren Buffett stock portfolio include multiple companies. Here are the top 10 companies that make his Portfolio such a success.

1. Bank of America (BAC):

warren buffett shares in bank of america

Warren Buffett’s holdings in BAC is 14.45% with a total of $1.01 billion.

  • About BAC:

Investing in Bank stocks is probably Buffet’s favorite place to put his money in. Bank investments can profit one immensely. During economic expansions, bank stocks pay off very generously to its stockholders. While recessions can be bad, these only last a few months compared to the long-lasting years of economic expansion.

While all banks profit off their holders, the BAC is special in some ways. It is very interest-sensitive, which means that whenever there’s an increase in interest rates, those with investments in BAC will have the greatest income lift compared to other banks. Moreover, BAC has greatly reduced its miscellaneous costs by encouraging customers to use online banking and merging its branches together.

Buffett has been a common stockholder in the Bank of America since the third quarter of 2017. But prior to that, Buffet held preferred stocks in the company that he purchased in 2011. He converted these into commons stocks in 2017. So although he acquired BAC stocks, he has been profiting off of them for the last ten years.

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2. Apple(AAPL)

Warren Buffett’s holdings in AAPL is 40.07% with a total of $887.1 million.

  • About AAPL:

It is no surprise that Apple is one of the top Warren Buffett stock holdings. The company has an impeccable record of strong earnings, returns, and management techniques. It’s only a matter of time before the latest new iPhone makes rounds throughout the world in almost every person’s hand.

Comparing by market value, Apple is the no. 1 stock in his portfolio. It is worth $117,714,016,000. Apple makes up 40.07% of the Warren Buffett Portfolio. Apple has contributed the most to the rise in the value of Buffett’s portfolio.

Buffet himself denoted Apple as third business venture. This in itself shows the importance of the company’s position in Warren Buffetts’ current portfolio and holdings.

3. Coca-Cola(KO):

His holdings in KO is 7.80% with a total of $400 million.

  • About KO:

He has owned shares in this beverage giant for 33 years. Coca Colas growth may have become stagnant rather than continuously rising but its position in the world of beverages still remains unchallenged. No matter where in the world you are, you’ll always find a bottle of coca-cola around the corner. The company doesn’t just sell beverages but has a very diverse portfolio of products. It has around 20 brands worldwide that generate $1 billion in profits. The company continues to keep a hold of 20% of the cold drinks market in developed countries and a 10% market share in emerging economies.

Aside from being one of the fastest cold drink sellers, its marketing strategies are unparalleled. Through its advertisements and social media presence, the brand constantly keeps its consumers engaged. Be it holidays or a social cause, this company is at the top of things. Coca-Cola holds 8.13% of Warren Buffett’s investments and holdings in his Portfolio.

4.Kraft Heinz(KHC):

His holdings in KHC is 4.82% with a total of $325 .63 million.

  • About BAC:

The famous Kraft Heinz, a consumer packaged goods company accounts for almost 4.18% of Warren Buffets investments. This isn’t one of the best investment deals under Buffets name but it still is one of the top investments he has made. According to Buffet, Heinz paid a lot more to acquire Kraft than what it was worth. Over the years, Kraft Heinz has admitted to a lot of its faults. The company’s high debts have limited its investment in marketing strategies and innovation.

Unexpectedly though, Kraft Heinz has benefited a lot off of the coronavirus pandemic. With most people ending up at home with children and work, quick easy fixed meals became the need of the time. In such circumstances, Kraft Heinz goods have stood proudly in grocery store aisles. A multi-generational brand, it’s a trusted name amongst shoppers and has done really well in the past year and a half.

5. American Express(AXP):

His holdings in AXP is 7.93% with a total of $151 million.

  • About AXP:

American Express is just another investment by Buffet that proves his love for financial stocks. Buffet’s holdings in American Express go back to almost 28 years, marking it as the third-longest in Warren Buffet’s stock holdings. Similar to the BAC, the strategy here is to wait for economic prosperity and a boost in the global economy to take in the interest incomes and credit card fees.

In addition to this, American Express has a very well reputed and affluent clientele which holds its status as one of the finer banks. American Express comprises 7.93% of Warren Buffett’s portfolio with the fourth-highest monetary value.

6. Verizon Communications(VZ):

Hiss holdings in VZ is 3.42% with a total of $158 million.

  • About VZ:

Verizon is a multinational telecommunication conglomerate. With a very strong holding in the telecommunication world, they share a corporate part of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. It makes up 3.42% of Buffet’s portfolio worth $158 million.

7. Moody’s Corp. (MCO):

His holdings in MCO is 2.72% with a total of $1.01 billion.

  • About BAC:

Moody’s Corp amounts up to 2.72% of Warren’s investments. It has a total worth of up to $700 million. Moody’s Corp is an American service provider that deals in financial and business services.

8. U.S. Bancorp(USB):

His holdings in USB is 2.65% with a total of $129 million.

  • About USB:

U.S. Bancorp is an American bank holding company situated in Minnesota, Delaware, and Minneapolis. It currently holds the position of the 5th largest American banking institution and is the founding company of the US Bank National Association. Following the pattern of Buffet’s investments in financial institutions, US Bancorp accumulates to 2.26% of Warren Buffett portfolio.

9. DaVita HealthCare Partners(DVA):

His holdings in DVA  is 1.44% with a total of $36 million.

  • About BAC:

DaVita HealthCare Partners owns 1.44% of Warren Buffett holdings. The company provides outpatient services to those in need of Kidney dialysis. It is located throughout the United States of America with almost 2800 branches. It has also branched out to 10 other countries. It consists of a  37% market share in the dialysis market in the United States of America.

10. Chevron Corp(CVX):

Warren Buffett’s holdings in CVX is 0.92% with a total of $22 million.

  • About CVX:

Chevron is a multinational energy corporation. Founded in the United States and housed in California, it is now scattered across the globe in almost 180 countries. The company holds 0.92% in the Warren Buffett current portfolio, with an estimated monetary value of approximately 22 million dollars.

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Warren Buffett 13f filing:

Over the course of the months, Warren Buffett’s investments & holdings saw fortune favoring him but in a rather underwhelming way. The total turnover came out 86.72% while still retaining 270 billion dollars in the total market value.

Apple still holds the largest share in Berkshire Hathaway with a total of 40.07% held in shares (887,135,554).

Warren Buffett net worth:top 10 warren buffet investments

The net worth of Warren Buffett as of now is $108.7 billion.

Warren Buffett’s current profession:

Warren Buffett is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, his very company specializing in insurance and freight transportation.

Warren Buffett’s source of wealth:

Being a world-famous stockholder, Warren Buffet never sits still. In the years between 1965 and 2020, Buffet’s stocks had risen by an average of 10%. Buffet has a set investment strategy; he buys companies that are competitively sustainable and holds on to them for a long period of time. He isn’t a big believer in diversifying the Warren Buffet portfolio and invests in a familiar set of businesses that guarantee him a high level of long-term returns.

Warren Buffett Education:

In Omaha, Nebraska, Warren Buffett was born to a rather humble background in 1930. He was born to successful parents, Congressman Howard Buffet and Leila. He has two siblings. Buffet attended elementary school in Omaha before he moved to Washington D.C. as his father was elected to Congress. From Woodrow Wilson High School in 1947, he finished his schooling, graduating. Buffet’s interest in business and investment began from a young age. At a very young age, he worked at his grandfather’s grocery store and used to sell chewing gums and bottles of the coca-cola door to door.

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During high school, he continues his side hustle, delivering newspapers, selling golf balls and stamps. During high school, he started to invest in pinball machines. Predominant leisure at the barbershops, pinball machines had quite a value. So he started buying pinball machines.  A few months later, they bought more machines to place around several barbershops around Omaha. Later on, Buffet sold these machines for $1200. These little ventures are proof of Buffet’s mindedness and his lifelong passion for business.

  •  Early life investments

Buffet’s interest in investment was also apparent in his early days. He would often spend time at the customer’s lounge of a stockbroker’s office near his father’s brokerage office. At the mere age of 10, while visiting New York, little Buffet made his first trip to the New York Stock Exchange. At just 11, he bought his first three shares in a company called Cities and share.

In addition to his own, he also bought three shares in his sister, Doris Buffet’s name. During his high school days, as a teenager when most children his age were partying, Buffet was making investments in his father’s business and bought a 40-acre farm that he gave to the tenant to work on it. He used his savings to buy the land and by the time he was a high school graduate, Buffet had gathered $9800 in savings!

  •  College and finances

After graduation, Buffet attended Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He later transferred to the University of Nebraska and graduated at the age of 19 with a degree in Business Administration. He tried to enter Harvard Business School but was rejected from there. He then tried and scored admission in Columbia Business School where the famous Benjamin Graham taught him. Buffet graduated with a master’s degree in Economics and went on to attend the New York Institute of Finance to further polishing his skills.

As of 2006, Buffet’s yearly salary was only $100,000. He lived in Omaha Nebraska on a property that he bought for $31,500. He broke his long-time commitment to leading a simple lifestyle when he bought a private jet in 1989 for $6.7 million. Buffet also recently traded his Nokia flip phone for an iPhone 11 and it was revealed that by 2013, Buffet had only sent one email in his entire life! There’s no wonder how Warren Buffett’s current portfolio and holdings have come this far.

His passion for investment and venturing into businesses seems to be something he is born with. More than that, it is the calculated ability to take risks that makes him truly remarkable! Anyone interested in investment and stocks should definitely give a close inspection of the professional career of Warren Buffet and study his investment strategies!