Walgreens Stock Split in 2023 [What You Should Know]

Founded in Chicago, Illinois, United States, in 1901, Walgreens is America’s second-largest pharmaceutical/drugstore chain. The founder of Walgreens was Charles Rudolph Walgreen where the company specializes in health and wellness products, filling prescriptions and more. Walgreens’ parent organization is Walgreens Boots Alliance which is an American-British-Swiss holding company. This alliance was formed in 2014.

What is Walgreens’ stock split history?

Since Walgreens is a subsidiary of the Walgreens Boots Alliance. Therefore according to that, the Walgreens Boots Alliance has split it’s stock a total of 7 times. Its 1st stock split took place in 1982, while the last and most recent one took place in 1999. All the splits were carried out in the ratio of 2:1 which means one share bought before 1982 would be equal to 128 shares today. Below is a table of Walgreens boots alliance stock split history:

DateSplitCumulative multiple

What has been Walgreens Boots Alliance’s revenue in recent years?

Revenue is the amount of money a company makes by selling its goods or services. Since 2010 Walgreens’ revenue has steadily increased over the years. And according to its 2023 data, Walgreens made a current revenue of almost $133.29 billion. In 2022 Walgreens current revenue was $132.18 billion, which means that the revenue increased in 2023 by 0.84%. Their biggest revenue jump was from 2014 to 2015, where in one year, the current revenue increased almost 45.49%; from $77.61 billion to $112.92 billion.

What is Walgreens or Walgreens Boots Alliance’s market capitalization?

Walgreens Stock Split

According to reports published in June 2023, Walgreens or Walgreens Boots Alliances’ market cap for the year has been $27.09 billion. In 2022, the company had a market cap of 32.21 billion which means that in 2023, its market cap decreased by 15.91%. It appears that 2015 was a good year for Walgreens and Walgreens Boots Alliance because in 2015 the company hit its highest market cap of 91.86 billion.


Is Walgreens a buy or sell stock?

In terms of both short-term and long-term prospects, Walgreens stock is a “Buy”.

What is the future of Walgreens stock?

The average stock price forecast for Walgreens is $38.50 whereas the lowest the stock may go is $31.00 and the highest estimate is $54.00.

Who are the largest shareholders of Walgreens?

The Vanguard group incorporation is Walgreen’s biggest shareholder.

Is Walgreens bigger than Walmart?

In terms of revenue, Walmart is much bigger than Walgreens.


While Walgreens itself may not have any reported stock splits, Walgreens Boots Alliance has had 7 stock splits. However, be it a short-term or long-term investment, investing in Walgreens is a good option for investors.