Trulieve Stock Split in 2023 [What You Should Know]

Trulieve Cannabis Corporation was founded in 1940 and is currently situated in Florida, United States. The company has many subsidies and most of them are engaged in the cultivation, sale, distribution and possession of medical cannabis products. Their cannabis and used products are mostly designed to treat seizures, severe and persistent muscle spasms, loss of appetite and other symptoms associated with serious chronic medical conditions. Trulieve’s subsidiaries include Anna Holdings LLC, PurePenn LLC, Life Essence Incorporation, and more.

What is Trulieve’s stock split history?

According to multiple databases, Trulieve has never split its stock. Analysts believe that there are multiple reasons why this is so. Only a few years ago medical cannabis was legalized all across the US and Canada which is why the market for medical cannabis has rapidly grown. It is estimated by 2031 the global cannabis market may be worth $149 billion. Trulieve has few competitors in the market and while they work towards generating profits, Trulieve has better growth potential which is why investors are willing to take risks thus, the company does not feel necessary to engage in a stock split.

What has been Trulieve’s financial position in 2023?

Trulieve Stock Split

Recent reports state that Trulieve cannabis corporation has a market capitalization of $0.73 billion. In the 1st quarter of 2023, the company’s revenue was $289.09 million while its net income for the quarter was -$64.12 million. Despite that, according to Wall Street analysts, the company’s revenue growth rate is 49.8%. Below is a table of Trulieve’s finances:

Market Capitallization (2023)$0.73 billion
Revenue (2023) - Q1$289.09 million
Income (March, 2023)-$64.12 million
Market Capitallization (2022)$1.41 billion
Revenue (2022)$1.24 billion
Income (Dec, 2022)-$77.04 million

What is Trulieve’s stock price forecast?

15 different financial data analysts offered the 12-month forecast of truly cannabis corporation’s stock price. According to their calculations, the lowest Trulieve’s stock price can fall is $5.96 while the highest price it can reach is $24.43, in the span of twelve months. This makes their average price estimate to be $11.85 which is a huge increase from their previous average stock price. Trulieve’s previous average stock price was $3.95 which is 199.88% less than their new forecast, showing major improvements.


Is Trulieve’s stock a good buy?

In a poll conducted by investment analysts, 13 out of 15 analysts voted Trulieve’s stock as a “Buy” stock while only one voted it was a “Hold”.

How many employees does Trulieve have?

As of 2023, Trulieve has almost 6,00 employees working across its multiple subsidiaries.

How many shares does Trulieve have?

Recent statistics revealed that Trulieve has approximately 158.76 million outstanding shares.

Who owns Trulieve?

The CEO of Trulieve is Kim Rivers.


Until now, Trulieve has had no stock splits because according to analysts the company is better equipped to deal with the fluctuations in the cannabis production market. The industry it works in is rapidly growing and has good potential which puts Trulieve in a crucial position.