Tesla Intrinsic Value 2023 [TSLA Easy DCF Analysis]

Tesla Intrinsic Value 2023

Among many automakers in the world, Tesla is the one that always stays on top. Being a very famous company a lot of investors are unable to understand if there is an opportunity for a long-term investment with the Tesla stock. To know better about the investment and to better understand the opportunities the intrinsic value calculation helps us to know better. The intrinsic value given in this article will help investors with their investments and opportunities.

Tesla, one of the largest companies in the automotive world, has blurred the line between the tech business and traditional automakers. During the last 12 months, Tesla. Inc has not bought any shares but has only sold them which further tells us about the value of Tesla shares. The stock of Tesla in 2021 has been highly overvalued, however, its intrinsic value for today will tell us more about its gross profit and the assets of the company.

Tesla Intrinsic Value for 2023

On this day, the intrinsic value of Tesla. Inc (TSLA) is found to be 223.29 USD.

In accordance with this value the Tesla. Inc is overvalued. Compared to the growth in the past quarter, the revenue has decreased by 6%.

The biggest risk in investing in Tesla. Inc is its market volatility. Being an investor, it is essential to understand the risk adjustment return before an investor starts trading. The 35.9% upside of the Tesla. Inc today shows how much there is a potential increase in the value.

DCF (Growth 5y)164.59 - 356.32223.2935.9%
DCF (Growth 10y)293.94 - 642.28401.12144.1%
DCF (EBITDA 5y)126.99 - 209.36165.921.0%
DCF (EBITDA 10y)232.43 - 386301.6283.6%

Tesla Intrinsic Value 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the real value of Tasla share?

Currently, the real value of the Tesla. Inc is $180.06 per share. However, the regular price of it in the market is $161.83. Both, this real value and market value show that the company is currently undervalued. At this time, the fluctuation in the Tesla’s value is very steady. Additionally, the real value of Tesla is calculated on the basis of 3 months time horizon. As the Time Horizon of Tesla increases this causes an automatic increase in the accuracy of value calculation.

What is the future price target for Tesla?

On the basis of analysts’ ratings, the 12-month average price target of Tesla is $208.56.The average of analysts’ price target, Tesla has a 26.34% upside potential. This average analysis shows a 24.91% change from the last price of $162.55.

What is the highest stock price target for Tesla?

The high, median, and low stock price target of Tesla (TSLA) is $300.0, $186.20, and $71.0 respectively. The average of these three values makes $188.43. As the current stock price of Tesla is 164.82 which means that to achieve the stock price target, TESLA needs a little push.

The REAL Intrinsic Value of Tesla Stock

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