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Terry Smith Stock Holdings for Q3 from Latest 13F Filing

Terry Smith is at present situated in Mauritius, where he is the CEO of Fundsmith. He concentrated on history at University College Cardiff and proceeded to go to The Management College in Henley. Smith has amassed a lot of involvement with various jobs, including CEO of Collins Stewart and working at UBS Phillips and Drew. In 2010, he set up Fundsmith, where he runs the Fundsmith Equity reserve, a huge cap worldwide Terry Smith portfolio.

Portfolio Period: Q3 – 13F Filing of 2022F

Terry Smith Portfolio Value: $21.07 Billion

Terry Smith Stock Holdings

Stock% PortfolioValueShares% Change
MSFT - Microsoft Corp10.26%$ 2.16B9.28M-7.34% (-735.92k)
PM - Philip Morris International6.50%$ 1.37B16.49M0.06% (+10.64k)
EL - Lauder Estee Cos Cl- A6.10%$ 1.29B5.96M0.08% (+4.68k)
ADP - Automatic Data Processing Inc5.98%$ 1.26B5.57M0.11% (+6.30k)
IDXX - Idexx Laboratories Inc5.60%$ 1.18B3.62M0.05% (+1.90k)
PEP - Pepsico Inc5.54%$ 1.17B7.14M0.1% (+7.29k)
SYK - Stryker Corp5.41%$ 1.14B5.63M-6.96% (-421.28k)
MKC - Mccormick & Co Inc5.25%$ 1.11B15.51M0.09% (+13.84k)
V - Visa Inc4.75%$ 1B5.64M0.09% (+5.05k)
WAT - Waters Corp4.72%$ 995.43M3.69M0.11% (+3.97k)
BFB - Brown Forman Corp Cl B3.86%$ 813.91M12.23M0.11% (+13.21k)
AMZN - Amazon Com Inc3.64%$ 766.63M6.78M0.08% (+5.30k)
META - Facebook Inc3.53%$ 743.57M5.48M0.05% (+2.80k)
GOOGL - Alphabet Inc3.47%$ 730.08M7.63M0.1% (+7.79k)
INTU - Intuit3.12%$ 657.15M1.70M-28.45% (-674.76k)
MTD - Mettler Toledo International2.89%$ 608.69M561.46k3.89% (+21k)
CHD - Church & Dwight Inc2.87%$ 604.24M8.46M0.16% (+13.76k)
ADBE - Adobe Sys Inc2.76%$ 581.03M2.11M0.12% (+2.45k)
NKE - Nike Inc-class B2.66%$ 559.76M6.73M0.1% (+6.67k)
PYPL - Paypal Holdings Inco2.29%$ 482.96M5.61M-41.86% (-4.04M)
OTIS - Otis Worldwide Corp Com1.90%$ 401.04M6.29MNEW (+6.29M)
VRSN - Verisign Inc0.56%$ 117.34M675.53k1.2% (+8.04k)
SABR - Sabre Corp0.56%$ 117.07M22.73M1.17% (+262.93k)
FTNT - Fortinet Inc0.54%$ 113.78M2.32M1.17% (+26.79k)
MASI - Masimo Corp Com0.51%$ 108.01M765.16k1.17% (+8.85k)
QLYS - Qualys Inc0.44%$ 92.19M661.42k-28.9% (-268.79k)
VRSK - Verisk Analytics Inc0.43%$ 90.50M530.68k1.12% (+5.86k)
MSCI - Msci Inc0.42%$ 89.23M211.55k1.17% (+2.45k)
CGNX - Cognex Corp0.41%$ 85.47M2.06M1.23% (+24.98k)
EFX - Equifax Inc0.40%$ 85M495.85k1.17% (+5.74k)
IPGP - Ipg Photonics0.34%$ 72.14M855.20k1.17% (+9.89k)
AAPL - Apple Inc0.30%$ 63.09M456.49kNEW (+456.49k)
ANSS - Ansys Inc0.29%$ 60.87M274.56k-27.58% (-104.58k)
ROL - Rollins Inc0.28%$ 59.93M1.73M-8.05% (-151.19k)
PAYC - Paycom Software Inc0.25%$ 53.23M161.31k-36.92% (-94.41k)
JNJ - Johnson & Johnson0.21%$ 44.90M274.85k0.51% (+1.39k)
HD - Home Depot Inc0.20%$ 42.01M152.25k0.5% (+750)
PG - Procter And Gamble Co0.19%$ 39.67M314.21k0.51% (+1.59k)
ZTS - Zoetis Inc0.16%$ 33.10M223.19k0.51% (+1.13k)
MELI - Mercadolibre Inc0.10%$ 20.05M24.23k0%
IEX - Idex Corp0.09%$ 19.17M95.93kNEW (+95.93k)
WNS - Wns Holdings Ltd0.07%$ 15.81M193.18k0%
G - Genpact Limited0.07%$ 13.89M317.34k0%
TSM - Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg Ltd0.05%$ 10.66M155.56k0%
XP - Xp Inc Cl A0.02%$ 4.82M253.37k0%
EW - Edwards Lifesciences Corp<.01%$ 825k9.98kNEW (+9.98k)
WING - Wingstop Inc0.00%$00-100% (-825.46k)

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Terry Smith’s 13F Filings

Last detailed 13F filing for Q3 2022 included $40,982,743,000 in oversaw 13F protections and a main 10 possessions centralization of 59.73%. Fundsmith LLP biggest holding is Microsoft Corp. with shares held of 13,002,366. Whalewisdom has no less than 41 13F filings, and 15 13G filings.

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Fundsmith Equity has reliably been perhaps the most grounded entertainer in the IA Global area, returning 419.5% in the course of the last ten years contrasted with the 183.8% normal. Be that as it may, in 2022 it had one of its hardest late long periods of execution as business sectors continued mobilizing from the Covid pandemic. As per Trustnet, the asset has lost 5.1% in the course of the most recent half year contrasted with the normal asset’s 2.2% misfortunes.