Spotify Stock Split in 2023 [What You Should Know]

Based in Sweden, Spotify is the world’s most popular audio streaming service with 210 million subscribers and 515 million users. With a total of 489 million listeners, Spotify exists in almost 180 markets worldwide. The public company was founded in 2006 and has more than 8000 employees, currently generating a revenue of more than 11 billion EUR.

What is Spotify’s Stock Split History?

Since being established, Spotify has not split its stock despite the predictions that were made by major business analysts. As of June 2023, Spotify’s share was priced at $151.74 but back in 2017, Spotify shares were bought and sold as low as $37.50. Spotify started as a private company but in 2018, the company decided to go public. The impact of which was:

Start date:04/04/2018
End date:06/08/2023
Start price/share:$144.22
End price/share:$149.47
Dividends collected/share$0.00
Total return:3.64%
Average Annual Total Return:0.69%
Starting investment:$10,000.00
Ending investment:$10,362.67

Why Did Spotify, Not Split Stock?

Spotify Stock Split History

When Spotify transitioned into a public company, it allowed existing shareholders to buy and sell their stocks on the New York Stock Exchange instead of issuing new shares. This created a huge demand for the company’s stock, increasing its price which is why it was predicted the company may opt for a 40-to-one share split. The plan, however, was not followed through.

Will a Stock Split Help Recover Spotify’s Stock?

Stock splits are carried out to lower the price of stocks, so to improve liquidity. The benefit of a stock split is that despite their effects, they have no major consequence on the company’s performance or value. Business and economic analysts have made predictions for Spotify that go both ways but all predictions are made on the basis of algorithms and research which is why they cannot be relied upon.


How many times has Spotify split?

To date, Spotify Technology SA (SPOT) has no stock splits.

Who has the largest share on Spotify?

By the end of 2022, Spotify’s co-founder and CEO, Daniel Ek had 16.5% or 31.93 million shares in the company, making him the company’s largest shareholder.

Is Spotify profitable?

With strong competitors like Apple Inc, the margin for profitability is thin for Spotify. Their biggest obstacle is the cost of acquiring content which makes profitability a long-term goal.

What’s the future of Spotify?

In 2022, Spotify shared plans of increasing its users to 1 billion by 2030 to earn an annual revenue of $100 billion. To help with that, they plan to expand the content on the app with audiobooks and podcasts.


As a relatively new company in the market, Spotify has spread within multiple markets and gathered millions of users and subscribers, but due to the high costs of content acquisition such as payments for copyrights, their profitability is far off. This is why stock splits are not their top priority.