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Spencer Rascoff Net Worth is $113 Million USD

As a graduate of Harvard, Mr. Rascoff is now an entrepreneur and a company leader. Additionally, he is also the co-founder of quite a few companies which are Zillow, Hotwire, dot.LA, Pacaso and Recan Food. Other companies include Path, Queue, Supernova’s family of SPACs and 75 & Sunny.

Besides being the founder and actively leading these companies as the CEO, or Executive Chair, Spencer Rascoff also has shares in more than 100 companies. At the moment, he is also building more shares to gain their returns soon enough.

He has been a leader of companies by being on their Board. Such examples are TripAdvisor and Zulily. He has worked on the Board of Julep too among other tech companies. To work towards community building, inclusion and diversity in the tech community of LA, Rascoff is also associated with PledgeLA as its Board Member.

Not only does Rascoff contribute his expertise in the practical world, but he also trains young minds to do the same as a professor at Harvard University. He teaches StudioLab on Creativity and Entrepreneurship. If one wants to learn from Mr. Rascoff, they can listen to his podcast “Office Hours” which features him with successful executives.

Spencer Rascoff Net Worth

CURRENT NET WORTHJob TitleSource of Wealth
$113 Million USDCo-founder and Chair of of Pacaso, Recon Food, Queue, dot.LA, 75 & Sunny VenturesDot.LA, Supernova Partners, 75 & Sunny, Recon Food, Queue, Varo Bank, Pacaso


Spencer Rascoff is an extremely busy man with commitments in numerous different places simultaneously. He not only serves himself with his experience, but he also works for projects aiming at finding diversity and inclusivity, and shapes young minds by being their mentor. Such open-mindedness is necessary in today’s world where acceptance is a commendable trait for community building. Such work ethic is one of the leading causes behind his high net worth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Has Mr.Rascoff been buying or selling shares of the Zillow Group?

Mr.Rascoff has been known to have 14 transactions in the Zillow Group between 2015 to 2020. Out of these, 14 were sold, whereas 0 were bought. However, since then there has been no updated information on Spencer Rascoff’s transactions of shares.

Who owns the most Zillow stock?

The Zillow Group is an American real-estate company that operates as a tech marketplace. It was founded in 2006 by Spencer Rascoff, Rich Barton and Llyod Frink. Spencer Rascoff was the CEO of Zillow up until 2019, and is now an investor in the SPAC group. Currently, the CEO of the Zillow Group is Rich Barton, which makes him the largest shareholder in the company.

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