SoFi Stock Split in 2023 [What You Should Know]

SoFi Technologies, Inc, or SoFi is a personal finance company based in San Francisco. SoFi or Social Finance Incorporation was founded in 2011 and offers services such as online banking, student and auto loans, investing, credit cards, and other banking facilities. The company was founded by students and currently makes a net income of US$ 320 million.

What is SoFi’s stock split history?

SoFi’s stock database history shows that the company has had zero splits. However, insiders report that SoFi officials may go the stock split route to stabilize the financial status of their company. In a statement, it was revealed that SoFi would opt for a reverse stock split in the ratio of 1:2 or 1:10. Instead of increasing the volume of stock, a reverse stock split would reduce SoFi’s outstanding shares. The table below shows SoFi’s current annual growth rate before the possible split:

Start date:01/05/2021
End date:06/13/2023
Start price/share:$12.15
End price/share:$9.54
Dividends collected/shared:$0.00
Total return:-21.48%
Average Annual Total Return:-9.46%
Starting investment:$10,000.00
Ending investment:$7,852.32

Who is SoFi considering a reverse stock split?

There are a few reasons why SoFi is considering this step. The first reason is a reverse stock increases the price of the stock and an increased price can attract brokers and investors. Another reason, according to SoFi, is that the high price of stock gives a good impression of SoFi’s Common stock in terms of investment. Lastly, a high-priced stock may attract new partnerships and talents.

What is SoFi’s earnings for Q1 of 2023?

SoFi Stock

In May 2023, SoFi released its earnings for the first quarter of 2023. The company earned a revenue of approximately $472M which is on average 43% more than the previous year/quarter.


Is SoFi stock a good buy?

SoFi has a rating of 81 with one of the top scores in the credit services industry which puts them 51% above all stocks.

Is SoFi a safe investment?

In terms of a company’s trustworthiness (including factors like licensing), SoFi has been given an A+ grade.

Is SoFi a safe investment?

For SoFi, the average price target (per share) is $7.39 with the highest price being $10.00 and the lowest being $3.00.

Has SoFi ever made a profit?

Despite SoFi’s good revenue growth, the company is not turning in any profits.


All in all, there have only been statements that speculate that SoFi may opt for a reverse stock split, but nothing has been confirmed. Even if they go through with the decision or not, the company is working to start making profits while maintaining stable revenue.