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Ray Dalio’s Stock Holdings for Q3 from Latest 13F Filing

Ray Dalio is a renowned and acknowledged investor who has an American nationality. He is a billionaire along with owning numerous successful hedge funds and companies.

Portfolio Period: Q3 – 13F Filing of 2022

Ray Dalio’s Portfolio Value: $19.75 Billion.

Ray Dalio’s Stock Holdings

Stock% PortfolioValueShares% Change
PG - Procter And Gamble Co4.23%$ 835.20M6.62M-1.95% (-131.72k)
JNJ - Johnson & Johnson3.90%$ 769.84M4.71M8.77% (+379.88k)
PEP - Pepsico Inc3.32%$ 656.55M4.02M5.58% (+212.53k)
KO - Coca Cola Co3.25%$ 642.40M11.47M5.97% (+646.52k)
IEMG - Ishares Core Msci Emerging Markets Etf3.24%$ 640.42M14.90M-2.66% (-407.92k)
IVV - Ishares Core S&p 500 Etf3.19%$ 630.69M1.76M3.58% (+60.71k)
COST - Costco Wholesale Corp2.87%$ 566.51M1.20M-0.95% (-11.55k)
VWO - Vanguard Ftse Emerging Markets Etf2.73%$ 538.76M14.76M-4.33% (-667.59k)
WMT - Wal-mart Stores Inc2.65%$ 522.69M4.03M-14.21% (-667.68k)
SPY - Spdr S&p 5002.65%$ 522.67M1.46M-20.61% (-379.95k)
MCD - Mcdonalds Corp2.47%$ 487.73M2.11M2.04% (+42.18k)
PDD - Pinduoduo Inc Sponsored Ads1.60%$ 317.06M5.07M5.23% (+251.91k)
ABT - Abbott Labs1.51%$ 298.02M3.08M10% (+280.04k)
CVS - Cvs Health Corp1.49%$ 293.71M3.08M-2.11% (-66.53k)
SBUX - Starbucks Corp1.28%$ 252.60M3M-7.55% (-244.88k)
V - Visa Inc1.09%$ 216.18M1.22M147.46% (+725.14k)
GLD - Spdr Gold Trust1.02%$ 201.42M1.30M-0.32% (-4.22k)
MDLZ - Mondelez International Inc0.96%$ 189.07M3.45M203.04% (+2.31M)
TGT - Target Corp0.95%$ 187.50M1.26M-19.01% (-296.61k)
CL - Colgate Palmolive Co0.86%$ 170.71M2.43M6.1% (+139.81k)
MA - Mastercard Inc Cl A0.83%$ 164.13M577.22k18.95% (+91.95k)
DG - Dollar Gen Corp New0.75%$ 148.53M619.23k-1.86% (-11.72k)
EL - Lauder Estee Cos Cl- A0.75%$ 147.53M683.33k11.55% (+70.77k)
GOOGL - Alphabet Inc0.71%$ 140.19M1.47M48.96% (+481.73k)
CMG - Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc0.66%$ 130.68M86.96k-4.09% (-3.71k)
GIS - General Mls Inc0.65%$ 128.93M1.68M-5.46% (-97.16k)
MRK - Merck & Co Inc0.64%$ 126.20M1.47M11.15% (+147.06k)
PFE - Pfizer Inc0.63%$ 124.21M2.84M-5.94% (-179.20k)
SYK - Stryker Corp0.63%$ 123.39M609.23k-3.15% (-19.81k)
ISRG - Intuitive Surgical Inc0.62%$ 122.25M652.22k8.86% (+53.07k)
MBB - Ishares Mbs Etf0.61%$ 119.69M1.31M8.57% (+103.20k)
SYY - Sysco Corp0.60%$ 118.90M1.68M0.04% (+733)
META - Facebook Inc0.57%$ 112.43M828.61k41.24% (+241.95k)
MNST - Monster Beverage Corp New0.56%$ 111.11M1.28M-4.92% (-66.13k)
BIDU - Baidu0.55%$ 108.24M921.25k-19.46% (-222.59k)
KMB - Kimberly Clark Corp0.54%$ 107.45M954.80k5.86% (+52.88k)
LQD - Ishares Iboxx $ Investment Grade Corporate Bond Etf0.53%$ 103.70M1.01M-0.39% (-4k)
BSX - Boston Scientific Corp0.51%$ 100.16M2.59M11.73% (+271.50k)
KR - Kroger Co0.51%$ 99.92M2.28M8.91% (+186.93k)
XOM - Exxon Mobil Corp0.50%$ 99.31M1.14M-40.41% (-771.46k)
HSY - Hershey Co0.48%$ 95.65M433.86k1.39% (+5.96k)
VEEV - Veeva Sys Inc0.48%$ 94.20M571.30k14.81% (+73.71k)
LLY - Lilly Eli & Co0.47%$ 93.40M288.85k41.02% (+84.03k)
EW - Edwards Lifesciences Corp0.47%$ 93.43M1.13M13.6% (+135.35k)
NIO - Nio Inc Spon Ads0.47%$ 92.92M5.89M6.63% (+366.31k)
MCK - Mckesson Corporation0.47%$ 91.83M270.18k-5.18% (-14.75k)
BDX - Becton Dickinson And Co., 6.125% Dep Shares Mand Conv Preferred Stock Series A0.45%$ 89.29M400.70k-10.48% (-46.90k)
STZ - Constellation Brands Inc0.45%$ 87.89M382.68k-7.52% (-31.14k)
DLTR - Dollar Tree Stores Inc0.43%$ 85.46M627.95k-1.58% (-10.07k)
KHC - Kraft Heinz Co0.41%$ 81.18M2.43M-14.41% (-409.87k)
YUMC - Yum China Hldgs Inc Com0.39%$ 76.93M1.63M5.06% (+78.32k)
LI - Li Auto Inc Sponsored Ads0.38%$ 75.41M3.28M0.28% (+9.14k)
IAU - Ishares Gold Tr Ishares New0.38%$ 74.55M2.36M-0.22% (-5.18k)

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Ray Dalio net worthray dalio highest holdings

His total net worth as of now is around $20.3 billion.

Ray Dalio source of wealth:

He is organizing and owning the biggest hedge fund that is considered to be the world’s largest working hedge fund. The hedge fund is known as Bridgewater Associates.

Ray Dalio’s Top 10 holdings:

Here is a complete list of the top 10 holdings of Ray Dalio portfolio:

1. SPDR S&P 500 (SPY)

ray dalio stock holdings in spdr

SPDR S&P 500 holds the number one position in the Ray Dalio all-weather portfolio. It is a chain of exchange-traded funds shortly known as ETFs. This trade is being done on different continents around the globe. It is done in the United States, Europe as well as Asia.

The company is pronounced as spiders. This company works by tracking the S&P 500 stock market ratio and values. This company also deals with gold shares. Diamonds are also tracked in this country as a trading fund. This company has gained billions of assets through its active work around the globe till now.

  • Holdings:

In the Ray Dalio all-weather portfolio ETF, it holds 11.93%. The shares held by this company in the stock market are 3.69M.

The net value of this company is $ 1.38 billion. This net worth is a huge success. The change made by this company is negative and is -283.03K. While the percent change made by this company is -7.13%. All this information is latest and is recorded in March 2021.

2. Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets ETF (VWO)

Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets ETF holds the second position in the Ray Dalio current portfolio and holdings. This is an American-based company that works on investment management. It deals with billions of assets of different hedge funds and companies. This company works directly from its headquarters based in Pennsylvania.

This company holds trillions of assets due to its swift and efficient working across the globe. This company claims to be the world’s largest mutual funds provider and on the number two for the exchange-traded fund’s providers. Along with these two functions, this company serves many more services that include educational, brokerage, asset management, fixed amount services, and many more that are related to finance and accounting.

  • Dalio’s holdings:

This company holds 5.71% of Dalio’s holdings that adds a charm to Dalio’s all weather portfolio performance. This company’s shares in the stock market are 13.71M. These shares are huge in number. The net worth of this company is $ 659.80M. The change made by this company is positive, that is 500.91K. The percent made by this change is 4%. 

3. SPDR Gold Trust (GLD):

SPDR Gold Trust is a part of the exchange-traded funds family. It is organized by gold advisors of the state street company. This company was much above where it is today before the year 2014. This company deals with tracking and tracing gold and estimating its price. It deals with the trade of pure gold with the outer world.

It allows the investment and trade of gold. They donate and receive ounces of gold and do their business like this. 

  • Dalio’s share held:

This company holds 4.61% in the Ray Dalio all-weather fund.

The shares held by this company are 2.99M. The worth of this company in the stock market is $ 532.42M. The change made by this company is -2.48M. This is a huge negative number. This negative value indicates a loss in the company. The % change made by this company is -45.35%. All this information is exclusively the latest.

4. Wal-Mart Stores Inc (WMT)

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is a great name in the Ray Dalio asset allocation. This is a big company working efficiently all across the globe in the form of chains. It has its chains working all around the globe. It has a huge volume of products to sell. It is a kind of supermarket that supplies almost everything to its customers. It is called a multinational retail company. The headquarters of this company is based in Arkansas. The foundation of this company was made in 1962. It can be called a huge grocery store, departmental store or hyper store. It has its active branches of total 10,526 workings effectively in 24 different countries of the world. It holds 3.84% of Ray Dalio holdings.

  • Shares held:

It has 3.08M shares in the stock market. The value of this company is $ 443.78M. The change made by this company is 1.68M. While, the % change made by this company is 121%.

5. Procter And Gamble Co (PG)

It is a renowned American-based company working to supply some high-quality goods that involve personal care products, hygiene products, personal or customer health-related products, beauty, and other grooming products, etc. It also includes some great fabrics and home care products. It is known to be a multinational company that is directly working through its headquarter based in Ohio.

In the start, the products supplied by this company also included snacks and beverages along with baby and feminine products. Then after some years, they discarded these products. This company is a very successful addition to the Ray Dalio investment mix.

  • Shares:

This company holds 3.25% of the portfolio. It has 2.70M shares in the stock market. The net value of this company is $ 375.05M. The change made by this company is 1.47M. The percent change made by this company is 120%.

6. Alibaba Group Holding Ltd SP A (BABA)

Alibaba is a renowned Chinese company. It is known to be a multinational company that deals with technology and e-commerce dealings. The main focus of this company is on technology related to the internet and retail with the help of the internet.

This company is working from its headquarters based in China. It is a well-established company that holds a great variety of companies and organizations in itself to provide people with services to reach all these companies through the internet. It allows many functions such as it allows dealing from one consumer to another, one consumer to business, or business to business. All these three ways of dealings are supported in this company.

  • Ray Dalio portfolio stocks & investments:

The percent held by this company in the portfolio is 3.22%. Its shares in the stock market are 1.60M. The value of this company is $372.48M. The change made by this company is 266.42K. This information is recorded in the year 2021.

7. iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets ETF (IEMG)

iShares MSCI Emerging Markets is a company that works by tracking the investments made by several exchange-traded funds. The investments recorded by this company can be large or mid-capitalized.

This company works for numerous companies regardless of their status. It works and tracks large as well as mid-sized companies that are currently developing in the stock market. It provides easy access to more than eight hundred market stock companies that are currently emerging.

  • Shares:

The % held by this holding in the Ray Dalio all-weather portfolio is 2.89%. This company holds shares of 5.38M in the stock market. The net worth and value of this company is $333.94M. The change made by this company is 2.22M. This change rate is relatively very high if we compare it to the previously recorded holdings. The % change recorded by this company is 70%.

8. iShares Core S&P 500 ETF (IVV)

The iShares Core S&P 500 ETF has made many successful moves for Ray Dalio stock allocation. iShares is a company based in the United States that works by exchange-traded funds collectively called an ETF. This company works by tracking various stocks and different market values. This company manages numerous stock exchange funds. Some of them include; London stock exchange, American stock exchange, etc. They manage their stock values and guide them where and when to invest.

  • Shares:

The % held by this company in the Ray Dalio holding is 2.60%. Shares held by this company are 801.08K. The value of this company calculated is $300.72M. The net change made by this company is 185.79K. While the % change made by this company is 30.20%.

9. iShares Gold Trust (IAU)

iShares Gold Trust is a company that works by trading and tracking some ounces of gold as their trademark. It is not an ETF company. It simply focuses on the daily changing price of gold. One has to keep in mind the risk of investing in gold here as it might give you loss.

  • Shares:

The % included in the portfolio is 2.43%. The shares held by it are 15.48M. The net value of this company is $280.74M. The change made by this company is negative as this company is currently going into loss. The change is -312.22K. The percent change made by this company is -1.98%.

10. Pinduoduo Inc Sponsored Ads (PDD)

Pinduduo Inc. is a China-based company. It is considered the largest agriculture-related company currently working very successfully in China. It provides the latest technology and eases the life of farmers by connecting them directly to the market of fertilizers and other agriculture-related products. It connects the buyers to the farmers effectively and swiftly.

  • Shares:

The percent held by this company in the portfolio is 2.19%. The shares held by this company in the stock market are 1.42M. The net value of this company is $252.67M. The change made by this company is 327.24K. While the percent change made by this company is 29.89%.

Ray Dalio 13F filing

The latest Bridgewater Associates 13F filing has reported a few changes in the portfolio. The Bridgewater Associates is working from Westport and managed by its owner Raymond Dalio. The 13F latest filing recorded in the year 2021 says that the amount of $223,014,045,848 is being managed by the hedge fund which covers the % of 38.93% in the portfolio. Other important holdings are SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust having maximum shares of 3,138,199. Another holding called Whalewisdom possessed 77 in the 13F filings.

  •  Historical Return of Ray Dalio Holdings

Ray Dalio has made wonderful returns over the years. According to a report, Ray Dalio made 30% return in the stock market and 15% on other individualities and products. He is on a medium risk in his portfolio which means he is working in the correct direction. If we consider the returns of the last ten years of his portfolio, he obtained an annual return of 7.21%. An addition to this return is the 5.97% of standard deviation. In 2020 Ray Dalio’s portfolio gained a return of 1.40%. All these returns are positive and this means his hedge fund and his portfolio are gaining success in the field of finance and he is continuously making a great increase in his assets.

Ray Dalio Career:

In the start, he worked as an investment officer in that hedge fund. This hedge fund was established by Ray Dalio in 1971. He served in that hedge fund as an investment officer till the year 1985. In this way, we can say that he has been working as an investment officer in his own hedge fund for almost 14 years. After almost ten years of the establishment of this hedge fund, some important investments were involved. The World Bank made an investment of 5 million USD to this hedge fund. This was a huge success for Ray Dalio.

  • Excellence from experience

Some of the very important investors present in the world today are great businessmen, but the only thing that distinguishes Dalio from them is the creativity and innovation of him that made him what he is today. He adds innovations to his business and makes a great profit out of it. Some of his important innovations for his hedge fund are introducing the theories of risk parity, in which one can estimate the risk allocations in the investment. Currency-overlay and alpha and global inflation-indexed bond management are also a part of his innovative research to make his hedge fund a big success

Ray Dalio Education:

Ray Dalio was born in New York and continued his early education there. In the year 1973, he completed his master’s in business (MBA) from a reputed business school known as Harvard Business School.

As soon as Dalio completed his master’s degree, he decided to start a business of his own. After a few years, he came up with a brilliant idea of establishing his own company, his first hedge fund that proved to be a milestone for him in the establishment of his career. He made his first hedge fund known as Bridgewater Associates.

Dalio’s biggest achievement:

This hedge fund is the biggest achievement in Ray Dalio’s portfolio. This hedge fund is so broad and includes many holdings. Ray Dalio is considered on the number 79 among the richest men list in the world. Ray Dalio is also good at writing. Actually, he has been studying various theories and philosophies about how to enlarge a business and add numerous innovations. So, he wrote some books related to investment and philosophy related to finance and economics.

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