We value the privacy of our users on the Dataromas.com website. Hence we aim to make our intentions and data extraction as explicit as possible with this comprehensive description of our policies.

This document will try to explain how we access your data and what kind of data we do not keep. To have a vivid understanding, please refer to the following paragraphs:


Upon visiting the site:

  • The data we keep

When you make it into our website, we collect the following information about you:

  • Usage information:
    • We collect information like what you clicked onto our website for, what was that you wanted to learn about and predicting your pattern on our website.

This also includes how many times your browser visits our website and again, knowing what you and many others want to know. This helps to steer our content in the way most people want to see and read.

  • Email registration:

The only real data we keep from this step is your email address. If you sign up for our newsletter, we add your address to a list that stays highly protected from predators. Emails containing our content would then be sent to your mail, without ever compromising your data.

People can always unsubscribe from our newsletter after which, your email address is removed from the server.

  • The data we don’t keep:
  • Your personal information:

We only track your way into our website and how you interact with our services. That ends our watch on your activities. We do not, in any shape or form try to bring out your personal information for our benefit.



Your feedback means the most to us. We value your opinion on our content so that we can improve in the future. Our answer to your feedback requires your email address, which is what we ask for before hit the submit button.
We only use the email address as a medium to thank the user about their concern and answer their questions or clear any misconceptions.



We collect cookies to personalize our content to your liking. The data about your activities on our website is recorded via cookies that you enable from your browser. You can set this setting off at any time, but the content you get isn’t personalized, which leads to an uninterestingunintersting array of content that you don’t need.


Third-Party Advertisers:

We allow ads on our site. And the advertisers also actively collect your data too. The data they collect mainly contains what ads you saw on our website and how they can continue to show those ads if you show any interest.

The practices of these third-party advertisers are not covered in our privacy policy.