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Porinju Veliyatth stock portfolio for Q4 from Latest 13F Filing

Based in India, Porinju Veliyath is primarily an investor and fund manager. He owns and runs a fund management firm called Equity Intelligence India Private Limited where he handles and administers his portfolio and the portfolios of his firm’s investors. Most recently, the Economic Times has dubbed him as a small-cap czar for his company’s excellent market capitalization. 

Portfolio Period:  Q4 – 13F Filing of 2021

Porinju Veliyath Portfolio Value: Rs. 185.6 Cr.

Porinju Veliyath Stock Holdings Portfolio

STOCKValueShares% Change
Somany Home Innovation Ltd.41.6 Cr1,181,000NEW
Orient Bell Ltd.35.9 Cr704,512NEW
RPSG Ventures Ltd.27.3 Cr460,000NEW
Gati Ltd.20.3 Cr1,250,000NEW
Shalimar Paints Ltd.13.9 Cr1,200,000NEW
Swelect Energy Systems Ltd.6.2 Cr170,000NEW
Kaya Ltd.5.7 Cr175,000NEW
Thejo Engineering Ltd.5.5 Cr49,200Filing Awaited
HPL Electric & Power Ltd.5.1 Cr810,000NEW
Praxis Home Retail Ltd.4.1 Cr800,005-12.40%
Cupid Ltd.4.0 Cr170,000NEW
Aurum Proptech Ltd.3.7 Cr300,000NEW
McDowell Holdings Ltd.3.0 Cr345,826NEW
Taneja Aerospace & Aviation Ltd.2.9 Cr268,000NEW
Duroply lndustries Ltd.1.8 Cr200,533NEW
Kerala Ayurveda Ltd.1.8 Cr250,000NEW
Ashok Alco-Chem Ltd.1.5 Cr181,000NEW
Ansal Buildwell Ltd.1.4 Cr150,000NEW

Porinju Veliyath’s 13F filing: 

From Porinju Veliyath’s holdings, it is apparent that he has shares in over a range of different industries but as of September 2021, the biggest percentage of shares goes to Orient Bell Ltd., operating in the diversified consumer services sector, with 4.8%. Followed by Ashok Alco-Chem with 3.9% in the chemicals and petrochemicals market sector.