Nintendo Stock Split in 2023 [What You Need to Know]

There have been one stock split for Nintendo stock (symbol: 7974.T) that took place on September, 29th, 2022.

Nintendo is a multinational Japanese video game company. It was founded in 1889 and gradually grew into a well-established company, with a revenue of 1.695 trillion JPY. In its more than 100 years of history, Nintendo has split stock only once, in 2022.

What is Nintendo’s Stock Split History?

DateRatioCumulative Multiple
29 September 202210:1x10

On 29th September 2022, Nintendo split its stock for the first time in history. The stock split was a 10-for-1 split where stockholders owning one share pre-split, now own 10 shares. If Nintendo’s ten years’ worth of data is evaluated, there are significant growth boosts seen around the time after the stock split took place. Below is a table showcasing Nintendo’s growth of $10,000 without dividends being reinvested. The ending investment is $32,441.79, showing incredible growth.

Why did Nintendo split stock?

Things You Need to Know About Nintendo Stock Split

The primary reason why Nintendo decided to split its stock for the first time is after the economic instability brought on by the pandemic, it is important to attract more investors. With a 10-for-1 split, Nintendo’s stock will become affordable for Japanese investors.

This is especially beneficial as in Japan, the minimum number of shares one can buy is 100 which will now cost less, after the stock split. In addition to that, since Nintendo is a video games company, constantly making advancements in the gaming world with its popular products like the Nintendo Switch, lower stock prices can be appealing to young investors.

What was Nintendo’s stock price before the split?

Just one day before Nintendo shared the news of splitting its stock, it was trading at $413 or 59,700 yen. The next day, after the stock split was announced, Nintendo’s stock price fell to $41.76 or 6,043 yen.


Why is Nintendo stock low?

Despite generating revenue in trillions, the Nintendo company still faces problems as its stock price has been down 15% in the last 12 months. This has been because investors are worried about Nintendo’s slow-paced growth ever since the lockdown ended all over the world.

Where did the Nintendo Stock Split take place?

The final decision to split Nintendo’s stock took place in Japan.

What was the ratio of Nintendo’s stock split?

Some media outlets claim that Nintendo announced a 10-for-1 stock split but only executed a 5-for-1 split to lure new investors without affecting the company’s stability.

Who owns the most stock in Nintendo?

At number one, Pacer Advisors, Inc. own a 0.12% stake in the Nintendo company; the highest number of shares owned.


In terms of stability, a stock split of 10-for-1 is very unlikely to affect a multinational giant like Nintendo. The reason why they chose to do it was for strategic reasons. It decreases the market price of shares and can be an attractive point for young investors, especially because Nintendo’s products are majorly targeting the younger generation.

Emily Baker