Netflix Intrinsic Value 2023 [NFLX Easy DCF Analysis]

Netflix Intrinsic Value

Netflix is a streaming entertainment service company. Its headquarters are located in Los Gatos and it gives streaming=ng memberships in over 190 countries. Customers using Netflix have access to a variety of tv shows, movies, documentaries, and mobile games of various genera and languages. Also, it allows customers to switch on or off the subtitles, just the way they want.

For investors to invest in the shares and other assets of the company, the investors need to know about the correct and accurate intrinsic value of Netflix ( Netflix. Inc). The intrinsic value and other essential information related to Netflix discussed in this article will help investors and other people to know about the current state of the company and how well it is doing. Therefore, knowing Netflix’s intrinsic value, investors will be able to decide on their investments and buy shares.

For calculating the Netflix Intrinsic value, the method which is used is the 2-stage model. In this method there are two different periods of growth rates are used for the cash flow of the company. To start the valuation of the intrinsic value, one needs to estimate the ten years’ cash flows of the company and then calculate the intrinsic value.

Netflix Intrinsic Value for 2023

If we compare Netflix with its competitors like Walt Disney Co, Liberty Media Corp, Warner Music Group Corp, Live Nation Entertainment Inc, and Tencent Music Entertainment Group, etc, the intrinsic value of Netflix is higher than all of its competitors. This high intrinsic value of Netflix is a good sign of opportunity for investors to make investments.

This value of 405.04 intrinsic value of Netflix is calculated based on Discounted Cash Flow (Growth Exit 5Y). In accordance with the current market price of 324.12 USD of Netflix, the Netflix. Inc upside is found to be 25%

DCF (Growth 5y)298.79 - 638.73405.0425.0%
DCF (Growth 10y)398.89 - 814.12529.7563.4%
DCF (EBITDA 5y)408.33 - 538.78489.9151.2%
DCF (EBITDA 10y)510.26 - 709.68622.4792.0%

Netflix Intrinsic Value

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fair price of Netflix?

Today, on 02-05-2023, Netflix’s Peter Lynch Fair Value is $215.95. For today, the ratio of Netflix’s Peter Lynch Fair Value is 1.50. Also, during the last 13 years, Netflix’s Peter Lynch fair value ratio has been found to be 17.67.

What is the analyst rating of Netflix?

The high, medium, and low estimates of the 12-month price forecast that 36 analysts offer are 440.00, 380.00, and 215.00 respectively. The medium value of the estimate shows an increase of about +17.24% from the previous price of $324.12.

Is Netflix stock high risk?

According to the calculations and valuation, Netflix’s volatility is 2.24. The value is 2.52 times more volatile than the NYSE Composite. The 19 equities and portfolios are less risky than Netflix which indicates the risk of Netflix.

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