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Mohnish Pabrai’s Stock Holdings for Q1 from Latest 13F Filing

Mohnish Pabrai is an Indian-American investor. He is also renowned as a philanthropist. He is a well-known businessman having many distinctions. He is also acknowledged as an investor. Pabrai has been working with a celebrated company known as Tellabs which is a global network technology provider.

Portfolio Period: Q3 – 13F Filing of 2023

Mohnish Pabrai’s Portfolio Value$121.27 Million

Mohnish Pabrai’s Stock Holdings

Stock% PortfolioValueSharesChange
MU - Micron Technology Inc79.22%$ 96.07M1.59M-14.44% (-268.68k)
BN - Brookfield Corp20.76%$ 25.18M772.58k8.46% (+60.26k)
SRG - Seritage Growth Pptys0.02%$ 27k3.38k0%
BAM - Brookfield Asset Managmt Ltd0.00%$00-100% (-178.08k)

Mohnish Pabrai Net Worthtop 10 mohnish pabrai holdings

Mohnish Pabrai’s current net worth comes out to be INR 1301.7 crores.

Top Mohnish Pabrai holdings:

Talking about the top two holdings of Mohnish Pabrai’s portfolio, we must know that these holdings belong to the Hedge Fund of Dalal Street LLC. Those top two holdings are given below

Here is a complete list of the top 2 Mohnish Pabrai current Portfolio and holdings:

1) Micron Technology Inc (MU)

Mohnish Pabrai stocks in Micron Technology

This holding has 66.33% of the total 100% of Mohnish Pabrai holdings. It has 1.82M shares in the stock market. This holding has a worth of $136.85M.

Micron Technology Inc. is an American company. This company deals in the production of storage and memory of computers. These memories include random access memory, read-only memory, flash memory, USB flash drives, and other memory devices. The headquarters of this massive firm is present in Boise, Idaho. All these memory products are being given to the market having the name of a brand called Crucial and Ballistix. Micron Technology Inc. has an important place in Dalal Street holdings. It has the number one place in the Mohnish Pabrai current holdings. . The change made by this holding is 0 and the percent change is 0.00%. This change is neglected as the value is zero.

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Mohnish Pabrai first started his investment in the US, after finding out that his investment in the US alone is not bringing out the best. He decided to move his business to other different countries such as India, Turkey, and South Korea. But micron is his only holding that is US-based only. In the start, micron was a low-price company having minimum shares in the stock market. But then after noticing the exact reason for his holding’s decreasing worth, he made some crucial decisions and tripled the worth of Micron Technology. In the start, the shares owned by Pabrai were 1.8 million but at the end of the first quarter, the worth went to $76 million. After the end of the second quarter, the shares went to $450 billion. This was a huge turn point for this holding. It rose 20% for the holding.

2) Seritage Growth Properties (SRG)

This holding has 33.67% of the total 100% of Mohnish Pabrai holdings. It has 4.73M shares in the stock market. This holding has a worth of $ 69.48 million.

  • About SRG

Seritage Growth Properties is an established real estate investment trust company (REIT). It is a finance-based company that works on mutual funding. It is second in the Mohsin Pabrai current portfolio and holdings. Its headquarters is present in the United States. This company was introduced in the year 2015. Some subsidiaries involved with this company are Seritage Src Finance LLC, MS Portfolio LLC, etc. This company is a self-administered and self-managed company. They have numerous properties; some are completely owned by the company and others are unconsolidated. They have a space of a total of 27 million square feet in 40 different states. This company actually works by maximizing the shareholders’ value. They do it by repositioning the company’s portfolio by different methods. They do it by hiring, renting, redeveloping, formation of different partnerships, and other solutions.

Seritage Growth Properties has 33.67% of the 100% portfolio. They have a total of 4.73M shares in the stock market. The worth of this company is $ 69.48M. The change made by the company is 31. But the percentage switch in the company is 0%. This company has an important role in Mohnish Pabrai’s investments. The current price of this company is $16.69 million. This company owns 179 retail properties and 26 million square feet of rented area. The year 2023, marks the best year for the company. Seritage Growth is essential; holding in Mohnish Pabrai stocks portfolio. At the end of the year 2020, the total loss attributed to the company was $35,606. But this loss calculated in March 2021, was $8,945. This shows that the company did well in reducing its loss to a large extent.

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Historical Return of the Company

The philosophy behind the investment is simple, one has to wait for the moment to invest when the stocks are increasing to gain maximum profit. Mohnish Pabrai knows exactly how to seize the perfect moment in the game of stocks to gain the maximum amount. He is praised in different newspapers and social media platforms. Forbes also has some amazing things to say about Mohnish Pabrai.

Forbes says that Mohnish looks for a great company to invest in it. If a company is undervalued even for the slightest amount of 10%, he would not spend his money or time in it and he would prefer to leave. His main concern is on India and other nations that are evolving towards the stock market. Mohnish Pabrai Dalal Street investments have made great profits through their two renowned holdings. Mohnish Pabrai portfolio value is $206,334,000.

Investing in the right companies has surely made Mohnish Pabrai the giant that it is today. The company’s stock portfolio shows that the investments have brought in more than they have lost.  In the last 3 years, the average return made by the hedge fund is +4.42%. It saw +78.04% average returns in the last 12 months. In the last filing, the average return made by the hedge fund was +14.14%. Mohnish Pabrai Portfolio performance increased by +40.27% from the year 2012 to 2023.

Mohnish Pabrai 13F Filing:

The latest Mohnish Pabrai 13F filing has some noticeable changes and values. It has some discretionary assets having a value of $674,500,000 in the year 2023. The latest 13F filing value that was recorded in the year 2023 was $206,334,000. The largest holding Micron Technology having 1,820,322 shares. If we talk about the companies, Micron Technology company’s value in the quarter-end was 75.18% and now it has increased to the value of 93.96%. This is currently reported to the source of 13F. The ownership % of this company is 0.1627%.

 The second holding of Mohnish Pabrai is Seritage Growth Properties. The ownership % of this company is 12.1665 %. The value of the company in the first quarter-end is 14.68% and the recent value of the company is reported to be 19.01%. This surge helps this company a lot. The previous % of this company in the portfolio was 42.68%, but now this value has been decreased to 33.67%.

The hedge fund Dalal Street managed by Mohnish Pabrai is reportedly gaining a lot of fame and success. It has claimed its reputation in the world. The company is well managed. In these trying times, the worth of this company is striving to increase reportedly.

What Mohnish Pabrai do?

This company works globally whether it is private or governmental. Mohnish has worked in its international marketing and sales team. After working in a technology provider company, Mohnish then established his own company known as an IT consulting and system integration company.

He started this company by putting some of his own amount and some by taking debt from his credit card. He spent $10,00,000 to establish his own company and he started working as a manager in that company. After taking out a handsome amount of money from his company, he then decided to sell his company to Kurt Salmon Associates for US$20 million.

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Mohnish Pabrai Achievements:

Moving forward to some of his important achievements, he then decided to establish his own family hedge fund. He founded this hedge fund in 1999. He started working as a managing partner. He named his company “Dalal Streets LLC”.  After working as a successful investor for his hedge fund, he then expanded one of his holdings by tripling the holding of Micron Technology. After investing in Micron Technology, he invested a great amount of 4.12 million shares in Graphtec International. It is a company that focuses on manufacturing electrodes made up of graphite and petroleum coke.

At last, in the year 2023, Pabrai made some very important investments and bought two remarkable companies, one is his renowned holding called Seritage Growth Properties.

He bought this company by buying 4 million shares. After this, he bought Edelweiss Financial Services for Rs 147.75 crore. He has done another amazing thing by writing down his investment techniques and principles in a book. His points of investments have also been listed in some acclaimed articles being circulated in the US. Another achievement is Dakshana Foundation, which he started along with his wife. Their main motive was to remove poverty and illness from India.

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