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Mel Karmazin Net Worth is $59 Million USD

One of the most popular American executives is Mel Karmazin. Unlike other rich men in history who have worked tirelessly in the business community, Mel Karmazin has gained much of his fame via radio and television. He has worked for Metromedia, WBBR, and Infinity Broadcasting. At one point, the CBS Station Group has also been headed by Mr. Karmazin – one time as the chairman, and another as the CEO overlooking its television and radio faculties. He has also served as President and COO of the CBS Corporation in itself.

After Mel Karmazin was done with CBS, he went on to work for Sirius. At Sirius, Mr. Karmazin was successful at striking a deal with Ford and BMW. The deals were a huge stepping stone for the organizations as they granted Sirius’s radio to be played in the automakers’ new cars. He brought Martha Stewert into the company and helped launch their first-ever portable music player. Along with that, he was a part of the team that raised $500 million in debt financing.

Because of his impeccable work ethic and successes during his career, Mel Karmazin has received numerous awards. He has been recognized in the Broadcasting Hall of Fame. Additionally, he has received the National Association of Broadcasters National Radio Award. He is also the gold medal winner of IRTS.

Mel Karmazin Net Worth

Current Net worthPrevious Job TitleCompensation in SIRIUS
$59 Million USDCEO of Sirius Radio$33.4 Million


Mel Karmazin, unlike other rich men in the United States, got his wealth and fame via the radio and its respective networks, instead of being a part of the business community. He has massively contributed to various stations, including CBS and Sirius. Such work has landed him in the Hall of Fame and multiple awards have recognized his work. Due to these successes, Mel Karmazin is one of the richest individuals with a high net worth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Was Mel Karmazin in The Office?

The Office is a TV serial, in which, Mel Karmazin never actually appeared, rather a reference was made to him and his radio-related work in the series. The episode was called “Women’s Appreciation”, which is the 22nd episode of season 3. However, the scene in which the reference took place was later deleted. In the deleted scene, Michael and Jan are talking about the hedcut images. During this, Michael talked about Mel Karmazin’s cartoon and how he was not a funny person.

What is the Mel Karmazin Foundation?

The organization was established and founded by Mel Karmazin. The Mel Karmazin Foundation is a medical research-based organization that primarily focuses its research on autism. Other services of the Foundation are mainly for children and include social services.

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