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Leon Cooperman Stock Portfolio for Q1 from Latest 13F Filing

Leon Cooperman has been a marvel in the world of Wall Street with his Goldman Sachs firm, which specialized in investment baking and investment management. The company pioneered how investments were back in the day which resulted in a fortune for the Cooperman business. Later with his ventures with Omega Advisors and SEC, Leon Cooperman has further multiplied his profits to his portfolio.

Portfolio Period: Q1 – 13F Filing of 2022

Leon Cooperman Portfolio Value:$1.99 Billion

Leon Cooperman Stock Holdings Portfolio

Stock% of
COOP - Mr. Cooper Group Inc.8.88$41.61$176,801,0004,249,000.00
GOOGL - Alphabet Inc.8.73$2897.03$173,822,00060,000.00
ATH - Athene Holding Ltd.6.7$83.33$133,328,0001,600,000.00
DVN - Devon Energy Corp.6.02$44.05$119,881,0002,721,469.00
FISV - Fiserv Inc.5.37$103.79$106,966,0001,030,600.00
CI - CIGNA Corp.5.19$229.63$103,334,000450,000.00
MP - MP Materials Corp.4.88$45.42$97,194,0002,139,900.00
ASH - Ashland Global Holdings Inc.4.72$107.66$93,876,000871,965.00
MSFT - Microsoft Corp.4.15$336.32$82,636,000245,705.00
WSC - WillScot Mobile Mini Hldgs Corp.3.48$40.84$69,385,0001,698,951.00
BHC - Bausch Health3.47$27.61$69,025,0002,500,000.00
CTRA - Coterra Energy Inc.3.05$19.00$60,800,0003,200,000.00
TRN - Trinity Industries2.96$30.20$58,890,0001,950,000.00
ET - Energy Transfer LP2.89$8.23$57,610,0007,000,000.00
CIM - Chimera Investment Corp.2.58$15.08$51,336,0003,404,260.00
VRT - Vertiv Holdings Co.2.51$24.97$49,940,0002,000,000.00
LAD - Lithia Motors Inc. A2.24$296.95$44,543,000150,000.00
GM - General Motors2.21$58.63$43,973,000750,000.00
ABR - Arbor Realty Trust Inc.2.16$18.32$42,918,0002,342,694.00
AMZN - Amazon.com Inc.1.67$3334.30$33,343,00010,000.00
MIR - Mirion Technologies Inc1.58$10.47$31,410,0003,000,000.00
LVS - Las Vegas Sands Corp.1.37$37.64$27,225,000723,300.00
MSI - Motorola Solutions Inc.1.36$271.70$27,170,000100,000.00
NRG - NRG Energy Inc.1.3$43.08$25,848,000600,000.00
PXD - Pioneer Natural Resources1.28$181.88$25,463,000140,000.00
C - Citigroup Inc.1.15$60.39$22,948,000380,000.00
VOO - Vanguard S&P 500 ETF1.12$436.56$22,276,00051,026.00
FOA - Finance Of America Companies Inc.1.01$3.97$20,108,0005,065,000.00
EFC - Ellington Financial LLC0.74$17.09$14,697,000860,000.00
STKL - SunOpta Inc.0.7$6.95$13,900,0002,000,000.00
FCRD - First Eagle Alternative Capital BDC0.49$4.47$9,735,0002,177,810.00
FLMN - Falcon Minerals Corp.0.43$4.87$8,523,0001,750,000.00
GCI - Gannett Co.0.41$5.33$8,235,0001,545,062.00
DISCA - Discovery Inc.0.36$23.54$7,180,000305,000.00
ASPU - Aspen Group Inc.0.29$2.36$5,711,0002,420,000.00
EFA - iShares MSCI EAFE ETF0.29$78.68$5,799,00073,706.00
BBDC - Barings BDC Inc.0.27$11.02$5,296,000480,572.00
VORB - Virgin Orbit Holdings Inc0.25$10.00$5,000,000500,000.00
EPD - Enterprise Products Partners LP0.24$21.96$4,747,000216,150.00
SMTS - Sierra Metals Inc.0.23$1.36$4,673,0003,435,858.00
GAN - Gan Ltd0.21$9.19$4,203,000457,388.00
OCN - Ocwen Financial Corp.0.2$39.97$3,983,00099,641.00
PFSI - PennyMac Financial Services0.18$69.78$3,489,00050,000.00
SRGA - Surgalign Holdings0.12$0.72$2,383,0003,326,000.00
IVW - iShares S&P 500 Growth ETF0.1$83.66$1,942,00023,214.00
IEUR - iShares Core MSCI Europe ETF0.09$58.15$1,728,00029,716.00
ORCC - Owl Rock Capital Corp.0.08$14.16$1,586,000112,000.00
SCHO - Schwab Short-Term U.S. Treasury ETF0.08$50.84$1,553,00030,544.00
DMAC - DiaMedica Therapeutics Inc.0.06$3.73$1,119,000300,000.00
EPP - iShares MSCI Pacific ex-Japan ETF0.04$47.76$793,00016,605.00
EWJ - iShares MSCI Japan ETF0.04$66.98$836,00012,481.00
VGK - Vanguard FTSE Europe ETF0.04$68.24$817,00011,972.00
EWC - iShares MSCI Canada ETF0.02$38.46$482,00012,531.00
URTH - iShares MSCI World ETF0.02$135.18$450,0003,329.00
AES - AES Corp.0$24.44$22,000900.00
VTR - Ventas Inc.0$51.42$69,0001,342.00

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Leon Cooperman’s 13F filing

The 13F filing of the Leon Cooperman portfolio shows the repeating trend of his investments in technological companies. His biggest share goes to Mr. Cooper Group Inc, which is a leading transaction-based financial company. Leon has 9.21% of shares in this firm.

The second-largest share of his portfolio goes into Alphabet Inc. As the technology grows to an unfathomable peak, it becomes obvious people would be interested in being a part of the story. The  Leon Cooperman profiles share 7.72% of the portfolio to GOOGL.

The third-largest share of the portfolio goes to Fiserv Inc, with almost 7.65% of the shares. The list goes on with other technological companies, indicating a primary category for Coopermam’s investment plans.