Kroger Stock Split in 2023 [What You Should Know]

The Kroger Company, introduced in 1888 is an American retail chain with the third highest grossing sales in all of the United States exceeding 100 billion dollars. Kroger is known for its grocery supermarkets and several department stores all across the country.

Kroger Stock Split History

Kroger went under five stock splits since it opened and one share before the first stock split would cost around 32 Kroger shares on the current day. Here is a table showing Kroger’s stock split history:

DateSplitMultipleCulminative Multiple

The first stock split, occurred in 1979 which would mean that if a stock owner bought one share before the stock split priced at $1000 it would multiply to $2000. The stock split would allow the stock to be divided in a ratio of 2:1  and now every owner with one $1000 stock would have $2000 in that manner. Following the list, in 1986 another stock split occurred on 1st October causing the $2000 priced stocks to reach $4000 and so on. In 1997, the stocks split again and raised the stock value even higher. The stocks recorded after the split on 23rd April led to one stock costing $8000.

What Was The Price Before  Kroger Split Its Stock?

Looking back at the stock split from 2015 that occurred on 14th July, each share was valued at $73.23 7 days before the stock split which then resulted in a favorable scenario with a price ratio of 38:73.

How Much Did Kroger Stocks Grow After The Stock Split?

The price, seven days before the stock split was recorded at 73.23, and 76.95 a day before the stock split. There was a change of 5.08% here. A day after the stock split took place, the value dropped to 38.33, and 7 days post-split dropped even further, to 38.36 with a change of 0.08%. The decrease in price per stock value of  -5%.


What will be the price of Kroger stocks in 2025?

By 2025 Kroger stock will be priced at $59.52

Is Kroger good to invest in?

Kroger has a Zacks rank of #1 and an A for value.

Who are Kroger’s largest investors?

Main investors include Blackrock Inc., State stree Global Advisors, and Boston Partners

How high will Kroger stocks reach in 2023?

Kroger currently values at 45.92 from June 2nd, 2023.


The Kruger company of retail supermarkets has had its Stock split around five times. The company split each share on a 2:1 ratio basis with an x2 increase for each share. This resulted in successful investment for anyone who bought their shares in the Kroger company as each of their shares multiplied after the split.