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Kimbal Musk’s Net Worth is $500 Million

With his rising fame and importance in the rapidly advancing world of technology, Elon Musk has almost become a household name. Although the better-known Musk, Elon Musk’s siblings are no less than geniuses themselves.

To cure your thirst for a scoop on this family’s other success stories, we bring to you the highly successful, and dynamic younger brother, Kimbal Musk.

Kimbal Musk’s net worth and salary statistics

Current Net worthJob TitleSource of Wealth
$500 Million USDChef, BusinessmanTesla Inc, The Kitchen Restaurants, Next Door American Eatery

Kimbal Musk Net Worth:

The total net worth of Kimbal Musk comes out to be around $500 million.

Kimbal Musk Source of Wealth:

Tesla Inc., The Kitchen Restaurants, Next Door American Eatery

Current Salary:

$ 20,000 as Tesla’s direction. The rest is unknown.

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About Kimbal Musk:

Kimbal Musk’s age is 48 years. Just like his brother, he has had a successful career spanning over the years, experimenting in different fields, from technology to food! Though not always under the radar of the media like his brother, Kimbal Musk’s biography below reveals that he is no less a star himself! Having dipped his feet in all sorts of startups and ventures, Kimbal Musk net worth is well in the millions. Read below to get to know the younger Musk who is as extraordinary as his brother!

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Source of income

With such a diverse portfolio, it is clear that Kimbal Musk doesn’t have one source of income. Elon Musk’s brother’s net worth is a combination of his multiple business endeavors. But it is his initial investment in his brother’s mastermind, Tesla Inc. that brings him the largest chunk of income.

Where he made most of his money

 According to estimates, Kimbal makes about 20,000 dollars in his role as a director at Tesla Inc. Moreover, he has traded his stocks in Tesla about 47 times since 2011, which amounts to over 19 million dollars! Last year towards the end of August 2020, when Tesla’s shares were estimated at 2,153 dollars per share, Kimbal’s shares were worth 280 million dollars! At the beginning of 2021, with the shares valued at 880 dollars, Kimbal’s stocks were still valued at 503 million dollars. As of now, he still owns 611,740 units in Tesla in the form of stocks.

Other than this, Musk also makes a decent living through his culinary businesses. Though no precise figures are available, the evident success of these restaurants surely points towards a growing bank balance for Musk! 


Kimbal Musk grew up in South Africa to successful parents Errol Musk and Maye Musk. Maye Musk is a famous model and dietician who has appeared on the pages of Covergirl. She is also a motivational speaker. Musk’s father, on the other hand, is an engineer, pilot, and sailor. His parents divorced when he was still young and Kimbal moved in with his mother, who is very close to all her children. Before the Musk brothers came to the limelight, it was Maye Musk who shone under the spotlight of fame as a model for years.

Born on September 20, 1972, Musk grew up surrounded by a lot of cousins in South Africa. He has two siblings, his renowned brother Elon Musk and sister Tosca.

In Pretoria, South Africa, he finished high school. Soon after he moved to Ontario, Canada to be with his brother. There, he enrolled in Queen’s University. From Queen’s, Kimbal studied B. Comm. in Business and graduated in 1995. After graduating and being involved in multiple tech-related business ventures with his brother, Kimbal truly found his passion for cooking and enrolled in the French Culinary School in New York. With such a drastic change in career paths, it is no wonder people are increasingly getting curious about Kimbal Musks networth and his journey to success!


Kimbal Musk Net Worth

Kimbal Musks career hasn’t been a straight road but multiple turns. His talents and expertise can be seen in his experience across tech industries to the food industry. 

His first business was College Pro Painters back in 1994. It was a paint company that provided services to residential buildings. Kimbal was only 18 when he started this company and he made 50,000 dollars in only two years!

  • Zip2 Corp

Soon after, Kimbal Musk, along with brother Elon Musk embarked on another journey into the innovative world of the internet. The Musk brothers started their company called Zip2 Corporations. It provided the contents of New York Times and Chicago Tribune newspapers online in a time where the digital world was still largely untapped. The duo sold the company in 1999 for $307 million to Compaq. But this was just the beginning! The brothers did not stop here and continued investing profitably, which is apparent in Elon Musk’s brother net worth!

Since then, Kimbal Musk has been on a roll. After selling Zip2, Kimbal Must invested in software and technology companies, which were all successful in their own right. Still, it appears, Kimbal Musk wasn’t satisfied with earning all that money. He wanted more. This is when he decided to explore his love for food. Kimbal enrolled himself in the French Culinary School NYC. After graduating from there, he set on a mission to find the perfect location to start his culinary adventure.  Soon after, he fell in love with Colorado.

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  • The Kitchen

Musk met his future business partner Hugo Matheson over here. He had one goal in mind; to create a wholesome healthy but casual dining experience for an average American family. He then went on to open the famous ‘The Kitchen’ in Boulder. The Kitchen Restaurants are a group of community restaurants operating in multiple cities across the United States of America. The locations include Chicago, Denver, and Boulder. Since its inauguration, The Kitchen has attained ravaging reviews from critics. Multiple reviewers such as Gourmet, Food & Wine have declared it America’s Top Restaurant. Apart from being the co-founder of The Kitchen, he has also served as its Chief Executive Officer since 2004.

  • Next Door American Eatery

In 2011, Musk opened another eatery by the name of Next Door American Eatery in Boulder, CO. The restaurant has opened several branches since then and is growing at a fast pace. The theme of this eatery is urban chic but casual dining experience. The restaurants are technologically equipped to fasten the pace of service and improve food quality.

Apart from being an outstandingly talented entrepreneur, Kimbal Musk is also a philanthropist. Musk along with a partner established Big Green, a nonprofit that aims to connect children to natural food and a dynamic environment by creating Garden classrooms in schools all over the United States. The program aims to tie the teachings of a healthy lifestyle, environment, and food with the more conventional subjects such as math, science, etc. The funds for these operations come from The Kitchen restaurants who donate a portion of their sales to keep the non-profit afloat.

  • Square Roots

Another one of Kimbal Musks’ charity ventures is Square Roots. Founded in 2016, this farming company uses technology to grow crops in shipping containers. These shipping containers use technology to control the climate inside the containers which helps avoid water or air contamination. What’s more is that this unconventional way of farming uses 90% less water than the traditional methods!

To increase its outreach, Square Root has partnered with a distribution company, Gordon Food Service. This allows the Square Root yield to reach across 175 retail locations in the USA. The coolest feature of buying Square Root products is the QR code that you can scan and find out all about where your produce was farmed, packaged, and even the name of the farmer! This is a great way to appreciate the process of nature and the farmers who help bring the food to your table!

The aim of the Square Roots is to help with the hunger crisis around the world.

Apart from running his own innovative businesses, Kimbal Musk is also part of Tesla and SpaceX.

The best achievement of his life

With so much success in every field of work he steps in, it’s hard to pin down Kimbal Musk’s best achievement. He has had a successful career in technology and software for agriculture and restaurants. It’s safe to say that the younger Musk brother is an all-rounder! But Kimbal revealed on Reddit, that his involvement in the food business and working towards tackling the issue of poverty and hunger in the world has been his best decision to date.


All in all, Kimbal Musk is a natural-born entrepreneur with an eye for successful businesses. All his businesses have been doing extremely well, as can be seen through Kimbal Musks’ rising networth. Though he started out in the tech industry, Kimbal Musks love for food has stirred a storm in the food industry. His work can bring a significant change in the way food is recognized. His NGO, Big Green is a great way to connect children to nature in a world that is rapidly losing touch with it.

This Musk brother’s story is no less inspiring than his older brother’s. With a rise in start-up culture, Kimbal Musk is an embodiment of resilience and hard work. His professional life is an example for all those starting out that if you have the brains and you put in the work, there is no stopping you! His story is also a lesson for those who feel stuck and might want to change careers. If you have the passion like Kimbal Musk, then there is no stopping you! Stop having your boring job suck the soul out of you and go out and do what you love!

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