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Jon Najarian’s Net Worth is $50 Million USD

Jon Najarian is an upcoming investing phenomenon who has a lot of time at his disposal to become one of the richest in the world. Jon Najarian net worth as of now is about $50 million dollars with his shares in multiple companies.

Jon Najarian’s net worth and salary statistics

Current Net worthSource of Wealth
$50 Million USDTelevision, Trading

A former football player, Jon created a millionaire’s mindset during the unfortunate end of his sports career and promptly started acting to make his millions. Now with his unmistakable personality on screen and smart investments, Jon Najarian just might be the man to top the lists.

Jon Najarian Net Worth:

Jon Najarain Net Worth

The total net worth of Jon Najarian, after taking all his investments and company into consideration, is around $60 million.

Educational background:

Jon Najarian switched a lot of colleges in his early days to somehow make it to the NFL. He had a dream of becoming a professional football player. For that reason, he always used to apply for college football teams while keeping the academic merit secondary. He finally got his degree in art history and design from the college Gustavus Adolphus.

He now with a degree in hand, kept his mind glued to football. During this time, he started applying for NFL training camps. He had plans in his mind that after his breakout career in football, he would then pursue architecture as his primary occupation.

But fate took a turn when he was rejected by the NFL. All his dreams were crushed.

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After an unfortunate end to his football career, he gambled and opted for a career in trading. He started out his first trade in the Chicago Board Options Exchange. After a few successful trades, Jon managed to become a member of this exchange. With multiple partnerships relating to the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), Jon became a full-time floor trader for more than two decades.

  • A jump into the trading market.

After 25 years as a floor trader, he managed to open up his own company called The Mercury Trading. He associated this company with CBOE and continued his venture for a few years ahead. Later he sold that company in 2004 to Citadel which happened to be one of the most important hedge funds at the time.

He then found optionMONSTER and tradeMONSTER, two trading and investment insight companies that saw the major impact on the overall business. He then in 2014, made a joint association with people at General Atlantic Partners. This partnership enabled Jon to ultimately sell them to E*Trade for about 750 million dollars in September of 2016.

  • Cryptocurrency

Jon has also been active with all the cryptocurrency hype that has been going on for the last 7 or 8 years. He co-founded Investitute which as the name implies, is an educational firm that gives out education about everything cryptocurrency.

Keeping his ventures in cryptocurrency, he is also a board member of the Etheralabs. It’s a company that invests and builds frameworks in the blockchain ecosystem.

Lastly, he is a founder of his own company named Najarian Family Office, which is a finance management firm that consults for endowments and pensions. 

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How does Jon generate his money?

Jon Najarain Holdings in CBOE

Jon Najarian salary is made most of his money by investing and trading. He still remains a member of the Chicago Board of Trade. He makes his money through his various ventures as mentioned above. Even though most of his personal life is unknown, his investments and options have made him a trading phenomenon.

When he’s not trading, he makes his money by being proactive in his 6 companies. All six of the companies operate in the finance world.

He also lives a TV personality by being a broadcaster for CNBC’s to Fast Money, Squawk Box, and Power Lunch. How much does CNBC pay Jon Najarian? No one knows for sure but considering he’s a very notable personality of the channel, he might be generously paid.


Being a very proactive investor and contributor to the world of finance, it’s safe to presume that Jon Najarian is only going to grow further into the market. His personality on the TV helps him to be not only an inspiration to thousands of people but also makes him a figure that people look up to for investing their money. This is where his books on IQ options and investments shine.

A lesson we can take from Jon Najarian’s life is that success is not a straight path and that it takes time to come to the spotlight.

Even though Jon is far from being the richest in the world, his work and investments just might take them there.

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