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Joel Greenblatt Stock Holdings for Q1 from Latest 13F Filing

Joel Greenblatt is an accomplished author and a hedge fund manager who currently runs his investing company Gotham Funds. Throughout his career, he has claimed lots of success in the stock market, with his decisions making him fortunes and quickly making a billionaire.

With this success, he came up with multiple books on investing where he shared his knowledge and tactics to nail the game of the stock market. All of his books have been heavily regarded as gold in the investment niche.

Portfolio Period: Q1 – 13F Filing of 2023

Joel Greenblatt Portfolio Value: $4.12 Billion.

Joel Greenblatt Stock Holdings Portfolio Q1 2023:

Stock% PortfolioValueSharesChange
GSPY - Tidal Etf Tr6.53%$ 269.56M12.01M0% (-441)
SPY - Spdr S&p 500 Etf Tr6.28%$ 259M632.65k21.77% (+113.11k)
IVV - Ishares Tr1.66%$ 68.63M166.95k0.23% (+376)
SNOW - Snowflake Inc1.46%$ 60.32M390.97k-0.54% (-2.12k)
MSFT - Microsoft Corp1.34%$ 55.32M191.89k-8% (-16.68k)
GVLU - Tidal Etf Tr1.30%$ 53.83M2.85M1932.14% (+2.71M)
AAPL - Apple Inc1.22%$ 50.47M306.06k-15% (-54.01k)
GOOGL - Alphabet Inc1.02%$ 41.95M404.37k-6.34% (-27.39k)
IEMG - Ishares Inc0.79%$ 32.53M666.69k26.08% (+137.91k)
AMZN - Amazon Com Inc0.72%$ 29.86M289.05k-8.79% (-27.86k)
BRKB - Berkshire Hathaway Inc Del0.67%$ 27.49M89.02k-10.77% (-10.74k)
META - Meta Platforms Inc0.62%$ 25.64M120.99k-23.16% (-36.48k)
XOM - Exxon Mobil Corp0.48%$ 19.92M181.62k29.22% (+41.07k)
BND - Vanguard Bd Index Fds0.46%$ 19.10M258.65kNEW (+258.65k)
PFE - Pfizer Inc0.45%$ 18.49M453.22k68.68% (+184.53k)
MRK - Merck & Co Inc0.44%$ 18.24M171.44k-2.11% (-3.69k)
JNJ - Johnson & Johnson0.44%$ 18.03M116.34k27.57% (+25.14k)
CSCO - Cisco Sys Inc0.43%$ 17.85M341.48k-3.15% (-11.09k)
AVGO - Broadcom Inc0.41%$ 17.10M26.65k64.47% (+10.45k)
DD - Dupont De Nemours Inc0.39%$ 16M222.92k632.34% (+192.48k)
CAT - Caterpillar Inc0.39%$ 15.96M69.76k99.38% (+34.77k)
LRCX - Lam Research Corp0.36%$ 14.69M27.71k-25.24% (-9.35k)
WMT - Walmart Inc0.36%$ 14.68M99.58k3.29% (+3.17k)
CMCSA - Comcast Corp New0.33%$ 13.80M364.07k-3.11% (-11.67k)
NFLX - Netflix Inc0.33%$ 13.80M39.94k-0.24% (-95)
CVX - Chevron Corp New0.33%$ 13.41M82.22k7.23% (+5.54k)
CEG - Constellation Energy Corp0.32%$ 13.36M170.13k26.14% (+35.25k)
ADBE - Adobe Systems Incorporated0.32%$ 13.26M34.42k-2.15% (-758)
CVS - Cvs Health Corp0.32%$ 13.10M176.30k75.24% (+75.69k)
PG - Procter And Gamble Co0.31%$ 12.84M86.38k6.58% (+5.33k)
COP - Conocophillips0.31%$ 12.62M127.19k34.6% (+32.70k)
T - At&t Inc0.30%$ 12.57M652.99k15.83% (+89.26k)
CRM - Salesforce Inc0.30%$ 12.38M61.98k-44.2% (-49.09k)
IEFA - Ishares Tr0.30%$ 12.22M182.87k6.6% (+11.32k)
NVDA - Nvidia Corporation0.30%$ 12.22M43.98k7.56% (+3.09k)
HLT - Hilton Worldwide Hldgs Inc0.29%$ 12.02M85.33k33.31% (+21.32k)
NOW - Servicenow Inc0.29%$ 11.83M25.45k-8.39% (-2.33k)
KMB - Kimberly-clark Corp0.29%$ 11.82M88.10k75.93% (+38.02k)
MRNA - Moderna Inc0.29%$ 11.78M76.71k-4.76% (-3.83k)
AMAT - Applied Matls Inc0.28%$ 11.53M93.83k-2.97% (-2.87k)
KDP - Keurig Dr Pepper Inc0.28%$ 11.47M325.18k143.61% (+191.70k)
ON - On Semiconductor Corp0.27%$ 11.23M136.40k-27.4% (-51.48k)
GM - General Mtrs Co0.27%$ 11M299.98k-25.69% (-103.71k)
CNC - Centene Corp Del0.26%$ 10.88M172.10k109.42% (+89.92k)
MPC - Marathon Pete Corp0.26%$ 10.84M80.42k-18.97% (-18.83k)
IT - Gartner Inc0.26%$ 10.83M33.26k210.21% (+22.54k)
NXPI - Nxp Semiconductors N V0.26%$ 10.75M57.66k-22.67% (-16.90k)
SWKS - Skyworks Solutions Inc0.25%$ 10.39M88.08k116.72% (+47.44k)
EXC - Exelon Corp0.25%$ 10.37M247.63k9.55% (+21.59k)
TPR - Tapestry Inc0.25%$ 10.35M240.09k29.35% (+54.48k)
GEHC - Ge Healthcare Technologies I0.25%$ 10.33M125.97kNEW (+125.97k)
LMT - Lockheed Martin Corp0.25%$ 10.20M21.59k-32.12% (-10.21k)
AXON - Axon Enterprise Inc0.25%$ 10.15M45.15k138.49% (+26.22k)

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Joel Greenblatt’s 13F filing:

Even though most of the finances of Joel Greenblatt include manufacturing, the biggest shares of his are held by the leading tech companies right now. The biggest share goes to Microsoft, coming with a 2.3% of the hold, with Google coming second holding 1.8% of the shares.

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Other tech companies include Apple and Facebook. Leading e-commerce companies like Amazon and Walmart are also seen. Even though his portfolio graphs show that he’s doing better than before, his selling ratio is much higher than buying, which could indicate a change in tactics for Joel Greenblatt.

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