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Jim Simon’s Stock Holdings for Q1 from Latest 13F Filing

From being a world-class mathematician at MIT to becoming the most prolific quant hedge persona to date, Jim Simons has had an interesting portfolio to look at. Spending his early years pursuing mathematics, it was later in his life that he switched to hedge funds with his company. At the age of 44, he opened up Renaissance Technologies or “RenTech”. So, here are his investments seen as Renaissance Technologies Portfolio.

Serving as the CEO from 1982 to 2010, Jim Simons made fortunes investing and doing hedge funds. He is currently a non-executive chair of the company.

Portfolio Period: Q1 – 13F Filing of 2022

Jim Simons Portfolio Value: $80.37Billion

Jim Simons Stock Holdings Portfolio

StockCompany NameStock% of PortfolioValue% ChangeShares
NVONovo-nordisk A-sNVO - Novo-nordisk A-s2.66%$ 2.14B-11.66%19.12M
TEAMAtlassian Corp PlcTEAM - Atlassian Corp Plc1.38%$ 1.11B-8.67%2.90M
VRSNVerisign IncVRSN - Verisign Inc1.31%$ 1.05B-10.21%4.15M
KRKroger CoKR - Kroger Co0.99%$ 798.85M-4.96%17.65M
TSLATesla Mtrs IncTSLA - Tesla Mtrs Inc0.98%$ 785.69M-8.66%743.48k
MSFTMicrosoft CorpMSFT - Microsoft Corp0.98%$ 785.78M-21.15%2.34M
ZMZoom Video Communications In Cl AZM - Zoom Video Communications In Cl A0.92%$ 736.56M24.54%4.01M
GILDGilead Sciences IncGILD - Gilead Sciences Inc0.82%$ 659.45M65.10%9.08M
UTHRUnited Therapeutics CorpUTHR - United Therapeutics Corp0.78%$ 630.35M-3.68%2.92M
MNSTMonster Beverage Corp NewMNST - Monster Beverage Corp New0.78%$ 623.93M-6.05%6.50M
HSYHershey CoHSY - Hershey Co0.77%$ 616.05M-2.47%3.18M
MOHMolina Healthcare IncMOH - Molina Healthcare Inc0.76%$ 607.95M-6.65%1.91M
GOOGLAlphabet IncGOOGL - Alphabet Inc0.76%$ 607.36M6.67%209.65k
ABNBAirbnb Inc Com Cl AABNB - Airbnb Inc Com Cl A0.74%$ 597.36M29.33%3.59M
KOCoca Cola CoKO - Coca Cola Co0.72%$ 581.15M13.79%9.82M
FNVFranco Nevada CorpFNV - Franco Nevada Corp0.71%$ 570.16M-8.75%4.12M
RBLXRoblox Corp Cl ARBLX - Roblox Corp Cl A0.69%$ 557.01M131594.90%5.40M
DPZDominos Pizza IncDPZ - Dominos Pizza Inc0.67%$ 539.43M-27.99%955.88k
JPMJpmorgan Chase & CoJPM - Jpmorgan Chase & Co0.66%$ 529.12M1543.74%3.34M
ABMDAbiomed IncABMD - Abiomed Inc0.65%$ 521.26M-7.19%1.45M
AMZNAmazon Com IncAMZN - Amazon Com Inc0.61%$ 492.33MNEW147.66k
AAPLApple IncAAPL - Apple Inc0.59%$ 474.42M114.75%2.67M
MCDMcdonalds CorpMCD - Mcdonalds Corp0.58%$ 470.46M99.68%1.75M
MRNAModerna Inc ComMRNA - Moderna Inc Com0.58%$ 465.73M-8.30%1.83M
GOOGAlphabet IncGOOG - Alphabet Inc0.58%$ 465.25M30.21%160.78k
TAt&t IncT - At&t Inc0.57%$ 460.84M3382.06%18.73M
GSKGlaxo Smithkline Sponsored AdrGSK - Glaxo Smithkline Sponsored Adr0.56%$ 450.94M8.61%10.23M
ICLRIcon PlcICLR - Icon Plc0.55%$ 439.08M-8.80%1.42M
BRKABerkshire Hathaway Inc Cl ABRKA - Berkshire Hathaway Inc Cl A0.52%$ 414.61M129.43%920
VODVodafone Group Spons AdrVOD - Vodafone Group Spons Adr0.48%$ 388.94M-8.84%26.05M
XOMExxon Mobil CorpXOM - Exxon Mobil Corp0.48%$ 386.31M134.34%6.31M
TGTTarget CorpTGT - Target Corp0.48%$ 383.43M-46.31%1.66M
CVXChevron CorpCVX - Chevron Corp0.47%$ 381.85M28.93%3.25M
MUMicron Technology IncMU - Micron Technology Inc0.47%$ 378.75M148.73%4.07M
MDTMedtronic PlcMDT - Medtronic Plc0.46%$ 369.79M680.74%3.57M
FTNTFortinet IncFTNT - Fortinet Inc0.45%$ 364M-4.44%1.01M
VRTXVertex Pharmaceuticals IncVRTX - Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc0.45%$ 357.26M-13.99%1.63M
NGGNational Grid Plc Sponsored Adr NeNGG - National Grid Plc Sponsored Adr Ne0.44%$ 355.85M-4.65%4.93M
HLFHerbalife LtdHLF - Herbalife Ltd0.43%$ 343.59M-4.05%8.39M
AZNAstrazeneca PlcAZN - Astrazeneca Plc0.42%$ 338.95M-15.48%5.82M
COINCoinbase Global Inc Com Cl ACOIN - Coinbase Global Inc Com Cl A0.42%$ 337.75MNEW1.34M
INCYIncyte CorpINCY - Incyte Corp0.42%$ 336.96M4.07%4.59M
FFIVF5 Networks IncFFIV - F5 Networks Inc0.41%$ 333.06M-11.50%1.36M
NVSNovartis Ag Sp AdrNVS - Novartis Ag Sp Adr0.41%$ 326.05M12.71%3.73M
TXNTexas Instruments IncTXN - Texas Instruments Inc0.40%$ 321.15M360.29%1.70M
BMYBristol-myers Squibb CoBMY - Bristol-myers Squibb Co0.39%$ 314.29M-29.21%5.04M
EXELExelixis IncEXEL - Exelixis Inc0.39%$ 312.60M-2.55%17.10M
VZVerizon Communications IncVZ - Verizon Communications Inc0.38%$ 303.88M244.72%5.85M
CBOECboe Hldgs IncCBOE - Cboe Hldgs Inc0.38%$ 301.33M-5.85%2.31M
GISGeneral Mls IncGIS - General Mls Inc0.36%$ 289.75M0.69%4.30M
CCitigroup IncC - Citigroup Inc0.35%$ 282.26MNEW4.67M
BRKBBerkshire Hathaway Inc Cl BBRKB - Berkshire Hathaway Inc Cl B0.35%$ 281.45M545.98%941.30k
ABBVAbbvie IncABBV - Abbvie Inc0.35%$ 278.05M-0.84%2.05M

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Jim Simons 13F filing:

Looking at the Q1 2022 for Jim Simons, it seems evident that Jim’s main focus stays on the evergrowing industries of the world today: medicine and technology. Jim Simons shares 2.9% of his portfolio at Novo Nordisk, which is a leading medicinal company. After that comes Atlassian Corporation Plc, a software publishing company that holds 1.3% of its portfolio.

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The trend of his shares in these two fields tends to be the same like Zoom, Roku, Fortinet, Tesla, and United Therapeutics There are some orthodox shares like Target Corp, Dominos Pizza, Chipotle, and other miscellaneous companies.