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JB Straubel’s Net Worth is $230 Million USD

Jeffrey Brian Straubel, more popularly known as JB Straubel, is the co-founder of Tesla Motors and the former Chief Executive Officer of it too. Therefore, in 2019, he took an advisory placement in the company. Such strong placements made him a strong businessman of the States. His duties at Tesla included supervising technical and engineering designs, and newer technology evaluations.

Moreover, in 2017, he established Redwood Materials where he focused on recycling lithium-ion batteries and e-waste. JB Straubel has won many awards in his lifetime, one of them is the esteemed ‘MotorTrend Car of the Year’ award in 2012. 

JB Straubel’s Net Worth and Salary Statistics: 

Current Net worthJob TitleCurrent SalarySource of Wealth
$230 Million USDCo-founder & CEO at Redwood Materials, President at Straubel Foundation$11,700,000Redwood Materials & Straubel Foundation

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Tesla Motors has been reported to suffer a lot since the time of JB Straubel’s departure, which clearly goes to show the high reputation and worth of Straubel. Besides huge contributions to Tesla, he has proved himself in numerous other companies as well, and therefore, he deserves to be applauded for it. 

Emily Baker