ISRG Stock Split in 2023 [Things You Need to Know]

There have been three stock splits for Intuitive Surgical stock (symbol: ISRG). The most recent stock split for Intuitive Surgical took place on October 5th, 2021.

When an enterprise like Intuitive Surgical undergoes a stock split, the stock prices do not fluctuate. Rather, there is only a modification in the number of shares a person can hold at a time. In other words, you will only have a different count of shares post-stock split when your shares are affiliated with Intuitive Surgical.

The prices will be cut down as a single shareholder now owns more shares. This beguiles more investors to buy the shares. If there are plentiful investors willing to buy the shares, it will skyrocket the share prices, and the total market capitalization will increase after the split is implemented.

ISRG Stock Split History

DateRatioCumulative Multiple
06 June 202220:1x240
02 September 19992:1x12
05 January 19993:1x6
02 June 19982:1x2

What You Need to Know About ISRG Stock Split

The firm underwent three stock splits in the history of ISRG stock split. On January 07, 2003, the company announced its first-ever stock split, which divided 0.5 shares per shareholder. The firm witnessed its second stock split on October 06, 2017. The company’s second stock split was a 2-for-1 ratio which means that for each share a person beholds, they will get an extra share.

The firm then kept the momentum going and came back with another stock split after five years. The third stock split was practically executed on October 05, 2021. It was a 3-for-1 stock split that enabled a shareholder to own two extra shares when they already had one.

What are the Impacts of Stock Splits on ISRG?

Things to Know About ISRG Stock Split

A day before the stock split was brought to action in 2021, the stock prices were trading at 1009.5, while a week after the stock split, the share prices were 331.5, which was initially 338.34 per share. At the same time, the stock prices at the second event of the stock split went from 1084.9 to 354.99 per share.

Both events were executed when the stock prices were approaching $1000. The stock prices on October 06, 2017, were $1084, but it was nearly approaching $1000 on October 05, 2021, when the stock prices were $990.

Is ISRG Stock Split Good?

The prime objective of the split is to encourage small investors to purchase the shares. As the shares per person increase, the price per share decreases, which makes the share prices affordable for small investors who are generally hesitant to touch expensive stocks.

Resultantly, the stock performance in the international market is enhanced, and the company encounters significant yearly gains. In this case, ISRG engrossed massive gains after the last two split events.


When was the last stock split for ISRG?

The company underwent a stock split recently in 2021. The split was practically executed on October 5, 2021, in a 3-for-1 ratio.

How many times has Intuitive Surgical stock split?

Intuitive Surgical has witnessed three stock split events in the past 20 years.

Is Intuitive Surgical going to split?

Intuitive Surgical recently split its stock to 3 for one ratio, which enabled a single shareholder to own three shares at the same time. So, there are rare chances of a further stock split.