IBM Stock Split in 2023 [What You Should Know]

International business machines,  better known as IBM is a global technology company based in the United States. The company was founded in 1911 under the name of Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (CTR) and is currently one of the biggest IT companies in the world with operation centers in more than 170 countries. In 1924, CTR was renamed IBM, as it is known now

What is IBM’s Stock Split History?

Since being established, IBM has split its stock 5 times. The stock was split in the ratio of 5:4 in 1973 after which it was split 4:1 only six years later in 1979. The third stock split took place in 1997, in the ratio of 2:1, and only two years later (1999), the stock was split again in the same ratio (2:1). The fifth stock split, in 2021 was 1046 for 1000 split. Below is a table of IBM’s stock split history:


Why did IBM split stock?

In 1999 particularly, the IBM corporation hoped that a stock split would reduce the price per share of their stock due to the increase in the volume of shares. This reason was not just applicable to the split in 1999 but in all the years a stock split happened at IBM. IBM’s main aim regarding a stock split was to attract a broad range of investors in buying their stock, specifically targeted at individual investors.

IBM Stock Split

What was IBM’s performance in Q1 of 2023?

From January to March, the first quarter of 2023, IBM earned a current revenue of $14.3bn. The revenue indicates that IBM is moving towards steady growth, especially in the software and consulting departments. The software and consulting areas of the company lead the Q! Revenue of IBM by contributing an average of 75% to the total revenue earned.


What is the financial performance of IBM?

In 2021, IBM generated a revenue of $57.35B, while in 2022, the revenue was $60.53B. This was a 5.4% increase from 2021. In 2023, IBM made a revenue of $60.58B which is 3.81% more than what they earned in 2022. Thus, IBM’s financial performance seems to be increasing every year.

Who owns the majority of IBM?

IBM has more than one shareholder that owns the majority of its shares. They are Arvind Krishna, Michelle H. Browdy, State Street Corp, and more.

Is IBM profitable?

Due to its steady increase in revenue every year, IBM has majorly expanded its profit margins.

Is IBM stock a “buy” or “hold”?

According to Wall Street analysts, IBM stock is voted “Hold”.


Overall, IBM is in an adequate financial position and is expecting growth with increasing profits every year. But since the company operates in a rapidly advancing industry, they need their products to keep up to stay relevant in the long run.