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George Soros’ Stock Holdings for Q1 from Latest 13F Filing

George Soros was born in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. His name is written among some of the best American investors. Philanthropy is another trait of his being praised. He is a billionaire and spends a huge part of his income on donations.

Portfolio Period: Q1 – Latest 13f Filing of 2022

George Soros’ Portfolio Value: $6.77 Billion

George Soros’s Stock Holdings

StockCompany NameStock% of PortfolioValue% ChangeShares
RIVNRivian Automotive Inc Com Cl ARIVN - Rivian Automotive Inc Com Cl A30.37%$ 2.06BNEW19.84M
LBRDKLiberty Broadband - Ser CLBRDK - Liberty Broadband - Ser C7.73%$ 523.56M-16.71%3.25M
DHID R Horton IncDHI - D R Horton Inc5.81%$ 393.54M-16.05%3.63M
INFOIhs Markit LtdINFO - Ihs Markit Ltd5.79%$ 391.91M20.72%2.95M
AMZNAmazon Com IncAMZN - Amazon Com Inc3.66%$ 248.08M-19.10%74.40k
ARMKAramarkARMK - Aramark2.94%$ 199.05M75.74%5.40M
NUANNuance Communications IncNUAN - Nuance Communications Inc2.33%$ 157.69M0.09%2.85M
CERNCerner CorpCERN - Cerner Corp1.60%$ 108.66MNEW1.17M
GOOGLAlphabet IncGOOGL - Alphabet Inc1.57%$ 106.36M-38.28%36.72k
BOWLBowlero Corp Cl A ComBOWL - Bowlero Corp Cl A Com1.25%$ 84.60MNEW9.40M
LQDIshares Iboxx $ Investment Grade Corporate Bond EtfLQD - Ishares Iboxx $ Investment Grade Corporate Bond Etf1.14%$ 77.18M0%582.37k
PTRAProterra Inc ComPTRA - Proterra Inc Com1.04%$ 70.42M2.84%7.97M
MGPMgm Growth Pptys LlcMGP - Mgm Growth Pptys Llc1.04%$ 70.34M76.25%1.72M
ATVIActivision Blizzard IncATVI - Activision Blizzard Inc1.00%$ 67.44M-27.60%1.01M
ELANElanco Animal Health Inc ComELAN - Elanco Animal Health Inc Com0.92%$ 62.34M33.14%2.20M
CSJIshares 1-3 Year Credit Bond EtfCSJ - Ishares 1-3 Year Credit Bond Etf0.89%$ 59.97M0%1.11M
GMGeneral Motors CoGM - General Motors Co0.74%$ 50.42M8.18%860k
FIGSFigs Inc Cl AFIGS - Figs Inc Cl A0.73%$ 49.66M-42.33%1.80M
OPENOpendoor Technologies Inc ComOPEN - Opendoor Technologies Inc Com0.69%$ 46.82M139.20%3.20M
INDIIndie Semiconductor Inc Class A ComINDI - Indie Semiconductor Inc Class A Com0.62%$ 41.97M40%3.50M
CRMSalesforce.comCRM - Salesforce.com0.59%$ 39.91M41.48%157.05k
FOCSFocus Finl Partners Inc Com Cl AFOCS - Focus Finl Partners Inc Com Cl A0.54%$ 36.76M-19.68%615.61k
ADIAnalog Devices IncADI - Analog Devices Inc0.54%$ 36.63M-16.94%208.40k
SCPBSpdr Bloomberg Barclays Short Term Corporate Bond EtfSCPB - Spdr Bloomberg Barclays Short Term Corporate Bond Etf0.51%$ 34.47M0%1.11M
TMUST-mobile Us IncTMUS - T-mobile Us Inc0.50%$ 33.69M-46.26%290.47k
LPLALpl Finl Hldgs IncLPLA - Lpl Finl Hldgs Inc0.49%$ 32.89M0%205.43k
ALLYAlly Finl Inc ComALLY - Ally Finl Inc Com0.49%$ 32.89M14.12%690.91k
MUBIshares National Muni Bond EtfMUB - Ishares National Muni Bond Etf0.41%$ 28.07M0%241.40k
APTVAptiv Plc ShsAPTV - Aptiv Plc Shs0.38%$ 25.84M64.27%156.65k
UBERUber Technologies Inc ComUBER - Uber Technologies Inc Com0.33%$ 22.19M557.51%529.30k
QCOMQualcomm IncQCOM - Qualcomm Inc0.31%$ 21.11M23.55%115.42k
ACNAccenture Plc Cl AACN - Accenture Plc Cl A0.31%$ 20.93M-33.11%50.50k
CZRCaesars Entertainment Inc Ne ComCZR - Caesars Entertainment Inc Ne Com0.29%$ 19.37M37.05%207.15k
NKENike Inc-class BNKE - Nike Inc-class B0.27%$ 18.33M52.78%110k
MQMarqeta Inc Class A ComMQ - Marqeta Inc Class A Com0.26%$ 17.57M-74.42%1.02M
EXPEagle Materials IncEXP - Eagle Materials Inc0.26%$ 17.39M-19.62%104.50k
OMFOmfOMF - Omf0.24%$ 16.56M-0.25%330.93k
DISDisney Walt CoDIS - Disney Walt Co0.24%$ 16.25M-57.17%104.93k
WRBYWarby Parker Inc Cl A ComWRBY - Warby Parker Inc Cl A Com0.23%$ 15.28MNEW328.22k
ASOAcademy Sports & Outdoors In ComASO - Academy Sports & Outdoors In Com0.22%$ 15.08M-21.65%343.50k
TDGTransdigm Group IncTDG - Transdigm Group Inc0.22%$ 14.95MNEW23.50k
HAINHain Celestial Group IncHAIN - Hain Celestial Group Inc0.21%$ 14.56M-72.07%341.67k
BGCPBgc Partners IncBGCP - Bgc Partners Inc0.21%$ 14.49M0%3.12M
DIDIDidi Global Inc Sponsored AdsDIDI - Didi Global Inc Sponsored Ads0.20%$ 13.53M0%2.72M
PTONPeloton Interactive Inc Cl A ComPTON - Peloton Interactive Inc Cl A Com0.20%$ 13.34MNEW373.08k
TSMTaiwan Semiconductor Mfg LtdTSM - Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg Ltd0.19%$ 13.05M442.50%108.50k
RDSBRoyal Dutch Shell Plc Sp Adr BRDSB - Royal Dutch Shell Plc Sp Adr B0.19%$ 13.01MNEW300k
TPBATpb Acquisition Corp I Com Cl ATPBA - Tpb Acquisition Corp I Com Cl A0.19%$ 12.86MNEW1.31M
INTUIntuitINTU - Intuit0.18%$ 11.98M67.04%18.63k
AURAurora Innovation Inc Class A ComAUR - Aurora Innovation Inc Class A Com0.17%$ 11.26MNEW1M
EQHEquitable Hldgs Inc ComEQH - Equitable Hldgs Inc Com0.16%$ 10.79M0%329.05k
LADLithia Mtrs Inc Cl ALAD - Lithia Mtrs Inc Cl A0.16%$ 10.56M-30.36%35.55k
HTZHertz Global Hldgs Inc Com NewHTZ - Hertz Global Hldgs Inc Com New0.15%$ 10MNEW400k

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George Soros net worth:

george soros top stock holdings

The net worth of George Soros comes out to be $8.6 billion, as reported by Forbes.

George Soros current profession:

George Soros is currently retired and mostly spends his time profiting and advising on investments and hedge funds.

Top 10 George Soros holdings

1. Liberty Broadband – Ser C (LBRDK):

george soros stocks in liberty broadband

In the top 10 George Soros portfolio holdings, Liberty Broadband holds 16.62% of the total 100% of his portfolio. The shares held by it are 5.28M. The worth of this company in the stock market is $836.47M.

  • About LBRDK:

In the Soros fund management holdings, Liberty Broadband – Ser C holds the number one value. Liberty Broadband Corporation is a communication business. It works by connecting the world by providing numerous communication subsidiaries. It operates Skyhook and GCI.  GCI is working as the biggest communicating subsidiary. It provides communication by providing wireless phone calls, video calls without any limitation of location and range. It provides various other services including data and other supervised services.

2. Palantir Technologies Inc Cl A (PLTR):

The percentage held by it in the portfolio is 8.64%. Its shares in the stock market are 18.56M. Its net worth is $ 434.68M.

  • About PLTR:

Palantir Technologies Inc. is an American-based company. It deals with software manufacturing and data analysis. The headquarter of this company is based in Denver Colorado. This company works on a lot of projects. Its main projects are three; one is called Palantir Gotham. It works for investigating fraud cases and other terrorism information and attacks. This works in different agencies in the United States. The second project is called Palantir Metropolis. Palantir Metropolis works for different hedge funds and other financial issues. This is a business-related project. The third project is known as Palantir Foundry. This project works for automobile dealings and clients such as Morgan Stanley etc.

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3. Invesco QQQ Trust, Series 1 (QQQ):

The % held by this company in the George Soros stock investments is 7.03%. The shares of this company in the stock market are $1.13M.

  • About QQQ:

Invesco Power Shares is a renowned investment management fund. It is headquartered in Chicago. This company works as an exchange trade company. It is an investing company; it trades widely all over the world. This company invests in different stocks present in the market and gains maximum profits from it. The net worth of this company is $ 353.86M. The change made by this company is 0%. These values are reported from the hedge fund by the end of the year 2020.

4. QuantumScape Corp Com

The % held by this company in the holdings is 5.56%. The shares possessed by this company are $3.32M.

  • About QuantomScope:

QuantumScape is an American company that deals in the manufacturing of products made from lithium and other metals. They make batteries that are useful in the smooth running of electric cars. The headquarter of this company is present in San Jose, California. This company has numerous other investors; Bill Gates is one of them. The batteries made by lithium that are present in their solid states are very useful to be used in electric cars. These shares are large in number as compared to Invesco.

The net worth of this company is $ 279.96M. This company has also made a positive change in the stock market. The change made by it is in millions; recorded as 3.23M. While the % change made by this company is new. All this information is recorded and updated in George Soros hedge fund at the year-end of 2020.

5. D R Horton Inc (DHI)

The % held by this company in the portfolio is 5.07%. This company occupies 3.70M shares in the stocks. The value of this company is $ 255.27M.

  • About DHI:

D.R. Horton Inc. is an American-based company. It is a construction company, based in Arlington, Texas. This company is technically a homebuilder working effectively in the whole United States. In the United States, this company is very famous as it is ranked 194 out of 500 largest companies working in the United States. This ranking is based on the revenues earned by the company. The market owned by this company is 90 and these markets are spread in 29 different states of the United States. The change made by this company is positive to a large extent. The change made by this company is 649.90K. While the % change made by this company is 21.28%. This change is relatively very large if we compare it with the previous holdings. All this information was recorded at the end of the year 2020.

6. iShares iBoxx $ Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF (LQD)

The % hold by this company in the Soros holding is 4.35%. Shares held by this company are $1.59M.

  • About LQD:

iShares is a company based in the United States that works by exchange-traded funds collectively called an ETF. This company works by tracking various stocks and different market values. This company manages numerous stock exchange funds. Some of them include; London stock exchange, American stock exchange, etc. They manage their stock values and guide them where and when to invest.  The value of this company calculated is $ 219.09M. The net change made by this company is 245K. While the % change made by this company is 18.27%. All this information is recorded in the year 2020.

7. iShares MSCI Emerging Index Fund (EEM)

The % held by this holding in the George Soros hedge fund holdings is 2.58%. This company holds shares of 2.51M in the stock market.

  • About EEM:

iShares MSCI Emerging Index Fund is a company that works by tracking the investments made by several exchange-traded funds. The investments recorded by this company can be large or mid-capitalized. This company works for numerous companies regardless of their status. It works and tracks large as well as mid-sized companies that are currently developing in the stock market. It provides easy access to more than eight hundred market stock companies that are currently emerging. The value of this company is recorded as $ 129.81M. The change made by this company is 2.51M. This change rate is relatively very high if we compare it to the previously recorded holdings. The % change recorded by this company is new. All this information is recorded in December 2020.

8. Activision Blizzard Inc (ATVI)

Its % in the portfolio is recorded as 2.40%. This company occupies the share of $1.30M in the stock market.

  • About ATVI:

Activision Blizzard Inc. is an American-based company. This company deals with the production of advanced and latest video games. This company is headquartered in California. The symbol of this company is ATVI, working under NASDAQ stock. The video games produced and designed by this company are embedded with the latest technologies and services.  The value of this company in the stocks is $ 120.52M. The change made by this company is positive, having a value of 200.55K. While the % change made by this company is 18.27%. All this information is recorded by the year-end of 2020.

9. SelectQuote Inc Com (SLQT)

The % held by this company in the George Soros holdings is 2.29%. The shares occupied by this company in the stock market are $5.56M.

  • About SQLT:

SelectQuote is an American-based company. It is an insurance company that provides great deals of insurance with very low prices to its customers. It promises a peaceful environment to invest in for its customers. In this company, customers shop for life insurance policies at low prices and gain a maximum number of profits and money in a short period of time. It gives insurance on different aspects. It gives medical insurance, life insurance, and home insurance. All these insurances are without any partiality.  The value of this company is $ 115.28M. The change made by this company is 0%. All this information is recorded at the year-end of 2020.

10. Hain Celestial Group Inc (HAIN)

This company occupies 1.66% of George Soros Portfolio. Shares held by this company are recorded to be $2.08M.

  • About HAIN:

Hain Celestial Group Inc. is an American-based company. This company is a food provider company. This company mainly focuses on food products and personal care products. This company is headquartered in New York. The products of this company are being sold in 75 countries altogether in the world including the United States. It serves people herbal tea, various delicious snacks, personal care products, and other varied grocery products. This company occupies a net worth of $ 83.32M. The change made by this company is negative. The change is -2.32M. While the % change made by this company is -52.75%. All this information is recorded in the year 2020.

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Historical Returns of George Soros Holdings

After investing in the right places, George Soros has made his name a giant as it is today. George Soros’s stock portfolio shows that they have made a great deal of profit as compared to what they have lost.

George Soros has had an extraordinary return in these years. The billionaire investor George Soros said that Soros Fund Management Holdings had a net return of 20% total annually. This increase in the net worth of the company has marked an impressive return for George Soros.

A great lesson that can be learned by the Soros Fund Management hedge fund is that one should never leave hope and consider that they have more losses than profit. This situation lasts for a short while. It has been proved by this hedge fund that the profit value is more than the losses this company has had.

George Soros 13F Filing:

The latest Soros Fund Management 13F filing has reported a few changes in the portfolio. The Soros Fund Management is working from New York City and managed by its owner George Soros. The 13F latest filing recorded in the year 2021 says that the amount of $5,333,818,000 is being managed by the hedge fund which covers the % of 47.7% in the portfolio. Other important holdings are Liberty Broadband having maximum shares of 4,202,850. Another holding called Whalewisdom possessed 89 in the 13F filings.

The main source of wealth:

In George Soros Portfolio, the main source of his income lies in his multiple hedge funds and Soros Fund Management company. He is a billionaire now with the help of his hedge funds. Through managing numerous hedge funds, Soros is considered to be the 178th richest person in the whole world. His net worth is approximately $8.3 billion.

His hedge fund known as “Soros Fund Management” is the main source of his wealth and fame. He has also become famous by giving donations. He has been giving away a great part of his wealth to charities and different foundations that work for charity. He is the owner of a housing network in New York City. He is also renowned due to his several servings in the politics of his country. He shows great interest in the political aspects of the country.

Talking about the top holdings of George Soros current portfolio, we must know that these holdings belong to the Hedge Fund Soros Fund Management”. Those top 10 holdings are given below:

Career of George Soros:

After gaining the title of Doctor, he was confident enough to start a business that was linked to his major subject of economics. He continued to work in two different countries simultaneously. These countries were the UK and the US. He gained jobs in different merchant banks of these two countries. After some time, all of a sudden, he decided to start his own business. His first business proved to be a lucky charm for him.

He made his own hedge fund in 1969 at the age of 39. He named the company, Double Eagle. His first hedge fund was a great success. After this experiment, he understood his passion for business. By using the profit made from his first hedge fund, he started another hedge fund in the year 1970. He changed the name from Double Eagle to Quantum Fund. The profits that he was gaining from both hedge funds, he decided to establish Soros Fund Management, this was his biggest achievement.

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Education of George Soros:

He is considered the most big-hearted and generous investor of the times. He loves donating his money to a cause. His name has been added to Forbes for being the most generous investor of the times. After being born in Budapest, he continued his early education there. After completing his early education, he chose London for higher studies.

He got admission to the London School of Economics and completed his bachelor’s degree. He obtained his master’s degree in economics. After completing the master’s degree, he decided to study further at the University of London. He gained the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) from the same university.