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Fred Eshelman’s Net Worth is $600 Million USD

Popular in the healthcare system of the United States, Fred Eshelman is an American businessman who is the CEO and founder of Eshelman Ventures LLC. The company is an investment healthcare firm that provides services to healthcare companies in the private sector. Additionally, he is also the Executive Chairman of The Medicos Co, where he owns stocks worth $176 million and over.

In the previous years, Eshelman achieved his doctorate degree in pharmaceuticals. That combined, with this business aimed mindset, he takes care of healthcare companies, especially pharmaceuticals. He was also the CEO of Pharmaceutical Product Development along with its executive chairman. Fred Eshelman also has shares in GI Therapeutics that are worth $11 million USD and more.

Other than that, he did his undergraduate degree in Pharmacy. Before Furiex Pharmaceuticals was sold, Eshelman served as its largest shareholder and founding chairman.

Fred Eshelman Net Worth

$600 Million USDExecutive Chairman at The Medicos Co, Director of GI Therapeutics Inc and Eyenovia Inc$296,673Eshelman Ventures, The Medicos Co, GI Therapeutics, Eyenovia


Fred Eshelman is one of the smartest men in history who took his basic education and converted it into a massive business. He made use of his mindset and mixed it into his schooling to gain experience in one of the most wealthy incomes, which only a few people can accomplish in their lifetimes. Pharmacy, in general, is not the most well-paying job, however, Eshelman taught the world that it too can generate giant wealth and can be used to develop medicines and services rather than working behind the counter under somebody else’s supervision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Fred Eshelman’s house?

The businessman’s home is located in Wilmington, North Carolina. He is also a ranch owner with peaks rich in wildlife, and has nearly 24,000 acres of land under his ownership. However, there are accusations that Eshelman, the owner of the Elk Mountain Ranch, broke federal law by not allowing four hunters to enter the public area, and instead harassed and intimidated them in an attempt to make them leave.

Fred Eshelman Zantac – What’s the story?

The giant pharmaceutical company, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), formerly known as The Glaxo, and the producer of the medication, Zantac, ignored evidence that the drug could cause cancer for 40 years. At the time, Fred Eshelman used to work in GSK and was said to be aware of the potential risks imposed by Zantac despite being warned by scientists. However, due to the drug’s benefits, he was considered to be a “hero” at Glaxo thanks to Zantac.

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