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Dataromas is a promising financial news and grand portfolio showcasing website that emphasizes authenticity and unbiasedness above all. Following rigid terms of service, we swear by providing the best-unfiltered news about stocks, portfolios, investing, and other sorts of finances.

Look for the updated Portfolios of Super Investors & Investment Firms around the world

Explore the networth of famous people that you follow along with how they made that huge wealth

Get the latest portfolios of the biggest companies in the world

Why Dataromas was made:

The Dataromas website came into being after observing the amount of inadequate content there was present regarding super investor portfolios and holdings. Moreover, the outrageous biases in the content further stopped our faith in the sources they were published on.

So in pursuit of showcasing accurate grand portfolios, we spent hours of our time building this website.

Our objective:

The main objective of Dataromas is to bring the best possible stats on the stock market so you can have better decision making about your finances. And since all data is free from biases, you can browse all the data without fearing of getting scammed.

Rigid terms of service

After reading our Terms of Service, it would be clear what the motives of this website are going to be. This website, will not in any circumstance, recommend purchasing or selling a stock. We try to keep our articles and data as neutral as possible without a slight hint of recommendation from our side. We value people’s decisions and advocate the prohibition of exploitation of user’s uncertainty. This, after all, is why we created this website in the first place.

Our various expertise:

Our main area of expertise so to speak are superinvestor portfolios. We cover almost all significant investors or holding companies whose worth goes around millions if not billions.

We constantly update our portfolios to match with the current circumstance so you can check exactly what’s going on with the superinvestor holdings.

Posting numbers and standings aren’t all the things we do here. Other than that, we post comprehensive articles regarding all the major financial news and investing in our blogpost. Here, you will find the net worth, top holdings, and 13F of every major company or investor. 

We have a special section dedicated to recording every major move done by a holding company over the course of 24 hours. The section named as “Latest significant insider buys of superinvestor holdings” keeps check on all the updates that come with regarding the sales and purchases of stocks.

Our Services:

We offer a variety of content that surfacing around finances with utmost attention to accuracy. To give a concise look at what we have to offer, here’s a list:

  • Super Investor Portfolios:

Stay on track with your favorite investors and our graphs keep a real-time check on the super investor holdings and companies.

  • Grand portfolios
  • Super investor net worths
  • Top holdings by super investors
  • And much more