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David Tepper’s Stock Holdings for Q1 from Latest 13F Filing

David Tepper is one of the best businessmen in The United States of America, running his hedge fund firm as its President and Founder, called ‘Appaloosa Management.’ Alongside being a successful, self-made businessman – Tepper also owns Carolina Panthers, and Charlotte Football Club, of the National Football League and Major League Soccer, respectively

Portfolio Period: Q1 – 13F Filing of 2022

David Tepper Portfolio Value: $ 3.89 Billion

David Tepper’s Stock Holdings

StockCompany NameStock% of PortfolioValue% ChangeShares
GOOGAlphabet IncGOOG - Alphabet Inc10.05%$ 390.63M-8.16%135k
FBFacebook IncFB - Facebook Inc9.52%$ 369.99M-3.72%1.10M
MMacy S IncM - Macy S Inc6.80%$ 264.32M44.23%10.10M
MUMicron Technology IncMU - Micron Technology Inc6.59%$ 256.16M0%2.75M
AMZNAmazon Com IncAMZN - Amazon Com Inc6.00%$ 233.40M0%70k
OXYOccidental Pete CorpOXY - Occidental Pete Corp4.92%$ 191.33M-0.60%6.60M
PCGPg&e CorpPCG - Pg&e Corp3.90%$ 151.75M-6.54%12.50M
TMUST-mobile Us IncTMUS - T-mobile Us Inc3.81%$ 147.99M-49.86%1.28M
GMGeneral Motors CoGM - General Motors Co3.39%$ 131.92MNEW2.25M
XLESpdr Select Sector Fund - Energy Select SectorXLE - Spdr Select Sector Fund - Energy Select Sector3.07%$ 119.33M-2.71%2.15M
DHID R Horton IncDHI - D R Horton Inc3.07%$ 119.30M-7.95%1.10M
GTGoodyear Tire&rubberGT - Goodyear Tire&rubber2.82%$ 109.80M-0.96%5.15M
EQTEqt CorpEQT - Eqt Corp2.74%$ 106.65M71.57%4.89M
ETEnergy Transfer Equity L PET - Energy Transfer Equity L P2.62%$ 101.98M22.59%12.39M
MSFTMicrosoft CorpMSFT - Microsoft Corp2.57%$ 100.06M0%297.50k
XOPSpdr Ser Tr S&p Oilgas ExpXOP - Spdr Ser Tr S&p Oilgas Exp2.47%$ 95.87M-0.99%1M
MOSMosaic Co. (the)MOS - Mosaic Co. (the)2.42%$ 94.30M1.05%2.40M
UNHUnitedhealth Grp IncUNH - Unitedhealth Grp Inc2.31%$ 89.88M0%179k
PHMPulte Group IncPHM - Pulte Group Inc2.13%$ 82.88M-5.84%1.45M
KSSKohls CorpKSS - Kohls Corp2.10%$ 81.49M10%1.65M
FCXFreeport-mcmoran Inc Cl BFCX - Freeport-mcmoran Inc Cl B1.99%$ 77.20M-2.63%1.85M
SYYSysco CorpSYY - Sysco Corp1.70%$ 65.98M0%840k
KMXCarmax IncKMX - Carmax Inc1.31%$ 50.98M0%391.50k
ARAntero Res CorpAR - Antero Res Corp1.28%$ 49.79M0%2.85M
ALITAlight Inc Com Cl AALIT - Alight Inc Com Cl A1.19%$ 46.43M-46.32%4.29M
EPDEnterprise Prods Partners LEPD - Enterprise Prods Partners L1.11%$ 43.08M0%1.96M
AMLPAlps Etf Tr Alerian MlpAMLP - Alps Etf Tr Alerian Mlp0.97%$ 37.81M0%1.16M
JWNNordstrom IncJWN - Nordstrom Inc0.80%$ 30.99MNEW1.37M
CHKChesapeake Energy Corp ComCHK - Chesapeake Energy Corp Com0.66%$ 25.81M-5.66%400k
CHKEZChesapeake Energy Corp W Exp 99/99/999CHKEZ - Chesapeake Energy Corp W Exp 99/99/9990.64%$ 24.96M0%694.96k
CHKEWChesapeake Energy Corp W Exp 99/99/999CHKEW - Chesapeake Energy Corp W Exp 99/99/9990.62%$ 23.98M-4.07%600k
EWYIshares Inc Ishares Msci South Korea EtfEWY - Ishares Inc Ishares Msci South Korea Etf0.60%$ 23.20M0%298k
APAApa Corporation ComAPA - Apa Corporation Com0.57%$ 22M0%818k
DKSDicks Sporting Goods IncDKS - Dicks Sporting Goods Inc0.53%$ 20.48MNEW178.07k
MPLXMplx LpMPLX - Mplx Lp0.40%$ 15.38M0%519.71k
AGCBAltimeter Growth Corp 2 Com Cl AAGCB - Altimeter Growth Corp 2 Com Cl A0.38%$ 14.79M0%1.50M
WESWestern Midstream Partners L Com Unit Lp IntWES - Western Midstream Partners L Com Unit Lp Int0.32%$ 12.59M0%565.12k
CHKELChesapeake Energy Corp W Exp 03/01/202CHKEL - Chesapeake Energy Corp W Exp 03/01/2020.32%$ 12.50M0%386.09k
ADSAlliance Data Systems CorpADS - Alliance Data Systems Corp0.28%$ 10.99M-46.56%165.12k
UBERUber Technologies Inc ComUBER - Uber Technologies Inc Com0.24%$ 9.43M-88.46%225k
GPSGap Inc DelGPS - Gap Inc Del0.22%$ 8.72MNEW494.03k
PCGUPg&e Corp Unit 99/99/9999PCGU - Pg&e Corp Unit 99/99/99990.22%$ 8.68M0%75k
FLFoot Locker IncFL - Foot Locker Inc0.19%$ 7.24MNEW165.94k
TCVATcv Acquisition Corp Cl A ShsTCVA - Tcv Acquisition Corp Cl A Shs0.15%$ 5.92M0%600k
PSFEPaysafe Limited OrdPSFE - Paysafe Limited Ord0.00%$ 0-100%0
DGNSDragoneer Growth Oppty Corp Shs Cl ADGNS - Dragoneer Growth Oppty Corp Shs Cl A0.00%$ 0-100%0
WMTWal-mart Stores IncWMT - Wal-mart Stores Inc0.00%$ 0-100%0
VVisa IncV - Visa Inc0.00%$ 0-100%0
TWTRTwitter Inc ComTWTR - Twitter Inc Com0.00%$ 0-100%0
XOPSpdr S&p Oil & Gas Explor & ProductXOP - Spdr S&p Oil & Gas Explor & Product0.00%$ 0-100%0
QCOMQualcomm IncQCOM - Qualcomm Inc0.00%$ 0-100%0
OVVOvintiv Inc ComOVV - Ovintiv Inc Com0.00%$ 0-100%0
COOPMr Cooper Group Inc ComCOOP - Mr Cooper Group Inc Com0.00%$ 0-100%0

How much is David Tepper’s net worth?

top david tepper stock holdings

David Tepper Portfolio calls for his net worth to be approximately $14 billion, as reported by Forbes.

What does David Tepper do?

David’s firm, Appaloosa Management is a hedge fund firm with David Tepper investments mainly made in companies that are in trouble with their debt.

Typically, Appaloosa Management is known to invest globally in public equity and fixed income markets. The focus of Tepper’s work lies in “equities and debt of distressed companies, bonds, exchange warrants, options, futures, notes, and junk bonds.” As a hedge fund firm, Tepper’s management majorly caters to individuals with high net-worth, other corporations, foundations and universities, foreign governments, pension, and profit-sharing plans.

Top 10 David Tepper Holdings

David Tepper current portfolio and holdings have some of the biggest company names that are well-known on a day-to-day basis, such as Amazon, Facebook, and Alibaba. It would be of no surprise to see that Appaloosa hedge fund holdings are in the following list of the world’s leading companies:

1) T-Mobile US Inc. (TMUS) 

david tepper holdings in tmobile

    • The percentage of David Tepper stock portfolio in TMUS is 9.89%, having a value of $661.44 million.
  • About T-Mobile

T-Mobile US is a telecommunication company based in America. In the United States, TMUS is the third-largest company dealing in wireless network operation. It is a service provider of wireless data and voice coverage throughout the country. The company happens to earn more than $40 billion a year, while also being the ‘host network’ for numerous Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO).

In 2015, T-Mobile US held the 1st position in the list of American wireless service providers. In 2020, TMUS expanded its company even more by signing a merger with Sprint Corporation, making Sprint an official subsidiary of T-Mobile US. Today, TMUS serves the American population by not only providing brilliant services; but, also adding to America’s economy.

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2) Amazon Com Inc. (AMZN)

    • As a part of Appaloosa Management’s holdings, Amazon contributes 9.63% of his portfolio, having a total value of $643.89 million.
  • About Amazon:

To an everyday passer-by, Amazon is yet another company selling all sorts of goods and services on a single platform, making deliveries on the buyer’s doorstep, which are sometimes made just in twenty-four hours as well.

Amazon is an American technology company that has now established itself as a huge multinational company based in Seattle, Washington. Amazon is one of the Big Five Companies in the information technology industry of The United States of America, its counterparts being Facebook, Apple, Google, and Microsoft. AMZN has its best interests laid down in cloud computing, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, and digital streaming.

Amazon is a marketplace for all sorts of goods, ranging from technology to household furniture. In 2015, Amazon took the lead from Walmart for being the highest-valued retail company in America. Amazon saw great successes in 2017 and 2018, gaining the Whole Foods Market and launching Amazon Prime, respectively. Today, Amazon has gained enormous fame and dollars for allowing downloads, streamings, and for being the largest private employer and internet company.

3) Micron Technology Inc. (MU)

    • MU’s contribution to David Tepper’s stocks portfolio is 8.99%, with a value of $601.44 million.
  • About Micron:

Micron Technology is an American company that specializes in computer memory and computer data storage. Its central spotlight is on USBs, Random Access Memory (RAM), and flash memory. Between 2006 and 2017, Lexar was owned by Micron Technology. The well-known ‘IM Flash Technologies’ was also created by MU in collaboration with Intel.

4) Facebook Inc. (FB)

    • David Tepper’s current holdings lie in Facebook too, which contributes 8.21% of his portfolio, with a value of $549.33 million.
  • About Facebook:

Facebook is one of the Big Five information-technology companies in the United States, gaining its fame for providing an excellent social media platform for all age groups. Over the years, Facebook has expanded from a social media network to a free messaging stage, creating a portal and Facebook Watch.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, has also taken hold of many other social media and messaging platforms. These applications include the widely known Instagram and WhatsApp, while others are Oculus, Mapillary, and Giphy. This massive buzz also holds its stakes in Jio Platforms to up to 9.9%

5) PG&E Corp. (PCG)

    • PG&E – Pacific Gas and Electric Company – is an investor-owned utility (IOU) based in The United States of America with 7.90% of the portfolio of the Appaloosa stock.
  • About PCG:

PCG has stocks that are traded publicly, and it has a high value of $527.93 million. As the name suggests, PG&E Corp. is an electricity and natural gas provider to billions of households in America. It was reported in January 2019, that the market capitalization value of PG&E Corporation is $3.242 billion. 

Out of 6 similar providers in the US, Pacific Gas and Electricity Company is one of them. PCG, founded by George H. Roe, gained popularity for its fine work early on in 1984 after it was said to be the “largest electric utility business” in America. Today, PG&E manages to hold its high reputation in America for providing electricity and gas services; and in addition to that, contributing to the country’s growing economy.

6) Alphabet Inc. (GOOG) 

    • He holds $445.85 million worth of stocks in GOOG
  • About Alphabet Inc:

Alphabet Inc. is one of the biggest multinational companies in the United States. David Tepper hedge fund holdings also lie in Alphabet Inc., which has GOOG as its formal sticker symbols. In 2015, Alphabet Inc. was created as a result of remodeling Google, and amid expansion, it became the parent company of Google and its other subsidiaries.

The company, Alphabets Inc., was initially created in an attempt to provide more accountable outcomes in the running of Google. Besides the Internet Service, GOOG was also meant to provide significant autonomy to companies running in businesses.

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7) Alibaba Group Holding LTD. (BABA)

    • He holds $442.19 million worth of stocks in BABA
  • About Alibaba:

Alibaba is a multinational company immersed in e-commerce with a large variety of products that it sells. Unlike other aforementioned American-based multinational companies, Alibaba is a company located in China. Its forum that is currently prevalent is known as Alibaba.com.

Alibaba Group Holding holds its specialties in e-commerce, retail, internet, and technology. The admired features provided by Alibaba are services provided via online portals, electronic payment, a variety of shopping products, and cloud computing.

In 2014, the BABA group managed to grab a market value price of $231 billion. In 2018, Alibaba broke the $500 billion valuation mark, making it the second company in Asia to accomplish this. In 2020, Forbes Global ranked it the 31st largest company operating publicly. Along with its many other achievements in 2020, Alibaba managed to have the sixth-highest global brand valuation and was marked as the fifth-largest company in the world to be utilizing Artificial Intelligence.

8) Twitter Inc. Com (TWTR) 

    • Twitter is one of David Tepper current holdings having 3.85% of his portfolio and has a value of $257.21 million. 
  • About Twitter:

Twitter is more widely known as a communicative platform for prominent and authoritative figures. However, over the years, it has become a social media app gaining recognition from almost everyone around the world.

TWTR is an American company that provides social media and microblogging access to almost everyone globally. It mainly functions on ‘tweeting (posting)’ and allows users to interact through those or free messaging.

In 2012, it was reported that Twitter hosts approximately a hundred million users who tweeted 340 million times a day. In 2013, it was one of the ten websites most frequently visited, titling it as “the SMS of the Internet.” In 2019, it was estimated that Twitter has active users up to the count of 330 million.

9) HCA Holdings Inc. Com (HCA)

    • As a part of Appaloosa Stock, HCA is 2.46% of David Tepper’s portfolio, with a value of $164.46 million.
  • About HCA:

HCA Healthcare is a company based in America providing healthcare services and facilities since 1968.  HCA holdings prescribe their services to massive forums. This group owns and controls 186 hospitals and 2000 locations providing healthcare. The services and facilities it gives are emergency rooms, urgent care, surgery centers, and physician clinics.  It not only functions in 21 states in America but also extends to the United Kingdom.

Today, HCA collaborates with Harvard and CDC to gather data and work on clinical research conducted on a large scale. In this effort, HCA Healthcare has published countless studies in the field of medicine.

10) Energy Transfer Equity LP (ET)

    • It is the tenth holding of Appaloosa Management, having a value of $148.73 million and 2.22% of the holdings of David Tepper’s portfolio.
  • About ET:

Energy Transfer LP is a company based in Texas, United States. Energy Transfer Equity LP was founded in 1995, and has to this day, held its high reputation for transporting propane pipelines and natural gas. ET is the owner of 36.4% of the interests in the Dakota Access Pipeline and has high holdings in innumerable other pipelines, some of which are Bayou Bridge Pipeline, Florida Gas Transmission, Trunkline Pipeline, and Transwestern Pipeline.

Returns of David Tepper’s Holdings

Throughout its existence, Appaloosa Management has made investments in several gigantic multinational corporations. Having succeeded in its investments, Appaloosa Management is able to stand where it is today.

The largest positive gain since the last filing witnessed by the hedge fund firm run by David Tepper, was approximately 45.86% and another high positive reached up to 25.78%.

Nevertheless, the management has not always seen perfect and glorious days either. In recent times, some of its gains since the last filing have gone into negatives, as high as -9.15% and as low as -2.08%.

Since June 2013, David Tepper’s stock portfolio gain has been recorded to be +132.2%. All in all, its average return in the last 12 months has been +57.15% – indicating a rather positive response.

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David Tepper’s 13f Filing:

Appaloosa Management has expanded its holdings and investments in technological and telecommunication companies. However, it has made quite a fair share of investment in companies made for communication – these include Twitter, Facebook, GOOG, and Alibaba.

Surprisingly enough, David Tepper’s 13f filing shows that the Appaloosa stocks in TSMU have decreased by 5%, but it still manages to be on the top of the holdings list. Its greatest increase has been with its tenth-largest investment, ET, giving an increase of 26%. On the other hand, it has nearly decreased its holdings in PCG by half. David Tepper’s stocks portfolio also observed a reduction in its shares in MU, GOOG, and BABA. The raises David Tepper’s portfolio has witnessed are in AMZN, FB, and TWTR, among others.

After the 2008 economic crisis, Appaloosa Management suffered major losses and has faced other struggles since then. But time and time again, it has managed to recover and flourishes to this day.