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David Novak Net Worth is $400 Million USD

Having earned an Undergraduate degree in Journalism and then hopping onto marketing and advertising, David Novak is one of the richest businessmen, and authors in the United States. He is a philanthropist who is “on a mission to make the world a better place by developing better leaders.” He has been able to achieve the same in the past by finding and then becoming the CEO of David Novak Leadership. He also hosts a podcast with a similar aim called “How Leaders Lead with David Novak.” This aim is further spread through Novak’s family’s Lift-a-Life Foundation, Global Game Changer and Lead4Change programs.

Apart from focusing on making the world a more efficient place with brighter leaders, Mr.Novak is also the Co-Founder, former Chairman, as well as the CEO of Yum! Brands. YUM is the largest restaurant company in the world operating in over 135 countries and more. Thanks to David Novak, the company saw a great boost in its level of expansion across the globe, as well as in its overall sales and profits. The revenue alone grew from $4 billion to over $32 billion. He has also been the push behind KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.

David Novak Net Worth

$400 Million USDFounder and CEO of How Leaders Lead$320,017How Leaders Lead, Pension from YUM


David Novak works hard in his career to give the world an opportunity to benefit from his resources and change for the better. His mission is to provide young minds with relevant ideas to sow the seeds for a better future tomorrow. His drive is not just unilateral focusing on just large companies, but it is multidirectional as he focuses on departing his wisdom through various platforms such as books, courses, workshops and foundation work. It is through this commitment that David Novak has earned his place in this world and its accompanying monetary benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did David Novak retire?

How Leaders Lead is a venture that David Novak started on his own. Before that, he worked at YUM! Brands up until 2016. He is not only its co-founder but was also recognized as its chairman and CEO. He retired from his work at YUMS! Brand on 1st January, 2016 from after 1999.

Where is David Novak from?

David Novak is originally from Beeville, Texas, United States. But because his father was a government surveyor, by the age of 12, Novak had lived in 23 states. Such a lifestyle taught him a lot about leadership resulting in massive success. Furthermore, he is the alma mater of University of Missouri. He was also a member of Delta Upsilon Fraternity.

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