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David Einhorn’s Stock Holdings for Q2 of 2021 from Latest 13F Filing

David Einhorn is the president for the company Greenlight Capital, which is a hedge fund company. Trading and investing, the Greenlight Capital has made David Einhorn quite an amount to his portfolio.

David Einhorn has made a name for being the bold guy in Wall Street for making bold calls in the investing game. With his shares spanning from different genres of businesses, David Einhorn’s portfolio is a mixed bag of sheer brilliance and utter chaos.

Portfolio Period: Q2 2021

David Einhorn Portfolio Value: $1.59 Billion.

David Einhorn Stock Holdings Portfolio Q2 2021:

Stock% of PortfolioValue% ChangeShares
GRBK - Green Brick Partners Inc24.86%$ 396.10M0.00%17.42M
BHF - Brighthouse Finl Inc Com10.40%$ 165.78M0.00%3.64M
AAWW - Atlas Air Worldwide Hldgs In6.48%$ 103.18M0.00%1.51M
TECK - Teck Resources Ltd5.85%$ 93.20M74.20%4.04M
CC - The Chemours Company5.09%$ 81.14M4.48%2.33M
CHNG - Change Healthcare Inc Com4.99%$ 79.51M0.00%3.45M
CNXC - Concentrix Corp Com3.94%$ 62.70M-18.01%389.91k
DNMR - Danimer Scientific Inc Com Cl A3.31%$ 52.81M-2.06%2.11M
GPRO - Gopro Inc2.68%$ 42.70M260.43%3.66M
REZI - Resideo Technologies Inc Com2.68%$ 42.63M2.50%1.42M
CEIX - Consol Energy Inc New Com2.52%$ 40.07M-23.05%2.17M
AER - Aercap Holdings Nv2.14%$ 34.05M0%664.99k
TWTR - Twitter Inc Com2.10%$ 33.55M0%487.50k
SATS - Echostar Corp1.96%$ 31.15M25.79%1.28M
ODP - The Odp Corp Com1.95%$ 31.06M799.37%646.93k
CPRI - Capri Holdings Limited Shs1.77%$ 28.17M157.85%492.50k
SPY - Spdr S&p 5001.46%$ 23.28MNEW54.38k
GLD - Spdr Gold Trust1.06%$ 16.89M0%101.98k
PLBY - Plby Group Inc Com1.00%$ 15.95MNEW410k
JACK - Jack In The Box Inc0.98%$ 15.58M-22.25%139.80k
GPK - Graphic Packaging Hldg Co0.96%$ 15.37MNEW847.50k
FUBO - Fubotv Inc Com0.95%$ 15.18M9.53%472.58k
RTP - Reinvent Technology Partners Cl A0.91%$ 14.51M116.98%1.45M
NBSE - Neubase Therapeutics Inc Com0.82%$ 13.06M34.53%2.73M
SNX - Synnex Corp0.81%$ 12.98M-27.29%106.57k
SPNV - Supernova Partners Acquisiti Com Cl A0.76%$ 12.15M0%1.22M
NWS - News Corp New0.55%$ 8.80MNEW361.29k
GPOR - Gulfport Energy Corp Common Shares0.52%$ 8.31MNEW128.50k
SONO - Sonos Inc Com0.52%$ 8.30M16.30%235.50k
SRNG - Soaring Eagle Acquisition Co Cl A Shs0.50%$ 7.91MNEW794k
- Ast Spacemobile Inc Com Cl A0.46%$ 7.38MNEW570k
EXPE - Expedia Inc0.41%$ 6.55MNEW40k
DGNR - Dragoneer Growth Opportun Co Com Cl A0.41%$ 6.52M0%654.50k
GANX - Gain Therapeutics Inc Com0.34%$ 5.47M0%546.56k
APG - Api Group Corp Com Stk0.33%$ 5.19M-80.63%248.34k
RTPYU - Reinvent Technology Partners Unit 03/12/20260.32%$ 5.04M0%500k
LIVN - Livanova Plc0.32%$ 5.05MNEW60k
DMYI - Dmy Technology Group Inc Iii Com Class A0.32%$ 5.06MNEW473k
SRNGU - Soaring Eagle Acquisition Co Unit 02/23/20260.30%$ 4.82MNEW455k
NGAC - Nextgen Acquisition Corp Cl A0.27%$ 4.30M0%432.20k
UWMC - Uwm Holdings Corporation Com Cl A0.26%$ 4.13MNEW488.70k
FSRXU - Finserv Acquisition Corp Ii Unit 02/17/20260.20%$ 3.15M0%315k
CNX - Cnx Resources Corporation Com0.19%$ 3.04M-83.06%222.72k
PANA - Panacea Acquisition Corp Ii Cl A Shs0.17%$ 2.75MNEW275k
GOEV - Canoo Inc Com Cl A0.17%$ 2.66MNEW267.60k
KPLT - Katapult Holdings Inc Com0.14%$ 2.30MNEW212.43k
RTPZ - Reinvent Technology Partners Shs Cl A0.12%$ 1.93M0%194.40k
NEBC - Nebula Caravel Acquisition C Com Cl A0.08%$ 1.22M0%122.40k
PSACW - Property Solutions Acquisiti W Exp 03/20/2020.07%$ 1.14M0%284k
ADMP - Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corp0.07%$ 1.10MNEW1M
KPLTW - Katapult Holdings Inc W Exp 06/09/2020.05%$ 837kNEW262.23k
AGCB - Altimeter Growth Corp 2 Com Cl A0.05%$ 769k0%75k
xog - Extraction Oil & Gas Inc Com0.04%$ 686k-95.85%12.48k

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David Einhorn’s 13F filing:

David Einhorn shares 27.5% of his holdings to Green Brick Partners, which is a family housing construction company. For Q2, there has been an increase in shares by 1949.3%. Following that, Brighthouse Financial Inc holds the second biggest share, with a total of 11.21% of the portfolio. Other companies related to hosting, technology, and construction make a diverse showcase of David’s portfolio.