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Dara Khosrowshahi Net Worth is $200 Million

Dara Khosrowshahi was born in 1969, he is an Iranian-American businessman and CEO of Uber. Previously, he was the chief executive of Expedia Group, a company owning many travel fare aggregators. He is also one of the members of the board of directors of Hotels.com and BET.com. He has also served the NYT, New York Times, as a board member.

Dara Khosrowshahi net worth:

A company as big as Uber, it makes us wonder how much is Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi salary & net worth. Well, as of 2022, Dara Khosrowshahi’s estimated net worth is at least $200 million.

He owns 50,000 shares of Uber Technologies Inc valued at more than $ 19,200,000. Over the past 15 years, he has sold Uber shares valued at US $ 40,800,000.

Additionally, his annual salary as CEO and director of Uber Technologies Inc. is $ 42,430,000.

Dara Khosrowshahi net worth and salary statistics

Current Net worthJob TitleCurrent SalarySource of Wealth
$200 MillionCEO of Uber$336,000
Base Pay

$12.2 Million Compensation Salary
CEO salary, incentives, options

Source of Income

dara khosrowshahi ceo of uberIt is often wondered how much does the CEO of uber make and how did he make so much, the CEO has invested his ample time and efforts in several companies that made him what he is today and were a true source of high income on his profile.

  • Before Uber

Dara Khosrowshahi served Uber as the CEO and director since 2017. Before Uber, he served Expedia as the CEO. Moreover, from August 1998 to August 2005, Mr. Khosrowshahi held various executive positions at IAC, InterActiveCorp, an Internet and media company, he served as the CEO, President, and Vice President within a span of 5 years from January 2000 to January 2005.

Khosrowshahi also worked at Allen & Company LLC from 1991 until 1998, where he gave his services as a Vice President from 1995 to 1998. Furthermore, he served as the board member of Trivago, NV, a hotel search global company, from late 2016 to late 2017. He served in the New York Times from May 2015 to Sept 2017 and worked in TripAdvisor, Inc. from Dec 2011 to Feb2013.

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Most money made from:

According to Form 4 completed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Dara has transacted 73 shares of Uber Technologies Inc shares since 2006. Most recently, he employed 50,000 units of UBER shares worth around $ 4,600,000 on May 2021.

Largest Transaction:

His largest transaction in history was the exercise of 630,000 units of shares of Uber Technologies Inc on July 1, 2020, valued at more than $32,000,000. Since 2006, Dara has traded approximately 38,000 shares every 45 days. According to the recent reports of May 2021, Khosrowshahi is the owner of approximately 380,000 stocks of Uber. Hence, we can conclude that Dara Khosrowshahi’s income is largely based on trading shares.

Uber and shares:

In the past two years, Uber Technologies Inc. insiders have traded Uber Technologies Inc. shares for more than $5,058,000,000 and purchased 300,800 units worth $8,200,000. The most active traders include Cayman 2 Ltd. Sb Investment, Travis Cordell Kalanick, and Garrett Camp. Uber Technologies Inc’s executives and independent directors trade shares on average every 9 days, with an average transaction value of $87,000,00. The most recent stock transaction was conducted by Tony West on 16th May 2021, and 1,806 units of UBER stock were traded, with a current value of $91,600.

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Early Life and Educationdara khosrowshahi salary and networth

Khosrowshahi was born in a wealthy family in Iran in 1969 and is the youngest child of the family. His family founded Alborz Investment Company, a diversified group with businesses in chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, packaging, distribution, services, and trading.

  • Life after Iran:

Right before the Iranian Revolution in 1978, his family was attacked for their wealth, and his mother left everything behind and fled to southern France. Later, their company was nationalized. His family planned to return to Iran on the failure of the revolution, but when the revolution did not happen, they moved to the US and resided in Tarrytown, New York with their uncle. In 1982, when Khosrowshahi was 13, his father flew to Iran to take care of his grandfather. His father was banned from leaving Iran for 6 years, hence, Khosrowshahi did not see his father during his teenage.

  • Graduation:

He received his graduation certification in 1987, from a private school named Hackley School, located in Tarrytown. In 1991, he completed his Bachelor’s degree from Brown University in the subject of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and he is a member of Sigma Chi Social Fraternity.


In the year 1991, Dara joined Allen & Company as an analyst. In 1998 he worked for one of the first clients at Barry Diller, the first US Network of Diller, and held the status of Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning, and then became the President, later he served as the head financial officer at IAC, another company withheld by Diller.

  • IAC

In 2001, Khosrowshahi was appointed as the Financial officer at IAC and appointed as the Executive Director at Expedia in 2005.  After 10 years, in 2015, as part of the employment agreement until 2020, he was given $90 million as part of a long-term work contract. Khosrowshahi was awarded by Ernst & Young in the year 2013, the award named “Pacific Northwest Entrepreneur of the Year”. In 2016, the US-listed him as one of the CEOs who are highest-paid in the country.

  • Expedia

As the CEO of Expedia, Khosrowshahi made sure that the company’s total hotel and other travel reservations earned four times more”. With his guidance, Expedia extended and expanded its contract in more than sixty countries and acquired. OvalTz, Travelocity, and the HomeAway.

  • Uber

In August 2017, Khosrowshahi was appointed as the new CEO of Uber. He had a salary of $184 million back when he was in Expedia, but after his new position, Uber’s CEO salary crossed $20 million. He also became a member of the Uber Board. The main task of Khosrowshahi was to clear out the image of the company. He replaced the 14 values of Uber imposed by the previous CEO, which contained phrases like “super pumped” & “Always be Hustlin”. He introduced his new 8 values with the priority “customer obsession.” After taking the seat as the CEO, he emphasized and brought to notice the message “We do the right thing. Period”, whenever he made an appearance in the public.

  • Political activities

Dara Khosrowshahi’s net worth is not the only reason for his popularity, the CEO has some noteworthy contributions to the country as well. Khosrowshahi openly criticizes Donald Trump’s immigration policy. In 2016, he funded the Hillary Victory Fund, the Democratic National Committee, and Democratic Washington Senator Patty Murray. He also gave donations to Republican Senator from Utah Mike Lee, a liberal lawyer.

Biggest achievements:

Khosrowshahi appears on the list of “Prominent Iranian Americans” and it is reported and published by the virtual US Embassy in Iran. Immediately after boarding, Khosrowshahi proved his worth in the Uber company. He sparked a charm offensive, leaving for amendments with cities like London, where Uber has already offended lawmakers and current driver unions. He also won the best possible settlement in a lawsuit against the intellectual property of Alphabet’s self-driving car division. He addressed the toxic corporate culture and promoted a democratic workplace after just two months on his job.

  • Pushing Uber to new heights

Uber’s push for autonomous driving is an expensive endeavor. The ATG unit spends almost half a billion in cash per year, a source confirmed to the Financial Times. These expenses are responsible for the company’s growing losses – Uber Eats for food delivery, e-bikes with its acquisition of Jump, and potential businesses in the electric vehicle sector. To bolster the company’s coffers for expansion, Khosrowshahi secured new funds from Softbank, Dragoneer, and Sequoia Investment worth $1.25 billion this year. He also brought in Toyota ($TM) as an investor and partner for self-driving cars, to a $500 million deal. Dara Khosrowshahi net worth is a result of his intelligence and risk-taking mindset.

Uber secretly filed for an IPO last week with rival Lyft. According to the Wall Street Journal, the proposals submitted to the company are worth up to $120 billion. According to Bloomberg, Uber ultimately chose Morgan Stanley to head the offering.

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Along with having a technology background, the Uber CEO holds strong support towards innovations and new tech developments to create a change in the world. Khosrowshahi created a search system in his project which was controlled by voice. When interviewed by the Financial Times, Dara said he predicts that one day people will be able to book their travel entirely by voice. He was also ranked 39th on Glassdoor’s Top 100 Rated CEOs List of 2017. He was named the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for the Pacific Northwest in 2013 – an award that Jeff Bezos also won.

The list of Khosrowshahi’s achievements is endless. His long journey embarks on his hard work and his passion for moving forward, never looking back, and growing with every step he takes.


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