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Daniel Loeb Stock Holdings For Q1 From Latest 13F Filing

Daniel Loeb is a flexible investments supervisor and an extremely rich person. Third Point, a New York-based multifaceted investment with roughly $19 billion in resources, was established by Loeb in 1995. He is well-known for launching activist campaigns against corporations such as Yahoo!, Sony, and others. Loeb holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Columbia University.

Portfolio Period: Q1 – 13F Filing of 2022

Daniel Loeb Portfolio Value: $14.35B

Daniel Loeb Stock Holdings Portfolio

StockCompany NameStock% of PortfolioValue% ChangeShares
DHRDanaher CorpDHR - Danaher Corp6.65%$ 954.13M1.22%2.90M
PCGPg&e CorpPCG - Pg&e Corp6.52%$ 934.78M-6.02%77M
SSentinelone Inc Cl AS - Sentinelone Inc Cl A6.10%$ 875.21M-7.13%24.81M
AMZNAmazon Com IncAMZN - Amazon Com Inc5.46%$ 783.57M27.03%235k
INTUIntuitINTU - Intuit5.16%$ 739.70M4.55%1.15M
GOOGLAlphabet IncGOOGL - Alphabet Inc4.28%$ 614.17M0%212k
UPSTUpstart Hldgs Inc ComUPST - Upstart Hldgs Inc Com4.22%$ 605.20M-67.74%4M
MSFTMicrosoft CorpMSFT - Microsoft Corp3.75%$ 538.11M0%1.60M
ACNAccenture Plc Cl AACN - Accenture Plc Cl A3.61%$ 518.19MNEW1.25M
SPGIS&p Global IncSPGI - S&p Global Inc3.29%$ 471.93M0%1M
AVTRAvantor Inc ComAVTR - Avantor Inc Com3.17%$ 455.11M0%10.80M
CSGPCostar Group IncCSGP - Costar Group Inc3.13%$ 449.51M0%5.69M
BURLBurlington Stores IncBURL - Burlington Stores Inc3.01%$ 431.44M-6.33%1.48M
RIVNRivian Automotive Inc Com Cl ARIVN - Rivian Automotive Inc Com Cl A2.92%$ 419.59MNEW4.05M
UNHUnitedhealth Grp IncUNH - Unitedhealth Grp Inc2.77%$ 396.69M16.18%790k
IQVIqvia Hldgs Inc ComIQV - Iqvia Hldgs Inc Com2.61%$ 373.84M6%1.32M
DISDisney Walt CoDIS - Disney Walt Co2.16%$ 309.78M-51.81%2M
RHRh ComRH - Rh Com2.00%$ 286.73M78.33%535k
DDDupont De Nemours Inc ComDD - Dupont De Nemours Inc Com1.86%$ 267.43M11.28%3.31M
CTLTCatalent IncCTLT - Catalent Inc1.72%$ 246.46M40%1.93M
EXPEExpedia IncEXPE - Expedia Inc1.65%$ 236.27MNEW1.31M
TDGTransdigm Group IncTDG - Transdigm Group Inc1.45%$ 207.99M-27.36%326.88k
DELLDell Technologies Inc Cl CDELL - Dell Technologies Inc Cl C1.41%$ 202.21M7.14%3.60M
ALGNAlign Technology IncALGN - Align Technology Inc1.37%$ 197.15MNEW300k
HTZHertz Global Hldgs Inc Com NewHTZ - Hertz Global Hldgs Inc Com New1.04%$ 149.83MNEW6M
LESLLeslies Inc ComLESL - Leslies Inc Com0.98%$ 140.78M-3.25%5.95M
AESAes CorpAES - Aes Corp0.97%$ 139.72M53.33%5.75M
ZENZendesk IncZEN - Zendesk Inc0.95%$ 136.04MNEW1.30M
CCKCrown Holdings IncCCK - Crown Holdings Inc0.77%$ 110.62MNEW1M
EQTEqt CorpEQT - Eqt Corp0.76%$ 108.50MNEW4.97M
COUPCoupa Software Inc ComCOUP - Coupa Software Inc Com0.72%$ 102.73MNEW650k
CMCSAComcast Corp NewCMCSA - Comcast Corp New0.70%$ 100.66MNEW2M
PCGUPg&e Corp Unit 99/99/9999PCGU - Pg&e Corp Unit 99/99/99990.65%$ 92.54M0%800k
ALITAlight Inc Com Cl AALIT - Alight Inc Com Cl A0.63%$ 90.50M-50.75%8.37M
PRMPerimeter Solutions Sa Common StockPRM - Perimeter Solutions Sa Common Stock0.63%$ 89.59MNEW6.45M
GRABGrab Holdings Limited Class A OrdGRAB - Grab Holdings Limited Class A Ord0.62%$ 88.47MNEW12.41M
CFCfCF - Cf0.61%$ 88.08M24.45%1.24M
VTYXVentyx Biosciences Inc ComVTYX - Ventyx Biosciences Inc Com0.60%$ 85.65MNEW4.31M
LFGArchaea Energy Inc Com Cl ALFG - Archaea Energy Inc Com Cl A0.57%$ 81.42M4.31%4.45M
CANOCano Health Inc Com Cl ACANO - Cano Health Inc Com Cl A0.43%$ 61.52M1.91%11.50M
OPENOpendoor Technologies Inc ComOPEN - Opendoor Technologies Inc Com0.38%$ 55.15MNEW3.77M
GBGlobal Blue Group Holding Ag Ord ShsGB - Global Blue Group Holding Ag Ord Shs0.38%$ 54.91M0%8.58M
AESCAes Corp Unit 99/99/9999AESC - Aes Corp Unit 99/99/99990.34%$ 48M0%500k
MCGMembership Collective Group Com Cl AMCG - Membership Collective Group Com Cl A0.33%$ 47.92M0%3.75M
JWSMJaws Mustang Acquisition Cor Shs Cl AJWSM - Jaws Mustang Acquisition Cor Shs Cl A0.27%$ 39M0%4M
GOACGo Acquisition Corp ComGOAC - Go Acquisition Corp Com0.21%$ 29.52M0%3M
AVANAvanti Acquisition Corp Shs Cl AAVAN - Avanti Acquisition Corp Shs Cl A0.20%$ 29.46M0%3M
CPUHCompute Health Acquisitin Co Com Cl ACPUH - Compute Health Acquisitin Co Com Cl A0.17%$ 24.32M0%2.50M
KVSCKhosla Ventures Acqut Co Iii Com Cl AKVSC - Khosla Ventures Acqut Co Iii Com Cl A0.14%$ 19.52M-20%2M
BWCBlue Whale Acquisition Corp Class A Ord ShsBWC - Blue Whale Acquisition Corp Class A Ord Shs0.14%$ 19.38MNEW2M
SMFRSema4 Holdings Corp Com Cl ASMFR - Sema4 Holdings Corp Com Cl A0.13%$ 19.16M53.67%4.29M
CRHCCohn Robbins Holdings Corp Com Cl ACRHC - Cohn Robbins Holdings Corp Com Cl A0.13%$ 18.68M0%1.90M
IACCIon Acquisition Corp 3 Ltd Shs Cl AIACC - Ion Acquisition Corp 3 Ltd Shs Cl A0.12%$ 17.60M0%1.80M

Daniel Loeb 13F Filing:

Daniel Loeb’s 13F filing for the Q4 of 2021 included $18,319,374,000 in oversaw 13F protections and a best ten Bill Miller holdings of 56.87 percent.Inc. is Third Point’s largest holding, with 12,400,000 shares held. This was the Daniel Loeb stock portfolio.